3 Ways to Spread the Love Locally

3 Ways to Spread the Love Locally


Mummy says…We are lucky enough to live in a beautiful part of the country, but my particular town lacks a bit of community spirit. I have been thinking about ways to connect more closely with the people who live near to me and have found a few tips to help me – which may help you too.

3 Ways to Spread the Love Locally
1. Take part in charity events

Look online to see if charities are planning any fundraisers nearby that you can get involved with – and if there’s nothing in the calendar, why not take the initiative and plan something yourself? Getting stuck into these events is a great way to bond with your neighbours. As aid and development charity Human Appeal highlights, fundraisers can range from charity dinners to car boot sales, there’s many options available. If there are lots of parents and children in your area, family-friendly events like bake sales or themed picnics could be perfect. Get together with a few of your mummy friends to make plans!
As well as giving you a great chance to spend time with the people who live close by, fundraisers have the added benefit of making money for a good cause.

2. Get to know your neighbours

It is difficult to find time to speak to your neighbours  if you’re super busy, but if you want to feel connected to the community, it’s important to make the effort. Simply stopping in the street to chat to people and ask them how they are is a good start, and if you’re willing to go the extra mile, why not invite your close neighbours over from time to time for a coffee or glass of wine?
In the summer, you could make the most of a spell of good weather by arranging a street party – this is a great way to celebrate an event such as a Royal Wedding, Anniverary or Birth.

3. Organise litter picks

These are held regularly on my local beaches. If the streets, parks or beaches around you are in need of a tidy up, why not put a team together and arrange a litter picking session? Taking pride in your area in this way can help you and your neighbours to feel more connected to it – and to each other. Litter picking also gives you the chance to get some fresh air and a little exercise too. You can get tips and safety information
online from organisations like LitterAction.
These simple ways of spreading the love in your neighbourhood could help to create a stronger sense of community and make living there more enjoyable.

Do you have any similar schemes running in your area? Have you taken part in any?


  1. This is a lovely post. I have been a bit bad about getting involved in my local area – we moved in a bout five years ago and didn’t make an effort. it has been so much easier since my sone started at the village school – have got more involved and feel the community benefit 🙂
    Rebecca | AAUBlog recently posted…Why lighting should come firstMy Profile

  2. These are all really lovely tips – it’s great to show kids how to support their community

  3. What lovely ideas. It’s so nice to do a good deed xx
    Sarah Cantwell recently posted…Top 10 things every mama needs in her medicine cupboard and GIVEAWAYMy Profile

  4. Charity Events I have seen a few but not many in my local area. These are great tips
    Anosa recently posted…12 Months of Happiness – September 2017 My Profile

  5. Fantastic blog. I wanted to organise a litter pick so you have motivated me to stop thinking and start doing. Thank you for sharing some other great tips!

  6. They’re all great ways to get involved in your community. We have lovely new neighbours and live in a gated community and it’s nice to get involved with it. Definitely helps to spread the love!

  7. Fantastic ideas, we have just moved so getting to know the neighbours is definitely on my list, we have met a few who are lovely, and the children next door go to my Megan’s school which is bizarre as her school is a 20 minute drive away but we don’t want to move her and unsettle her xXx

  8. Community spirit is do important especially with the elderly – sad that people won’t look out for others

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