disneyland highlights

Our Disneyland Paris Highlights


Pickle says…Back in May we went to Disneyland Paris for two days. We had glorious hot sunshine, and the best time ever. We did visit at the same time last year, but it rained non stop, so we didn’t really get to do much. This year, however was completely different! It was non-stop and we want to show you our Disneyland Paris highlights.

disneyland highlights


We headed straight to Walt Disney Studios first, after swopping our printed e-tickets from AttractionTix at the ticket window. They have the best priced tickets which they email you – along with some discount vouchers for eating in Disneyland. We just handed them in for the entrance tickets which are scanned at the gates.

We saw Pluto, our first character. Mummy bought me an autograph book and pen for him to sign. He was just at the side of the path. 

disneyland 1 disneyland highlights disneyland highlights

Lea spotted Mickey Mouse, and we were about to queue to meet him until she spied Buzz Lightyear! O.M.Goodness I couldn’t believe it! We joined the queue for him instead. I had my Buzz shorts and T Shirt on, and he loved it! We had some fab photos.

disneyland highlights

Lea and Luke scooted off to get FastPass tickets for Ratatouille for 4.40pm, and Mummy and I went to the Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop ride in Toy Story Playland. It was SO high, and SO much fun!

disneyland highlights

Lea and Luke had headed over to Crushes Coaster which always has long queues. They love it, and we waited for them.

For lunch we went to find Pizza Planet, but were gutted to find it has permanently closed. We went to the Hypervillion Cafe  instead . It was €14.99 for a big burger, fries, a drink and a mini Magnum ice cream. I had a kids meal at  €8.99 for a chicken burger, fries and a drink.

We managed to FastPass Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast, Rock n Roller coaster, and Hyper Space Mountain (renamed as it is now Star Wars themed). I only went on the Buzz ride obviously! Mummy and Lea did the other two – they are crazy roller coasters which go upside down, round and round and have corkscrews too. It sounds a bit scary to me!

Mummy and I went to the awesome Lego shop, then Starbucks (the only place for a decent coffee!) in Disney Village while the teens went to Phantom Manor, the Snow White’s Scary Adventure ride and Le Voyages de Pinocchio ride. We had tea in McDonalds in the Village because it is so cheap – €21  for us all! We were exhausted and left for The Holiday Inn where we were staying.

We parked at Disney Village which is a multi storey car park with barriers which is only a 5 minute walk to the parks. It costs €24 for 24 hours.


After an awesome nights sleep and delicious breakfast we arrived at 11.30am. We didn’t rush because we knew we wanted to stay for the late Illuminations 25th Anniversary show.

disneyland 10 disneyland 11 disneyland highlights

Luke and Lea headed straight to the Rock n Roller coaster, and Mummy took me to queue to meet Spider Man. I met him last year, he has his own special area where he always is. He is just the greatest guy – he spends so much time with everyone. The queue was about an hour long, but SO worth it.

We ran over to Toon Studios to queue for the meet and greet for Belle, our favourite princess. We waited for over TWO HOURS but she was worth every minute! Whilst Mummy and I waited, the teens did The Hollywood Tower of Terror. Eeeek!

Phew, it was all go as we then had to run over to the Disneyland park to catch the Parade. We had heard that the best place to watch it was near the ride ‘It’s a Small World’ and it was! It is right at the beginning of the ride, and as it passed, we dashed off to catch some rides whilst most of the park were still watching the parade. The teens went on Hyper Space Mountain – twice, and we hopped onto Star Tours with virtually no queue and the same for the Snow White ride – which was actually a bit scary for me. I didn’t like the witch!

disneyland 13 disneyland 7 disneyland 6 disneyland highlights

We just had time to join the queue to Meet Mickey, and we are so glad we did. He IS Disney and no trip would be complete without seeing him! He leaves at 7pm, so make sure you catch him in the back of his theatre. We walked past Sleeping Beauty’s Castle and found the dragon who lives underneath. He is awesome, you must find him if you visit.

We had managed with snacks all day, and had tea at Mcdonald’s again. It was still nice and warm, so we just wandered around Disney Village and Disneyland, the atmosphere, smell, sounds and sights are all so wonderful. 

We watched the Illuminations 25th Anniversary which were at 11pm, they are centred around the Castle and are just AWESOME! After the show we had a lovely look around the shops as everyone was rushing to leave the park. We bought some souvenirs and Mummy bought me a talking Woody! I was so very happy, I love him.

disneyland 14 disneyland 15 disneyland highlights

When we left, most people had gone so Mummy was able to drive straight out and we were back at the hotel within ten minutes. I fell asleep in the car!

We had an amazing time at Disneyland Paris. Thank you SO much to AttractionTix for our tickets. If you are looking to visit, you must check out their ticket deals. They also have tickets to attractions all over the world at great prices.

Have you been to Disneyland Paris?


  1. Aww, it looks like you had an amazing time, Pickle and family. We would LOVE to visit Disneyland Paris one day, but for now we can’t afford it :'(

    Louise x
    Louise Smith recently posted…Birchbox | June 2017 EditionMy Profile

  2. Yes. We went when so many places were closed and were really disappointed. It was in the summer and thought it would have been better.

  3. It looks like you had so much fun! How fabulous that Pickle got to meet Buzz Lightyear 😀
    Jess | The Indigo Hours recently posted…What Have I Been Reading?My Profile

  4. Can’t wait for my youngest grandson to be old enough to go, my daughters honeymoon was in Disneyland Paris and the whole family came (Her idea, not us gatecrashing) 🙂

  5. I had the chance to visit with my son. It is really magical and unforgettable experience. Awesome photos

  6. Super jealous of you going here. When both my kids are older I am planning to take a trip here or Paris. I have been to the Paris myself when I was only 8 years old.

  7. I’d love to take my nieces. I think especially for the fireworks shows.

  8. It looks amazing, my children would love to visit Disney land and when they are a little older so the baby will remember to I really want to take them xxx

  9. We’ve been once and loved it. Such a great place to make memories

  10. It sounds such a great place to visit, hopefully one day I will be able to go with the grandchildren.

  11. It looks like you all had so much fun, I would love to take all my grandchildren!

  12. Disney is truly magical! In our house we are Disney crazy! We Love going to Paris and the anniversaries are stunning! I loved little woody there with his little doll too! Got to love a bit of Jessie and Buzz too! Loved this post as I can’t get enough of Disney’s magic! 🙂

  13. Looks like you had a great time x

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