How to Avoid Bedroom Clutter

How to Avoid Bedroom Clutter


Bedroom clutter is something that most people (including me!) suffer from. It doesn’t matter if your bedroom is large or small, clutter builds up quickly and easily and before you know it the clutter takes over. Sounds familiar? So what can you do to banish clutter once and for all?

How to Avoid Bedroom Clutter

I have a few tips you can use that will help you avoid all that unnecessary bedroom clutter that seems to be taking over your space.
Start with a Purge
The first step you need to take is to purge your room. Go through your cupboards, drawers, storage containers, and any other place where you’ve got your items stashed. There is really no point in housing items that you no longer want or need. Give to charity, sell at a car boot sale or online or if it really is no use, bin it! Once you’ve got rid of the unwanted items it will be much easier to work out how much storage space you need.
Purchase Multi-Tasking Furniture
Rather than choosing furniture that does one job, look for items that multitask. A great example of
multitasking is divan beds. These can be bought with a base that has drawers in the bottom. You
can use the room under your mattress in an easy-to- access way.
You can customise your divan bed by choosing your storage type and the size of the bed. Mattresses also range in firmness so you can find one that will be the most comfortable for you.
Make Sure You Have a Clothes Hamper
One of the most common types of clutter in a bedroom is dirty laundry strewn across the floor and on
furniture. If this is something you’re guilty of then it’s time to invest in a laundry hamper. You can pick
one that matches the style of your room while being big enough to hold all your laundry.
Consider a Wardrobe Organizer System
Wardrobe organizer systems can be a wonderful way to get your clutter under control. The idea with
these systems is that every item has its own place, so there shouldn’t be any clutter left out. These
systems come in a variety of sizes and configurations so you can customise the final look.
Get Into the Habit of Regular Cleaning
Because clutter can build up rather quickly, it’s a good idea to set aside 30-45 minutes per week
dedicated to cleaning and organising your bedroom. By keeping up with it on a weekly basis, you will be able to prevent the clutter from getting too out of control. It also makes the cleaning a lot faster and easier.

The Organised Bedroom You Deserve
By taking control of bedroom clutter, you will be transforming it into the clean and organised
bedroom you deserve. Spending time getting rid of items you no longer want or need, investing in smart
storage options, and setting aside time to do weekly cleaning will also help you achieve your goal.

I am off to put these tips into action! Have you any more tips on how to avoid bedroom clutter?


  1. Would be a dream
    It always seems to be a constant battle
    THANKS for the tips

  2. I’ve been having a major bedroom de-clutter since the kids went back to school, it makes the rooms much nicer to sleep in.

  3. We are moving house in a few weeks and are currently in major league purge stage! I’m hoping this will result in a de-cluttered new home and a fresh start. Fingers crossed!
    Amy – All about a Mummy recently posted…My Favourite Tunes: Part 3My Profile

  4. My room is really in need of a big clean up. Thanks for the article.

  5. My room is really in need of a big clean up. Thanks for the article.

  6. I clean on a daily basis and ensure that everything is at their on place. In my son’s room, I have a bed that has huge storage drawers which are pretty handy for keeping all the toys.

  7. Laundry hampers are good. We got one years ago and it does help keep the place tidier. Shame the kids haven’t quite gotten used to using it that much though. I’m always picking up after them.

  8. I always try and maximise space and the divan bed is a great way of using storage and hiding BT’s and pieces. I used to have a cabin bed when I was a kid as that made room for lots of Hingis as it had a wardrobe and desk built it! We tend not to have too much in our bedrooms as a way of creating peace and saves on dusting lots of items!

  9. I definitely try to be more feng shui in the bedroom to create a more relaxed atmosphere. Some great tips and tricks here, great post!

  10. Just recently done a complete declutter of our upstairs. Having lived in our home for 15 years, which has seen the adult children all flown the nest now bar 1 who is still at home. My Husband is a bit of a hoarder. I didn’t know how much until the declutter to move bedrooms started recently. I mean some of it bears no logic as to why he kept.

    The scrap man, recycling, black bin and charity shops did well out of it though. We are now in our new bedroom where I have installed zero tolerance on clutter. I am not one for keeping things and I am a tidier and the other half as learnt a valuable lesson.

    Strangely enough (not really) the atmosphere has really improved in our neat, fresh and uncluttered room. I never felt right in the other room before we moved. Our lad still at home has moved in there. It feels so different now. Our room is fabulous. Call it Feng Shui or whatever. Decluttering and cleaning does make a massive difference

  11. I have just finished decluttering my bedroom and boy, what a hard job that was. I can’t believe how many things that I never used I was storing for no reason.

  12. I’m admittedly quite a messy person and can never seem to keep my bedroom tidier for longer than 24 hours. These tips will come in handy, thank you!

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