Ideas for a Child’s Bedroom

Ideas for a Child’s Bedroom


Pickle says…..Just because my bedroom is sometimes (Sometimes? says Mummy!)  messy doesn’t mean it can’t be cool. Children’s bedrooms are one of the few areas of the home where you can really go to town with some fun, fab, bold designs.

Ideas for a Child’s Bedroom
I love fun and funky children’s bedrooms – it shows how much you can get away with using bright colours that wouldn’t usually be seen in other rooms.
Bright and bold yellows, greens, blues and reds might be a bit bright for other rooms, but they are perfect for a fun kid’s room. With simple white furniture and plenty of storage space under the bed and in cupboards, it’ll be easy to clean and won’t run out of places to store all of those toys!

Another fab way to give your child’s bedroom a cool makeover is to give it a fun nautical theme. With classic blues and whites and some bold reds, it’s a design that everyone loves.
You can add stuff like framed maps, treasure chest storage units and anything seasidey! It also grows quite nicely with your child for a good few years too.

Even if your children aren’t into nautical themes, there are plenty of other cool ideas to try. From painting the room in the colours of your child’s favourite sports team (Or Super Hero in my case), to adding some Lego-inspired imagery, it’s a great way to use your imagination in fun new ways.
Using a theme such as  Lego gives plenty of ways to keep the cost down when making a cool room design that won’t cost too much money.

One really important part of the bedroom that shouldn’t be skimped on is a quality bed and mattress. as this is the central part of your child’s bedroom. They don’t have to be too expensive or extravagant, just mega comfy to make sure that your little one enjoys a good night’s rest.

I share my bedroom with big bro Luke, so we had to think of something that would suit us both as there are ten years between us! Mummy chose bold and bright Spider Man red and blue for the walls, with red, blue and white wide striped curtains We have white furniture and  I had cute pirate bedding when I was very small. We have Super Hero posters and a canvas on the wall.

We both love our Super Hero’s luckily, but these colours although very bold are a great base for lots of themes as we both grow older and change.

What are your favourite ideas for a child’s bedroom?


  1. I like the idea of the Lego-inspired room but also your Super Heroes one. And I think we’re going to need a new bed for BattleKid within a year or so as he is still in his toddler one for now but I’m not sure for how much longer!
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  2. Oscar loves super heroes, but he has a pirate themed bedroom as he’s been pirate mad since he was a ickle pickle 🙂

    Louise x
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  3. I love these ideas, we thought about a nautical theme for my son’s room but ended up with a transport theme.

  4. Some lovely ideas, my aunty has recently mixed glitter with wallpaper paste and put it on her kitchen wall and it looks like the expensive paint you can buy so I can’t wait to move to try it in Megan’s room xx

  5. My son loves superheroes too and currently has Spiderman bedding on his top bunk and his little sister currently has Teenage Ninja Turtles on the bottom bunk. The walls are lime green as they were before his little sister invaded the room 😉

  6. I remember having quite a plain bedroom when I was really young but when I was about 8 I asked to have my walls painted yellow, it didn’t last that long x
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  7. I saw a blackboard wall recently, which I thought was great!

  8. It’s true a quality bed is so important -great tips and advice

  9. I had a Care Bear themed bedroom as a kid which I loved so much. And I completely agree, a good bed and mattress is so important to get a good nights sleep (for all ages, haha!).

  10. These are some great ideas! Right now, we are in a rented property, so can’t do much about stylish the room but am hoping to move to a new place soon if things go well.

  11. Sounds like a very well decorated room, bet they both love it! x
    shelley recently posted…Getting Party ready in Boohoo Premium.My Profile

  12. I love the idea of themed bedrooms but kids seem to grow so quick and change their mind too frequently!

  13. A great blog post got lots of ideas
    Thank you

  14. Were currently thinking animals for my two years olds room, love everyone’s ideas.

  15. Great post. I love the Lego themed idea for a room. So many options

  16. I really liked all the ideas for a child’s bedroom. I liked giving a cool makeover to it with a fun nautical theme the most.

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