Zomlings in the Future Series 6

Zomlings in the Future Series 6


Pickle says….I LOVE Zomlings, and have collected them for ages. They are perfect for me, as I love little characters I can collect and take around with me. I was very excited to be sent a whole load of brand new Zomlings in the Future Series 6 toys to see what I thought of them….

Zomlings in the Future Series 6

In the new range of  Zomlings in the Future Series 6 there are 105 characters to collect. There are a range of different packs including:

Blind Bags for 50p

BRAND NEW Zom-Mobiles with 1 Zomling for £1.50

Capsule with 2 Zomlings for £2.50

Starter pack with a Zomlings Guide Map, 1 Zom-Mobile, 3 Zomlings and 1 Exclusive Metal Capsule for £4

Blister packs with 4 Zom-Mobiles, and 4 Zomlings including 2 Mystery ones for £8

I was sent all these and thought they were great. They are perfect to collect with pocket money – or as a treat instead of some chocolate or sweets.

Zomlings in the Future 1 Zomlings in the Future 2 Zomlings in the Future 3 Zomlings in the Future 4 Zomlings in the Future 5 Zomlings in the Future 6 Zomlings in the Future 7 Zomlings in the Future

As well as these, there are 3 Limited Edition Gold and 6 Ultra Rare silver Zomlings to look out for along with  Limited Edition Gold Zom-Mobiles. Larger packs are now on sale including Pirate and Race Blister Packs for £12 and the Crazy School Bus (which is already on my Christmas list!) for £25

I laid out the Guide Map which I then popped all my Zomlings, Zom-Mobiles and Capsules on to play with. I played with them for ages – swapping them about into different Zom-Mobiles and in and out of the capsules.

Zomlings in the Future Series 6 Zomlings b Zomlings c

The Zomlings in the Future Series 6 range is for children aged 4-7 years old, and they are available from Co-Op, One Stop, Tesco, Sainsbury, Asda and many newsagents and toy shops around the UK.

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  1. Pickles must of really loved the Zomlings bundle there. I’ve never heard of them before but they look cool! X
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  2. My son would like this. Looks alot of fun

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