Top Tips for Packing your Child's Hand Luggage

Top Tips for Packing your Child’s Hand Luggage


Pickle says….As you know by now, we LOVE travelling, and always get so excited thinking of our next adventure. One thing that Mummy is not so keen on is packing. Having done it for 20 years now (Yes, 20 with children) Mummy is a bit of an expert, and has some top tips for packing your child’s hand luggage.

We have teamed up with Holiday Gems to give you our top tips, and we are giving away a Trunki too!

Top Tips for Packing your Child's Hand Luggage

  1. Get each child to carry their own bag – making sure it is not too big or heavy for them to carry. If your child is too small, invest in something fab and fun like a Trunki – you can win one in our fantastic competition below 🙂 Rucksacks are perfect as they keep little hands free.
  2. Pack each child’s essentials – favourite blanky, toy, dummy etc.
  3. Pack their favourite drink in each bag – in a leak proof bottle / cup, checking the fluid restrictions of the airline if you are flying. Also pack their favourite treats and snacks. You may need to check any restrictions on fruit if you are travelling abroad. Avoid chocolate and hard-to-open packets! Each child can then reach their own supplies when they want to.
  4. Pack some new treats for bored, tired, grumpy moments. A few small things are perfect such as new colouring books, a small favourite character toy, try and not get anything that involves a frazzled Mumma having to put it together – unless they can do it themselves.
  5. Have a communal bag for baby wipes, nappies if needed, spare sets of clothes. Empty zip lock bags or nappy bags are great for popping used wipes and bits and bobs of rubbish in.

We have a fantastic Terence Trunki worth almost £35 to give away to one lucky reader! All you have to do is answer the question below, what are your top tips for packing your child’s hand luggage?

The competition runs until midnight on 18 July, and you can come back every day to gain more entries if you want to.

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  1. This sounds a lot like what I do when packing for the hubby hahaha x
    Rachel recently posted…Frank Body | The Original Coffee ScrubMy Profile

  2. I do love the Trunki for traveling. It makes life a lot easier 🙂
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  3. These are good tips. We have the Jurni suitcase which is fab and Sylvia loves it. I think packing new treats is a fab idea. i do like to budget on our travels …as we don’t have tons of spending money so if i buy nice items local and take them with us we can save money for the extra special things and then give Sylvia little items to use like £1 poundland items for drawing and colouring etc.

  4. wow these tips are all great, packing their fav drink in each bag can be overlooked so thanks for sharing!

  5. Roll everything to get mote in and only necessary things in their hand luggage

  6. pack there favourite toy, some things to keep them occupied

  7. Pack lots of paper pens – and healthy snacks
    Will keep the little ones happy without getting bored

  8. Activity books with colouring in, dot to dot etc :- the variety helps to keep them occupied. Coloured pencils and sharpener. Delicious snacks and refreshing drinks, and of course baby wipes for sticky fingers and faces, etc.

  9. always pack something they love be it a toy ,teddy etc

  10. We roll everything up so it does not crease

  11. What are your top tips for packing your child’s hand luggage? . . . . let him do it himself . . . . under supervision

  12. My top tip is take a packet of baby wipes they are so useful!

  13. Pack it light so your little one can carry or pull along their own!

  14. Pack something for if they get bored there favourite small game pens pencils paper ect

  15. Activity and colouring books and some snacks.

  16. Mix and match to make varied outfits. Colouring or sticker books

  17. lots of activities to keep them occupied

  18. try and be as light as possible because most kids like pulling it around thierselves! x

  19. the key is to roll everything iinto one x

  20. download some films on her tablet and pack that on top so easy to get too, will keep her occupied whilst travelling

  21. Pack anti-bacterial hand wipes and gels, drinks, nappies and wipes, baby food, baby bottles and formula, a change of clothes, comfort items such as blankets, stuffed animals, dummies and so on. Snacks, granola bars, crackers, pretzels, raisins… Go with snacks that your child likes, are easy to pack and not too messy to eat. Toys and books. Pick items that are big enough that they won’t disappear on-board, yet small enough to fit in the hand-luggage. Avoid messy and noisy toys.

  22. Pre prepare daily outfits makes life so much easier and keeps the suitcase tidy

  23. Let them choose 1 comfort toy to take, sticker books and colouring and anything else that isn’t too heavy and a change of clothes

  24. Fab tips for helping with the holiday stresses!

  25. I’ve no idea, we’ve only just booked our first family holiday! I’m going to guess a colouring book would occupy my babies for a while! 🙂

  26. Pack their favourite small game and cuddly toy

  27. Only put the lightest items in and things that are precious to them so it doesn’t go in the hold.

  28. I have a terrible habit of over packing!!
    I am learning to put outfits together and folding them into one and securing with a sick I’ve found this gives me extra room for extra items I think we may need just in case but usually never end up touching!

