Where to Find Quick Health Advice

Where to Find Quick Health Advice


Mummy says….We have had our fair share of illnesses this year, Pickle has had Chicken Pox and Scarlet Fever, and my teens and I (and eldest daughter who was away in Brighton) had the awful sickness bug recently. Although it is always best to seek a doctors advice, there are situations when you don’t need to see a doctor, but just need some information. We all could use some quick health advice, and I have some ideas for you on where to get it.

Where to Find Quick Health Advice

I don’t know about your Doctors Surgery or Healthcare centre, but ours is becoming increasingly more difficult to attend to see a Doctor. Waiting times and lack of Doctors mean that trying to get an appointment can be nearly impossible.

Here are some solutions I have found to access some quick health advice:

  1. Your local pharmacist. They have a wealth of information and advice they can give to you, saving you a trip to the doctors for minor ailments.
  2. Check if you Doctors have a separate walk in service to see a Nurse Practitioner – because of the high level of tourists who visit our area, ours has launched one for the summer months.
  3. If you need some quick health advice out of hours, the internet is an obvious place to turn – but, as you will know if you have ever googled an illness or symptoms, you can scare yourself half to death, so finding a reliable source is much better. The Independent Pharmacy is a brilliant resource, with advice listed on hundreds of conditions from actual doctors and pharmacists.
  4. Your local out of hours medical telephone line. This is more is you are very worried about something that is happening at that moment, and wondering whether you need a Doctor, or indeed to go to hospital. Someone takes your details and a doctor calls you back. (More for Emergencies, but it has saved me many trips to hospital in the dead of night when Pickle has had a raging temperature).
  5. Check a reputed online source such as the BBC for the latest news regarding some illnesses and treatments. The NHS website is also a wealth of information and advice.

Hopefully you and your family are well and you don’t need any quick health advice, but I hope these resources help you if you need them.

Where do you access quick health advice?

(Please remember to always seek medical advice if you are unsure of any symptoms).


  1. This is very helpful as I have a lot of health anxiety and feeling alone is one of the biggest things that makes you feel worse. Thanks for sharing.

  2. This is very useful and thank you sharing. Im sure it will come in handy.

  3. my eldest has scarlet fever last year and then all three got chicken pox this year. horrible ton see them I’ll x
    Sarah – let them be small recently posted…Astle Park Traction Engine RallyMy Profile

  4. I always eck the NHS website when one of us is I’ll, then decide whether we need to visit the doctors xXx

  5. This is very helpful advice. I tend to check the NHS website first, and then speak to my local pharmacists who are always super friendly and helpful. Just don’t ever EVER search on google for health advice!!
    Sarah Davis recently posted…7 Reasons Why You Should Never Give Up {Guest Post}My Profile

  6. Always useful
    Thanks for the information
    Better to be safe

  7. I’m quite lucky with my GP in that the surgery is becoming more ‘digital’. I can email my doctor as well as arrange calls rather than booking appointments. They also have an online portal now so that I can access files/old prescriptions. I’ve heard many horror stories about other people’s doctors, so I know how lucky I am!

  8. We love the local walk-in centre. So much easier than booking an appointment with my disabled son. Booking an appointment causes stress to get there for a set time, the walk-in centre is so much easier.

  9. Thanks for these tips. There’s so many different places to ask for advice. I always forget about the pharmacist and they’re always so helpful when I go in.

    Ami xxx
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  10. These are some great tips, I am forever getting ill and not knowing what to do. Going to the pharmacy they can often give you something over the counter to save you having to go to the doctors!

  11. I try and avoid googling now as as you say it can be a bit scary! Great post though

  12. Great advice, sometimes it’s impossible to get an appointment at the doctors and so looking on line at reputable, knowledgeable sites are the fastest way to finding out if you should be worried.
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  13. This is a really useful post as when we are in a panic over a health issue and the surgery is closed we never know who to turn too.
    Nayna Kanabar recently posted…Back to School Pencil Pot ~Bostik ChallengeMy Profile

  14. We have certainly made use of most of these, so important to know where to look for advice.

  15. Great advice, sometimes it is hard not to panic when our little angels get sick however taking a step back and considering these options can be better for everyone involved.

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