Top Tips for visiting Disneyland Paris

Top Tips for visiting Disneyland Paris


We have just got back from Disneyland Paris – it was our second visit, but this time we had wall to wall sunshine instead of wall to wall rain! We learnt some fantastic tips from different books and online and want to share our top, absolute must do tips with you.

Top Tips for visiting Disneyland Paris

Pickle says….We had the BEST time! I just LOVED it. A lot of my dreams came true, including meeting Buzz Lightyear and Belle. Our full review is coming soon, we just want to share our top tips for visiting Disneyland Paris:

*Buy your entry tickets before you leave the UK. Attraction Tix have the best prices, great service and email you vouchers to print off and simply exchange for the ticket at the park entrance. You also get some food discount vouchers.

*Watch the main parade from near It’s a Small World ride. You will get a great spot at an hour before the parade and see the parade as it starts. As soon as it has passed you can explore the park and head for usually busy rides. The best way to have the least waiting time. The perfect spot is on the left side as you walk up to It’s a Small World. The Princesses and Princes walked up this street after the Starlit Waltz too! Bonus!

Top Tips for visiting Disneyland Paris

*Take empty water bottles and mini squeezy squash bottles. Fill up at the water fountains near each toilet building – it is fine to drink and always cold! Free squash for everyone. (So many people were doing this).

*Take snacks in a rucksack. We had crisps, Pringle type tubes take up less room, breakfast bars, raisins, biscuits (not chocolate), and individually wrapped pain au chocolate. We saw others with sandwiches, breadsticks, fruit etc. We ate whilst queueing up for rides or meet and greets – saving so much time and money.

*Walt Disney Studios and Disneyland do not have their Fastpass systems connected, so you can hold one for each park at the same time. It is a 15 – 20 minute walk between the centre of each park.

*After the main parade so many people leave the park. The teens walked on so many big rides with barely a queue such as HyperSpace Mountain, Phantom Manor and we all walked straight onto Star Tours and the Snow White ride.

*After the Illuminations, the shops stay open later – this is the best time to shop with virtually no queues whilst the main volume of people leave. We drove straight out of the park with no delays.

Are you visiting Disneyland Paris, or have you been? We are hoping to visit again before Christmas 🙂



  1. This was really useful for me. I haven’t been before so these tips will come in super handy If I finally get to visit. Thanks so much I will be sure to look up Attraction tix.
    MELANIE EDJOURIAN recently posted…Desk Jobs Are More Dangerous Than You May ThinkMy Profile

  2. great tips. We watched the show from It’s a small world attraction and yes it made going on rides faster while everyone was watching the parade. I can’t wait to go back.

  3. I visited not long after it opened
    WOULD be magical to go again

  4. We love Disneyland Paris, and it’s really close to my mum’s so we’ve been a few times. Great tips here, especially buying tickets in advance. Definitely a must! Same for keeping the busiest rides for after the parade. We always find it’s so much quieter afterwards.
    Mel recently posted…Fantastic Waste Disposal or The Day I Dumped My SofasMy Profile

  5. I’m hoping to go to Disneyland when my son grows a bit older so he would understand what really is going on. He will soon turn 3, so I’m thinking to take him there on his 5th birthday! Great tips!

  6. Disneyland Paris is the dream of every child, reminds me of my childhood alot! Thanks for sharing ❤️

  7. This is fantastic advice. Thank you! I visited as a child, but I definitely plan to take my little ones when they’re a bit older!
    Sarah recently posted…Waste Not Want Not – 11 Tips To Help You Reduce, Reuse & RecycleMy Profile

  8. We’re planning a trip next Easter, can’t wait, thanks for the tips – especially where to watch the parade from!

  9. I absolutely love visiting Disneyland and other theme parks. These are great tips, taking note for future reference!

    Amanda |

  10. Ah I loooove Disneyland. So happy you enjoyed it too Pickle.

  11. Having been to Disneyland, i totally agree with your tips and thank you for all the advice you have given

  12. Thanks so much for posting these tips! We’re going in July, super excited

  13. We would love to go but it’s just so expensive. Maybe another year 🙂

  14. Some lovely tips, I bet it saved you a fortune taking your own snacks and drinks, and saved time on rides, nothing worse than waiting in a queue for half hour just for a 5 minute ride xxx

  15. Booked to go in February got a great deal
    Bet it’s changed loads since I was last there

  16. These are fab tips. Can’t wait to go back! Nothing more magical than Disney for big kids and little kids alike!!!

  17. great tips, i hope to take my grandchildren in a couple of years

  18. Thanks for the tips x

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