Top Tips To Get You Through The Airport


Mummy says….Airports can be a tricky business and surviving them has become something of an art form. I personally love the challenge of making it to the airport and getting through it as quickly as possible. Here are my top tips to get you through the airport as seamlessly as possible.

Top Tips To Get You Through The Airport
Stay in a hotel
Believe it or not one of the best ways to not miss your flight is to stay in a hotel! You can do this the night before your flight and makes things much easier than navigating the endless sea of buses, trains and other transport to get to the airport at the last minute. You can book this through and my Uncle was fortunate enough to try this on his last trip and said was a pleasure to stay in one of the Manchester airport hotels and would highly recommend it to feel stress free when you reach the airport. I really like this option because it is a fantastic way to start your journey through the airport.
Getting through security.
Security is always the biggest challenge at any airport, but understanding how it works is one thing that can really help you to get through without any
issues. My advice that I always give to anyone is to be prepared. Don’t show up to the front
of the line with your belt still on, everything in your pockets and your laptop still in your bag.
Take all of these out in the line and then all you need to do is to put them in the tray and get
moving. Not only is this less stressful, but it is also faster. Although security can be
extremely stressful it is also important to remain polite, calm and compliant. This will make
things go much more smoothly, particularly with airport staff who have an extremely stressful
Plan for food.
It is always a great idea to eat before reaching the airport,but even better is to pack something that you can eat whilst on the plane. A lot of people will be taking short flights, where snacks are expensive, so packing your own can make all the difference to your mood and to your pocket too. Food in the airport is also expensive and there can be long queues, so I always like to pack something to be on the safe side.
Pack correctly.
Being in an airport generally means that you have to show
your ID, passport or boarding pass a number of times. This means that having a good bag and packing it correctly can help to save you a lot of time and stress. I like to always have a bag with a number of smaller pockets that I can easily access. In these pockets, I normally put my passport, wallet and phone. That way I am always ready if I need to show my boarding pass or passport. A jacket or jumper is also a great idea to have in your hand luggage too, in case you get cold.

Have you any tips to add?

Top Tips to get you through the airport

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  1. Planning food is a must for me! Especially as I’m a type 1 diabetic. I think having something to read for the flight is a must too x

  2. I always make sure that I have everything perfectly organised in my bag for going through the airport or I panic! Great tips 🙂
    Olivia Thristan recently posted…I passed my driving test! + tips for new drivers!My Profile

  3. Thank you so much for these handy tips for travelling

  4. I put my important documents in a see through button folder so that they are all in one place.I also keep from previous journeys those clear airport bags for liquids and put all my liquids in them before check in so I don’t have to rummage around in the queue.
    Nayna Kanabar recently posted…Review of Songmics Interlocking Storage Cube Organiser and GiveawayMy Profile

  5. OMG this is super useful! I hate being late so always try to plan ahead. But staying in a hotel is such a good idea too that way no chance of missing due to traffic etc.
    Amanda recently posted…The final taste of summer: Secret Herb Garden ReviewMy Profile

  6. Airports can be challenging at the best of times. Luckily we are very close to our main airport. We also pack food as I find flight and airport food over priced and tasteless

  7. I always get so nervous at airports! I don’t know why but I always have! These are really helpful tips though!
    Sarah recently posted…Customised Clothing From Bags Of LoveMy Profile

  8. We still haven’t managed to get through the airport with all four children, every year I say we’ll do it and then I chicken out! Great advice!
    five little doves recently posted…Reunited: Reception & Year OneMy Profile

  9. Those tips are useful when planning a trip. Thank you for those thoughtful tips, and i am sure it will helpful when I plan my next trip.
    Sawdust Machine recently posted…Shipping Beston Waste Sorting Plant to UzbekistanMy Profile

  10. Packing correctly is so true. I got a document and passport holder and I love it

  11. Oh my goodness yes, knowing what to expect when is such a help! I always take a big scarf when flying so that I can use it as a blanket if it gets chilly 🙂
    Jess | The Indigo Hours recently posted…Travel Diary | ViennaMy Profile

  12. These are all fantastic tips, I honestly think if you have an early or late flight it really is a must to stay in a hotel, especially with children – just makes it all so much more stress free
    Laura x

  13. The first few times I flew I found it confusing going through security – I’m sure your tips will be helpful for many new flyers!

  14. On a recent trip through Gatwick we used on of the Lounges and really liked it. Such a different experience!

  15. Oh its so much easier if you stay in a hotel it makes such a difference especially on early morning flights x

  16. It’s so important to get ready before you get to security! The queue is usually so long that you’ve got bags of time before you get to the conveyer belt!
    Laura H recently posted…STATIONERY, MAKE UP & CUTE STUFF HAUL | CHINA, JAPAN & KOREAMy Profile

  17. This is a fab post with some great tips. I agree that staying in a hotel the night before really does help to reduce stress levels – And I always think the holiday starts a day early!

  18. Fab tips! Personally I dread getting through the airport with my 3kids – I need all the tips I can get!

  19. Such great tips! I split my time between London and the South of France so I definitely use most of these tips to make the whole process easier and it always works!

    – Elodie x
    Elodie recently posted…In-flight Beauty EssentialsMy Profile

  20. Great tips – now I travel with a baby again, I’ve found buying his formula ahead of time is a great stress reliever. You can order via Boots and pick up after security.

  21. I agree that the night before the airport staying in a hotel near to the airport is a great idea!

  22. I think the most important thing you’ve mentioned is packing so that your passport etc is easily accessible. It’s worth doing it to avoid the panic of wondering whether you’ve forgotten it!

  23. It really is an art form isn’t it. Being ready to go through security certainly saves a lot of time and hassle. We are always unpacking bits in the queue
    Zena’s Suitcase recently posted…Should You Take Kids To Wagamama? We Put The Bath Restaurant To The Test!My Profile

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