  29. Put some new surprises in… along with some old favourites 🙂

  30. Try and pack light, no doubt you’ll end up carrying it along with your own in the end!

  31. Let them help pack their own bag, activity books, pens etc are usually popular

  32. Make sure anything you made need sooner is at the top!

  33. I pack their clothes in my own suitcase but let them pack their own bag with toys & books.

  34. I always let my daughter pack it herself. She fills it with all her currant fave toys. If she has not already, I put in her ipad, playing cards and colours an colouring book. Maybe a few suprise snacks along with wipes. Always nice to see her smile when she finds a nice treat in there she never packed

  35. Have a fair few quick and easy snacks ready

  36. This is a great post , Pack some colour pencils and pad it always come in handy.

  37. Dont overpack! But make sure you have enough to keep them Occupied 🙂

  38. nieces used to pack their own cases, then Mum would go behind them to double check they had everything, one forgot shoes one year!!!!

  39. I always take some pend and sticker books, Milly always get distracted with books lol!

  40. Add in favourite snacks

  41. Keep it light and simple with some activities for them to do.

  42. Sometimes less is more – don’t put too much in!

  43. only pack what they use normally!

  44. Pack the essentials and use washbags to separate everything and keep it all nice and tidy.

  45. No breakables!!!!

  46. Some great tips here. I’m travelling with my nanny child to San Francisco in October and I have never travelled with children before! So all the advice I can get for an 11 hour flight is good!

  47. essentials only, packed in a Trunki is ideal!

  48. Try to keep it simple. couple of drinks. pencils, paper. perhaps some fruit. (And if enough room their imagination,lol)

  49. Prepare a list with your child beforehand, negotiate size and number of items to be packed.

  50. Let your child help. It will give them a sense of responsibility.

  51. These are all fantastic packing tips, Kaz. I wish we got to travel as much as you guys do!

    Louise x
    Louise Smith recently posted…50 Questions You’ve Never Been Asked TagMy Profile

  52. I always pack a lightweight blanket in my little girls luggage as she gets chilly when she’s sitting around and likes to be cosy.

  53. let them put some things in themselves with your consent.

  54. Just be organised and double ,triple check that you have packed everything.

  55. A robust but light bag is essential!

  56. Try not to overpack but make sure there is room for a drink and some magazines,books for entertainment for the child.

  57. Make sure your child has a say otherwise there may be tantrums!

  58. make sure you have the right equipment for nap time! whether it be a favourite toy, blankie or dummy ! let them also choose which small toys go in too!

  59. Some fantastic tips and advise, thank you xx

  60. as much as clothes are important, pack a few things that will keep them occupied and to play with

  61. Small lightweight items that are inexpensive just in case we lose them. Crayons, drawing paper etc…

  62. Let little one help pack, take a favourite toy and some snacks

  63. I would pack a small case that is just theirs; I would put in a change of clothes, a toy of their choice, snacks and drinks, some wipes and toiletries.

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  65. lots of quiet things to keep them entertained like colouring books, magazines & books

  66. I always pack a couple of new toys/colouring books to keep him entertained. Along with snacks of course!

  67. Lots of snacks and lots of things they can do to keep them busy!

  68. I’d say pack their entertainment items at the top of the luggage.

  69. Easy wash and drip dry and my favourite two things, you might have to wash things in a sink but if they drip dry nicely you don’t have to pack as many changes of clothes for the little ones which gives more room for teddy.

  70. Make sure there’s games and snacks – that will keep them happy x
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  72. Lots of new games/ toys and m noagazines are a must for brand luggage for my little one. This trunki makes packing and carrying fun for the kids to help with.

  73. weve never been abroad so ive not had to pack any hand luggage yet, we have our holiday to disney next year though so some of these tips are really useful!!

