Keep Warm This Winter

Keep Warm This Winter


Mummy says….I don’t know about you, but I am definitely feeling a nip in the air and have had to pop the heating on a couple of times already. I am already looking for tips to keep warm this winter, and thought you might be interested too.

Keep Warm This Winter

We all need to save money where we can don’t we, especially at this time of the year with – you know what – around the corner. I also have Pickles birthday next month and my youngest daughter celebrates her 18th Birthday in December so it is a pretty expensive time for me.

So, how can we keep warm this winter and hopefully save some pennies too….

  1. Windows are the biggest source of heat loss in a room, so if you can, make sure you have double or triple glazing. You will realise when to go from double to triple glazing if you are not feeling much benefit – you may live in a very old house, or live in a particularly exposed spot. Triple glazing gives you much better insulation, allowing minimum heat loss from inside, as well as solar gain – warmth from the sun in.
  2. If your budget can’t stretch to upgrading your windows, or you live in a rented property then even fitting a film over your windows will at least prevent some heat loss.
  3. Use draft excluders behind your doors.
  4. Make your living room cosy for winter with some throws. I find that when I am settled in there for the evening, or when working during the day I may get chilly, but don’t need to heat the whole house. Snuggling under a throw is perfect!
  5. Even when it is really cold, I never have the heating on through the night. Once we are all in bed we soon warm up. A hot water bottle or wheat heat bag popped in the bed soon warms it up before I get in.



We do usually have quite mild winters here in West Wales, fingers crossed you do too. Do you have any tips to share to keep warm this winter?



  1. I’m always taking my throw downstairs, can feel the cold downstairs quicker. Even now I’m already feeling the chill.
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  2. I’m feeling the chill too now. I’ve been putting the heating on for an hour in a morning ready for when we get up. I hate getting out of a snug bed in to the cold! I’d not heard of triple glazing before. We do have a generally cold house so I will definitely look in to that when I’m next upgrading my windows.

  3. Good tips. Think we’ll need to get new Windows soon

  4. This is a great idea for a post. I live in rented accommodation with electric heating and it is soooo expensive to run. I always try and wait out the Winter for as long as possible and wear lots of jumpers and hoodies in the house. I also have super thick thermal socks and drink hot squash instead of cold, but inevitably the £50 a week heating bills will happen eventually, because y’know, England!

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