Lego Juniors Disney Pixar Cars 3 Sets

Lego Juniors Disney Pixar Cars 3 Sets


Pickle says…. I LOVE Lego, who doesn’t? I have quite a lot of it and I play with it for hours. I was so excited to be sent some Lego Juniors Disney Pixar Cars 3 sets to play with. So, what did I think of them?

Lego Juniors Disney Pixar Cars 3 Sets

Lego Juniors are for ages 4 – 7 years, perfect for me, I am 4. The sets are part built which is great – I can put some of it together myself, and with the brilliant instruction booklet that comes with each set, Mummy put the rest together easily enough.

Lego Cars 3 Lego Cars 12 Lego Juniors Disney Pixar Cars 3 Sets


I had two sets – both featuring Lightening McQueen and other Cars 3 characters. The sets I had were:

Willy’s Butte Speed Training – 10742 £15.99 Featuring:
  • Lightning McQueen in his training outfit and Sheriff character from Disney Pixar Cars 3
  • Easy to Build models with bigger pieces and a simple guide
  • A detachable speed radar trailer with decorated counter and tow bar
  • Roadblock with ramp and 2 movable barriers

Lego Juniors Disney Pixar Cars 3 Sets Lego Cars 2 Lego Cars 4 Lego Cars 5 Lego Juniors Disney Pixar Cars 3 Sets

Smokey’s Garage – 10743 £19.99 Featuring:
  • Easy to Build garage set with a car ramp and yellow raised ramp
  • Movable crane
  • Wheeled tool kit cabinet with assorted tools
  • 3 spare tires
  • Smokey’s Garage sign
  • Lightning McQueen with his Rust-eze 95 colours
  • Smokey and Junior Moon characters from Disney Pixar Cars
  • Easy to Build models with bigger pieces and a simple guide

I love both of these sets, the cars are so cool, and really well designed. The sets work great together, and I have so much fun playing with them.
Lego Cars 7 Lego Cars 8 Lego Cars 9 Lego Cars 10 Lego Cars 11 Lego Cars 14 Lego Cars 15 Lego Juniors Disney Pixar Cars 3 Sets
The sets are just perfect for all Disney Pixar Cars fans who also love Lego – there are lots of other sets you can buy too, Tesco has a great range.
WooHoo Points
Disney Pixar Cars 3 main characters
Easy to build
Fantastic price and quality
Detailed instruction guides
Waaaah Points
I have been pestering Mummy for all the sets!
We were sent these Lego Juniors Disney Pixar Cars 3 Sets from Tesco Direct for review in exchange for our honest opinion.


  1. Oh wow this WOULD go down a storm in our house
    Rather partial to it myself too

  2. This looks amazing. Our eldest is only 2 at the moment so the Duplo is doing the trick. But my husband is so excited for when he’s old enough for “proper,” Lego! Husband is a giant man child!

  3. I still love Lego! Lovely post. Looks like it was fun

  4. I keep debating a lego junior set for jamie and then change my mind. They do sound good though. He’s nearly 4 but not sure he’d pay attention to the instructions. But it would be a great way to get him into lego

  5. My children love Lego, my partner helps my son do his star wars etc and I help our daughter to do her shopkins, princess Lego sets xxx

  6. The sets look fab. Going to put them on the christmas list for my nephew

  7. My nanny boys have recently got into the lego phase. I’ve never really played with lego much before but I’m enjoying it as much as them! It’s actually quite fun! My oldest nanny boy actually likes ‘Cars’ the movie so this could go down well. (He will out right refuse to watch many other films as he finds them scary!)

  8. My godsons love lego and Cars so they would love this. I loved Lego as a child!
    Sus // recently posted…Rosie Letts Nutrition and my Health JourneyMy Profile

  9. They look absolutely fab! I’m definitely not showing Thomas these X

  10. This looks like great fun. I just realised that you were a toddler when I started reading your blog and now you are 4, its going to fast!

  11. Lego and Disney Cars that is one match that my guys will love. What a great combination, I’m definitely looking into this for their birthday x

  12. Oh my goodness Eva would love these. She is cars mad. Love how they are easy to build

  13. So many cars! You have a warm smile!

  14. Wow I bet pickle was super happy with these lego gifts. We can’t wait to see Cars 3 either.

    Thanks for sharing

    John M

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