  74. Roll the clothes which means you will get more in and they will not crease and take a few of there smaller favourite toys to keep them happy

  75. Do it when they are in bed and then put the case on top of the wardrobe so they can’t take anything out or add anything

  76. Pack plenty of things to keep them occupied like magazines, paper and colouring pencils
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  77. We pack magazines & colouring bits to keep our little one entertained

  78. Great tips, thanks! My daughter loves to pack it with me as makes her feel more independent!

  79. Great tips from you, thank you!
    I always think about what will entertain my daughter the most and only take one or two things try keep it minimal

  80. My top tips are not to put too much in, but definitely include a drink (if it’s ok with the airline), snack and a couple of things to do! And make sure the snack is easy to eat and not too messy 🙂

  81. Get your little ones involved and let them practice pulling it – that way it wont be too heavy for them and end up so that you have to carry it along with everything else. I always pack some paper, pencils, colouring book and let them buy a new reading book at the airport

  82. Get your child to help with packing – socks, pants, tops and bottoms, shoes and a book to read, some toffees or other sweets as a treat and a game or two.

  83. get them to decide what to pack them make a list and keep safe in your bag so you can check that all items are re packed and not left on the plane.

  84. Toys toys toys!

  85. Keep it organised so you find everything easily

  86. I always buy some new bits from the pound shop for travelling, I also put in fave toy/teddy and some toys I know that they like to play with

  87. Some great tips here and we love our Trunki’s too. The kids know they mean holiday time, and even for just a weekend away they are the perfect size to keep all their clothes in. Thanks for the other good tips. Happy travels. Kate

  88. Favourite cuddly toy and lots of snacks!!

  89. Let them choose and pack some of the items themselves.

  90. lots of things to entertain

  91. make sure food and entertainment are easily accessible

  92. pack their fave toy always to stop the crying

  93. Take favourite small paperback books, a little cuddlie, colouring books and crayons, NOT pens! Give your child their own little packets of travel tissues and wipes along with spare pants and lightweight joggers in case of accidents. Travel sized games like battleships and connect 4 are great.

  94. books and stickers mini games and lots of their fave snacks

  95. Don’t forget their fave bedtime toy!

  96. Always put the things they are likely to want to keep taking out and putting back at the top, routing through to the bottom of the bag to find a toy is a pain in the bum

  97. don’t forget the teddy

  98. Don’t pack too much! It can be tempting to cram as much as you can in, but it just makes things harder to unpack.
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  99. Let them help by choosing and packing the bag with you. On a flight to New York my grandson was occupied with a sketch pad and thousands of stickers 🙂

  100. My top tip is not to pack in a rush – do it a couple of days before you go. That gives you time in case you suddenly remember something else you wanted to pack and to double check that you’ve got everything.

  101. Great tips, also have drinks and snacks to hand

  102. I pack lots of little surprises and snacks for the journey.

  103. pack plenty of entertainment and snacks

  104. I use the resealable lunch bags, they’re perfect for packing spare clothes, snacks and even colouring supplies so nothing leaks or is drawn on.

  105. Snacks like raisins that can take a battering and temperature change , a plastic bag for dirty clothes or sick !

  106. Use see through zip pouches with labels on for snacks, entertainment and other essentials! Makes life a lot more easier x

  107. ziplock bags then every thing can stay seperate

  108. Make sure you pack there favourite toy/teddy. Tasty snacks and juice. Pack colouring books and crayons.

  109. Always pack something to keep them busy on the journey.

  110. We play ispy but with colours as they are a bit young for letters

  111. Agree a limit on the number of items, decide what bag they are going in and allow the children to choose what they take.

  112. Turn packing into a game. Let them draw all the things they want to pack the day before. Then when you pack they can tick all the items.

  113. I get them to do it so the have their favourite things plus it is good practice, then redo it 🙂 I always get a list downloaded off the internet theres always an essential item I forget on one of those!

  114. I am a huge believer in rolling rather than folding. Less wrinkles and easier to fit a lot into a small space. Roll shirt, shorts, underwear and socks together for a complete outfit.

  115. We did a lot of long-haul travel when my children were young and I always packed a couple of packs of playing cards, as they take up very little space and can be used to play lots of games. Even young children can play Snap, Happy Families, Old Maid and Go Fish, and you can easily adapt the number of cards you play with by removing the cards numbered from 6-10, to make things simpler for small children.

  116. roll don’t fold – you’ll save loads of space!

  117. Make sure you’ve pack comforters (my girls would be lost without theres even on an overnight stay) and magic colouring books are a good idea, no messy required!

  118. Things to stem the boredom. Usually download films to a tablet and pack a favourite toy.

  119. We always ensure we have an outfit in case hold luggage gets lost, plus some kids mags and toys to play with that are lightweight but entertaining.

  120. snacks and games!

  121. Roll everything! It saves so much space and it packs easily.

  122. Jayden has a kids pad which is always charged! It’s a life saver on journeys. Loads of kids apps so keeps him occupied for hours!

  123. Pack the night before, dont leave it to the last minute you always forget something!

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