Our Family Guide to Mauritius

Our Family Guide to Mauritius


Mummy says… I have flown long haul to Florida, before Pickle was born, and had a weeks cruise around the Bahamas when I only had MiMi, but haven’t ventured that far for years. If I could, I would absolutely love to visit Mauritius. I have been researching this beautiful island, and want to share with you our family guide to Mauritius.

Our Family Guide to Mauritius

Mauritius is around a 12 hour flight from London and I love the fact that there is only a four hour (+4) time difference which means virtually no jet lag making travelling that far so much easier with little ones.

I would love to visit during  the winter months of May to October as there is less rainfall, but still lots of of sunshine and temperatures in the mid-20. This would be perfect for us with Pickle being only 4.

It is very humid between November to May with temperatures reaching 32 degrees, and there is more rain between December and March.

The people of Mauritius are very friendly and welcoming, and as we have found out ourselves this alone can make a huge difference to a holiday abroad with children. If you are still not convinced then here are five more reasons why Mauritius is so good for families:

  1. Wonderful white sandy beaches.
  2. Warm, calm seas for safe swimming.
  3. The official language is English – although Mauritian Creole and French are also spoken.
  4. Excellent water sports for littlies and teens including snorkelling, kayaking and even swimming with dolphins.
  5. Several nature reserves with an incredible range of wild animals and birds to see.

There are many child friendly hotels to choose from and lots of family holidays to Mauritius available, having brilliant facilities for families and kids clubs and activities for all ages.

Have you been to Mauritius? if so, tell me all about it! If not, wouldn’t you love to go?

This is a collaborative post.


  1. I haven’t been before but would love to. Great post

  2. You ve sold it too me

    Better start saving for next year
    Looks amazing

  3. Looks great would love to visit this place soon.

  4. Mauritius is on our wish-list of destinations. Just the name sounds so exotic. But we’re unsure whether we’d go while BattleKid is young or wait until he’s old enough to remember it.

  5. Mauritius is definitely on my bucket list…..I’d love to go there I bet it’s beautiful.

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