Women Who Inspire Me

Women Who Inspire Me


Mummy says…I find so many women inspiring, we live in a time where (most) women have a voice and can reach out to share their life stories to inspire others. But do you know who inspires me most?

Women Who Inspire Me

The women who inspire me most are two beautiful human beings who I get to share my life with every day. Two women who I carried and brought into the world. My daughters.

My daughters are 21 and 17. They teach me something new every day, and inspire me daily too. Their attitude to life and others truly amazes me. I believe that I am completely accepting of everyone but they have shown me acceptance on another level. No matter what your colour, culture, gender, or lifestyle they remind me that everyone is equal. Or should be. (I hear the words from Animal Farm in my head – everyone is equal, but some are more equal than others….) They remind me that this is NOT acceptable. we ARE all equal. We all matter.

My daughters show me that as women we should be supporting and celebrating each other, not tearing each other down for whatever choices we make. They hate tabloid nonsense which celebrates the perceived flaws in famous women – they are too fat, too thin, have cellulite, have a spot etc.

They abhor ‘photo shopping’ and editing our bodies. We are who we are. We should love who we are.

I feared that in this difficult day and age my daughters may grow up with a warped view of what they SHOULD look like or SHOULD be. yes, they have their own insecurities as do we all, but they never criticise or diss anyone else for theirs.

No matter what our skin colour is, or what language we speak, or where we were born or what gender we were born, or are now we all have one common link. One that can never ever be changed. We are all human.

Flowers Direct have produced a great ebook you can download detailing some fantastic inspirational women such as Beyonce and Kate Middleton.

I hope you enjoyed reading about the women who inspire me, who inspires you?


  1. How beautiful
    My neices always inspire me
    Mum was my most inspirational

  2. My grandma. She’s 90 this year and has been through so much – never blinked an eyelid!

  3. I agree – women should lift each other up not tear each other down and it’s so beautiful that your daughters inspire you in this way!

  4. My daughters inspire me too, they are nearly five and 5 months and make my life worth living along with their big brother who’s nearly 13 and their amazing daddy xxx

  5. I was hoping more people would have responded to this! I love reading about inspirational women!

  6. This is very inspirational!

  7. What a beautiful post, it goes to show regardless of age, relationships etc we can learn from any woman. It’s touching that your daughters can enlighten you in areas of your life. They’re beautiful young women x
    LaaLaa recently posted…Mai Couture – Beautifying Paper.My Profile

  8. Ahhh this is a really cute post – it’s lovely that your daughters inspire you and have taught you to agree with the belief that everyone is equal 🙂 x

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