Time Saving Family Meal Tips

Time Saving Family Meal Tips


Mummy says…You probable already know know that mealtimes can often be one of the most stressful parts of the day. With all that we have to get through in a day we have less time than ever to plan a healthy meal. It can be all too easy to slip into the bad habits of processed ready meals and junk food.
Thankfully there is plenty of help out there from recipe blogs to delivery services to help us make sure that our little ones are well fed and us parents don’t get too stressed out!

Time Saving Family Meal Tips

Here are some of our time saving family meal tips:
Meal Planning

I know (and I am sure you do) how a little preparation goes a long way in making mealtimes go smoothly. Having a weekly plan of meals can help with your grocery shopping and stop you from relying on fast food.
Online resources like Mumsnet are particularly helpful in organising a good weekly meal plan so that your family gets all of the nutrients they need. And it will also help boost your culinary skills by trying out fun new recipes too!
Recipes for every day

There’s plenty of handy websites that can also help us get a little inspiration in feeding our families. The ever-reliable Jamie Oliver has a great selection of dishes that can be quickly prepared so that we’re not having to spend all day in front of the cooker to feed our families.
And there are some great handy vegetarian recipes which can help in that seemingly impossible task of trying to get the kids to eat their five portions of fruit and veg every day! Personally I prefer vegetarian dishes most of the time too!
Thinking ahead

There are times when it’s impossible to throw together even the simplest pasta salad. But rather than heading to your nearest unhealthy takeaway, why not try and find a healthy restaurant t0 make sure that the children aren’t just filling up on burgers and fries.
There are plenty of restaurants like LEON that are starting to get a good reputation for offering fast and fresh produce to people on the go. And many of the wraps, burritos and salads featured here can also be found on the Deliveroo website so that you don’t have to necessarily rely on oven food.
If you do somehow manage to get a spare afternoon put the time to great use by cooking up a big stockpile of curries and stews to freeze for the next hectic day.
So from some handy take-out options to the online help of celebrity chefs like Jamie Oliver, I hope these time saving family meal tips will help you and your family.

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  1. Great ideas for meal times! We enjoy a range of easy recipes during the week and restaurant meals on weekends.
    Lilinha recently posted…Competition: Engineer the Chocolate Bar of the Future @theIET #ISeeMoreMy Profile

  2. Thank you for these time saving family meal tips!

  3. Thank you for these time saving family meal tips!

  4. I try to do bulk cooking at the weekend so it’s easier during the week when I’m working

  5. Thanks for these tips. We have a couple of healthy delivery options near us that I love. One sells delicious Persian kebabs with rice and the other sells roasted chicken and sweet potato fries. They feel like a huge treat without being too unhealthy.

  6. I find by meal planning and thinking ahead are the best tips I’ve found too! Bulk cooking and freezing is also handy for me

  7. great ideas. I try to batch cook where I can, but it doesn’t always work out. I am defiantly a meal planner though x
    Rebecca | AAUBlog recently posted…The rise of social media campaigns within the fashion industryMy Profile

  8. Great tips. I’ve recently started meal planning and it’s so much easier x
    Kerry Norris recently posted…Paw Patrol Live – Race To The Rescue ReviewMy Profile

  9. It’s so TRUE
    Being organised saves time and money
    More time to spend with the family

  10. Great tips! I know that meal plans save money and time, so I should do my best to stick to them.
    Anca recently posted…The Last Tudor by Philippa GregoryMy Profile

  11. I hate oven food and for those busy days love deliveroo!!!!

  12. I’m a big fan of menu planning, it’s saved my sanity on an almost weekly basis, plus is really helps you budget properly.

  13. I ALWAYS meal plan and strangely really enjoy doing so too! I love knowing what we’ve got planned for the week ahead. Saves time and money too!
    Harriet recently posted…Me & Mine {August 2017}My Profile

  14. Meal planning is definitely something we need to work on… At the moment we just kind of go with the flow…

  15. Thinking and planning ahead is the biggest of these for me. If we fail to do that my kids end up eating fine but my husband and I are on takeaways later!

    So I plan meals for the week each weekend and shop accordingly. And I cook in bulk too so I can freeze things for use in the less organised weeks.

  16. I wish we had Deliveroo where I live, they have some great choices as it comes from the restaurant!

  17. I’m guilty of heading to the fast food places when I’m tired, late or unorganised so these are great tips for me. Being organised would solve most of these problems and choosing a healthier place to eat when we really need to is a brilliant idea.
    Helen recently posted…Fake Festival at Roundhay Park LeedsMy Profile

  18. Useful tips here! I always struggle with planning meals and often shop too much because I don’t plan ahead. So I would definitely say planning shopping trips ahead so that you don’t have to do extra shops throughout the week!

  19. As a food blogger with a keen interest in food I love mealtimes. We also don’t live in an area with delivery of ANYTHING so we’re kinda forced to be creative… or go hungry, lol!

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