Top Tips to stop Travel Moans from Children


Pickle says….I just love travelling with my family! Sometimes, though, I can’t help myself and end up complaining (just a little bit!). In my few years of going on lots of holidays I have heard other children, including my big bro and sisters, say the same things. To make things easier for Mummy, here are the five things I say the most when I’m in a tiny little bit of a grumpy mood, and how you can make it better.

Top Tips to stop Travel Moans from Children

“Are we there yet?”

99% of the time we’re not. But you and I both know that I’ll ask anyway (probably starting only a few minutes after we have left home). If I have to be in the car or on a plane or train for a long time, you can understand why I may get impatient from time to time. Of course, the longer the journey, the more tired I get. Booking a direct trip makes it easier for me since I know that once we get out of the plane, train, car or ship the journey is almost over.

Sometimes, it can be hard for me to understand that one car ride was not enough to get to our holiday. If it can’t be avoided, try and prepare me about the fact that we will have to travel two or three different ways or that after our flight there will be a journey on the bus. If I know ahead of time what is coming, I’m more likely to understand when the time comes.

And there’s more! To make the trip as stress-free as possible, I appreciate taking short-cuts when possible. Maybe Mummy can book our parking at the airport in advance so we know exactly where we’re going on the day and not have to drive around until we find a spot. Check websites like Looking4Parking and Mummy can even save some money when she books our space at the airport (maybe the savings can go in my piggy bank?). And think about security checks – if we can opt for the fast lane, then we won’t have to stand in long queues and I will be much happier.

“I just CAN’T take another step – my legs are tired!”

Don’t forget that I have tiny legs, and that I’m not as used as Mummy is to hiding my tiredness. Usually, when we visit a new place we end up walking a lot, and not just on the streets but also in museums, shopping centres etc. So, since we are going to walk a lot, Mummy should bring my pushchair (even if I’m a bit older). This way, I’ll have a place to call mine where I can rest my legs or take a nap if I need to.

Bonus: I’ll also have more energy to do activities, and be more relaxed when time comes to stand in a queue. If a pushchair is out of the question, just make sure we make regular stops, even if it’s just a short rest at a bench or a café (hey, Mummy can enjoy a nice coffee, too, while we’re there!).

You might think it’s weird, but, although sometimes I feel like I can’t walk anymore, I still have plenty of energy. If Mummy can, she should bring me to a play space, where I can just let loose for a few minutes. I may just need some fun and play time to let off steam. It’ll look like I’m tiring myself out as I’m running around, but I’m actually recharging my batteries 😉

“I’ve got nothing to wear…”

I don’t have to tell you that us youngsters go through a lot of clothes. Spills, stains and all sorts of accidents make us need to change often. So, when Mummy packs my suitcase, bring some extras (she might also need an extra shirt or two for herself since I’m still learning how to use cutlery properly).

And, although I may still need Mummy’s help to pack my suitcase, it doesn’t mean I don’t need to get involved! So ask me questions and help me decide what I need to bring along, so I learn how to do it on my own soon.

“I’m boooored”

I’m never bored when we play games like “I Spy but when we’ve played it thirty times (or when we’ve spent a lot of time at a museum which is not that interesting to me), I still want to be entertained. So, here’s an idea: get Mummy to get me involved in the planning of our holiday! I know I can’t do deep research, but if she hastalked to me a lot about a place we’ll see, I know I’ll be super excited when I get to finally see it.

“I don’t want to go to bed!”

At the end of a long day of activities and fun stuff, I should be tired, right? Well, not so fast! Sometimes, I’ll fight sleep because I feel like I’ll miss out on more exciting stuff since the grown-ups are staying up late. Most of the time, though, I just don’t want to go to sleep in an unfamiliar bed. The sheets don’t smell like the ones at home, it’s too cold or too hot, I only have one cuddly toy… More importantly, isn’t Mummy forgetting something? (*Hint* My bedtime story, of course!) Whatever it is that makes my bedtime routine feel like the one at home, that’s what I want.

Be patient, Mummy (and all the other parents out there)! In time, I’ll become a pro traveller like you! I am getting there! In the meantime, though, I hope this can help you listen and understand what I actually mean when I complain during our holiday.

Are you going on holiday this summer? We hope you find our Top Tips to stop travel moans from children useful if you are!


  1. We don’t have a holiday planned yet but these are great tips to prevent whining children!

  2. Haha, Never mind on holiday, this sounds like my every day life. I cant believe my 2 year old actually said the words i’m bored the other day. She has more toys than a toy shop! She can’t talk to much yet so I think I may get away with to much winging, I may get the i’m tired one though.
    Cassandra Mayers recently posted…The Children’s Book Gender TestMy Profile

  3. Without fail eliza always asks if we are nearly there yet not long into the journey. I always take a couple of spare bits of clothing too, especially for the little ones
    Kara recently posted…A Medieval Siege at Arundel CastleMy Profile

  4. So useful
    Always be ready
    I’m bored is our favourite
    Think they say it to annoy me!!

  5. Good tips. Will be sharing and hoping they work out

  6. These are great tips especially now I drive I need to start thinking about airport parking. I have never traveled with kids before so I only hear this from other people
    Anosa recently posted…30 Countries Before 30: 2 down 3 to go My Profile

  7. I always dread those words…. Are we there yet and as you say it is like 10 minutes after e leave home. Great tips.

  8. Great tips! Sometimes family holidays can be quite challenging.

  9. Some great tips! It’s really important to let children know exactly what is going on all of the time, it saves a lot of grumpiness!

  10. A really helpful post. I think we’ve all been there with travel moans. The dreaded are we there yet is the worst thing to hear lol x

  11. These are great tips for keeping a child happy during traveling. I remember when I was little and we were going to my grandma’s house (a 6 hours ride in the car), we used to leave very early, while it was still dark outside so that I can sleep in the car. When I grew older my mother used to give me books to read (not a great idea though, as I developed motion sickness).

  12. Oh it’s all so familiar. Great tips, my kids are 10 and 8 and I still here these moans every time we have to go anywhere, even just up the road.

    I think you should come and manage them for me since I usually just aggravate everything by getting annoyed!

  13. What a great time for me to read this, we are off on holiday to Holland in 3 weeks and extra tips are always super welcome here. I tend to bring lots of car activities and scribble boards plus have the DVD player on, happy kids means happy mama and daddy x

  14. No holiday planned but we usually let him play with his tablet or watch a film on it.

  15. Fantastic tips. Taking extra clothes is a must with my two messy puppies. These are not just good holiday tips but everyday ones too!
    the Curious Pixie recently posted…La Belle Assiette: Bringing private chef dining to your homeMy Profile

  16. Thanks for the tips. Holidays can be a source of stress…

  17. Fantastic tips here and I just love that Disneyland photo too! Holidays are so much fun but the travelling is always my least favourite part! x

  18. Great post. I have had all of these moans and many more, great tips on how to overcome them too!

  19. Great tips. Will be useful on my next trip.

  20. Fab post. I hear ALL these moans…all the time! Sometimes it’s hard to remember there are genuine reasons behind most of them and not to just put it down to laziness.

  21. Oh how true, it drives me crackers, you would think children would get better at travelling as they get older, but trust me they dont haha

  22. We always have UK breaks in the summer to Devon etc which are 4+ hours drive, we always take snacks and drinks, have a few stops at services and take their portable DVD players we also make up games like I spy and who can spot a certain colour car 1st etc xxx

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