5 Halloween Family Celebration Ideas

5 Halloween Family Celebration Ideas


Pickle says…We love this time of year in my house, and one of our favourite events is Halloween. Whilst I really don’t like anything too spooky or scary, I do love everything else, and we have some great Halloween family celebration ideas for you.

5 Halloween Family Celebration Ideas

Even if you are little like me, there are lots of ways to celebrate and enjoy Halloween. Our local village has an organised Trick or Treat Trail which takes place in the village centre. Lots of shops and cafes join in, giving sweets to the children who visit, and it is such fun and safe for everyone too.

Other Halloween Family Celebration ideas are:

  1. Go Pumpkin picking. Search online to see if there is a Pumpkin Farm near you. It is great fun choosing your own pumpkin, and many places have other activities going on too.
  2. Watch some spooky family films such as Casper the Friendly Ghost or Frankenweenie
  3. Decorate pumpkins with stickers and paint, rather than carving them.
  4. Play Halloween games such as pin the Spider on the Web, or have a Pumpkin hunt with mini pumpkins to find and swop for a treat.
  5. Have a Halloween Bake off with treats such as Parkin, Halloween cookies and cupcakes.

5 Halloween Family Celebration Ideas

Ways to Decorate your Home for a Halloween Party. There are a lot of really gruesome scary decorations out there, but for little ones there are fun ways you can decorate without being frightening:

  1. Ghost or spider fairy lights.
  2. Halloween bunting and banners. Many feature cute ghosts or pumpkins, or you can make and colour your own.
  3. Spider webs with plastic spiders.
  4. Black and orange balloons.
  5. Change your lightbulb for a red or orange one


Halloween Family Toddler Celebrations

You can download your own Halloween Family Pack from Personalised Gift Shop which has lots more Halloween family celebration ideas. They also have gorgeous personalised sweet jars and bags which are perfect to make your Halloween extra special.

How do you celebrate Halloween? We would love to hear if you have any ideas to add!



  1. Always looking for Halloween ideas

    Thanks for the info
    Pumpkin carving here we come

  2. I think my baby Charlie would look great as a pumpkin

  3. We have never been pumpkin picking but it sounds fun

  4. These are really very awesome Halloween ideas. Thanks for sharing this post.

  5. Love this post! Halloween is very popular in our house too. We love decorating the house and pumpkin carving!

  6. Going pumpkin picking is such a great idea of some outside entertainment, especially if you go to a farm rather than just the supermarket. The Halloween bake off sounds like a lot of fun as well.

  7. I would love to go pumpkin picking one day, these are some really lovely ideas.
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  8. A ghost made out of fairy lights sounds like the perfect activity for both of mine to get involved with 🙂

  9. Oh wow, these are all sounds great ideas for Halloween and I love to try this too with my family.

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