More for Boys Please!

More for Boys Please!


Pickle says….Mummy and I have had a lovely weekend shopping for some forgotten stuff for school, and it is great to see that Halloween and Christmas goodies are starting to appear in the shops. This is our favourite time of year – me especially as it is my birthday next month! What I would like to see though is more for boys in shops….

More for Boys Please!

Now you might be thinking – ‘What?! There is loads of stuff for boys!’ But I am thinking mainly of clothing. This weekend more than ever, we noticed dozens of gorgeous Spiderman, Batman and Superman dresses, so many cute witches for Halloween, even pyjamas and tracksuits featuring super heroes and TV characters for girls. But WHAT ABOUT THE BOYS? Sure, we have the Super Heroes – which we have had since shops began, but how about getting creative with boys clothes too? No Disney Prince costumes – no sign of The Beast to match Belle, no Peter Pan, or Incredibles or any of the hundreds of cool Disney favourites that could be available.

What about wellies? Sooooo many gorgeous pink, purple, gold, sparkly ones for girls. For me? Blue. Or Red. With dinosaurs. Or Monsters.

Toys like Lego now have Friends, Elves and Fairies which are all so cool, but when Mummy wants to get me a toy kitchen, or vacuum cleaner or dolls house where are the funky primary coloured ones? Now I love pink and purple, but it would be so nice to have a bit more choice – for the girls too, wouldn’t it?

If there are some shops that sell all these, then we apologise. We are just talking about the general town high street here – Matalan, Next, M&S, Tesco etc.

Can we have more for boys PLEASE?

How about:

For Halloween – Wizards with fantastic capes, hats and wands? Monsters Inc Sully or Mikey?

Festivals – Wings and wands for those who love anything other than pink and purple.

Wellies – We found one pair of Star Wars ones in TKMaxx. The others were plain and boring. How about adding some sparkle to red, blue or green ones? How about monsters with googly eyes, not just a boring print?

And to see Pyjamas and dressing gowns featuring my favourite characters would be awesome! Can you imagine a Sully dressing gown?

Quotes come into this too. We see dozens of cute tops, Tees and pyjamas with cute quotes on – can we have more for boys PLEASE?

#LittleButFierce #WildandFree #FreeRangeKid etc are JUST as cute for us boys. If Mummy had the time, skill and know how, she would love to bring out her own ranges.

Ok, rant over, as you were!

Please, if you have any inspirational shops with awesome boys stuff, let us know below.


  1. Good rant from you!!!
    Think you are right!
    I don’t have any great ideas for you -if I think of any I’ll let you know!

  2. Great post so true. Agree about the quotes

  3. This is so true – as a mama of two boys, i am always SO jealous of the clothing ranges available for girls. Whenever i go shopping for them, it’s always the bog standard colours and bog standard designs, everything looks the same and boring! xx
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  4. I agree but wish that sizes were bigger too. My 7 year old wears age 12 clothes and all the fun items seem to stop around 7-8.

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