Finding Photos with Gallerist


Mummy says… I am always taking photos, of Pickle, of my other children, of our adventures and travels, I have literally thousands of them. I have a great collection of stock type photos, but sometimes I just don’t have the one I need. We all know that using photos from the internet is a big no-no, so where can you find THAT photo?

Finding Photos with Gallerist

I have been introduced to a fab app called Gallerist.

What is Gallerist?

Gallerist is a free photo app where you can sell, buy and use professional photos.

It is a platform that aims to create a community where users can share their passion for quality images, but also make it easy to buy and sell original photos.

How does it work?

It is so simple. You download the app and create a new account with your social media credentials.

Once your account is set up and you have signed in, you then decide if you want to be a seller or a buyer (or both!) and that’s it.

The app is available in Italian, English and Spanish and for Android and iOS.

If I want to sell any of my images through Gallerist, I simply upload them to the app to showcase them to other users. They can buy the image directly from me via the app.

If I am looking to buy an image, I buy it via the app, the copyright of the photo is then mine to use as I  wish – I can even sell it if I want to!

With a huge range of photos starting at just a couple of Euros each it is a brilliant platform to find images you need, and own them without worrying about any copyright issues.

As a full time blogger, I will definitely be using Gallerist – I might even try and sell some of the images I have. I have hundreds of local beaches and woodlands that I think would be of interest to others.

Gallerist has great appeal for bloggers, students, keen photographers and so many others too.

BuzzooleYou can find all the info you need on the Gallerist website you can also find them on Facebook

Have you heard of Gallerist? Do you think you may use it?

This post is in collaboration with Gallerist.


  1. Never actually heard of this
    I’ll have a closer look later

  2. Never used this but it sounds really goo – will give it a go

  3. This sounds like a really great app. I think I would be interested to use it to try and sell some photos!

  4. Never used this, but looks like a very interesting app. Should be fun

  5. I’ve never heard of this before I’ll need to have a look

  6. Ooh this sounds very handy, I haven’t heard of it before but will definitely be looking at thank you xxx

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