Juggling Exercise And Family


Mummy says…..Finding the motivation to exercise is a struggle for anybody – especially me!  I start out with the best intentions, but after a few weeks, I start to fall behind. It’s just a few missed sessions here and there to start with, other things get in the way and the excuses start. Before you know it, it’s a month later and I haven’t exercised once in that time. That struggle is multiplied tenfold once you become a parent.

Juggling Exercise And Family

There’s barely enough time in the day to juggle all of my parenting responsibilities so I just accept that there’s not going to be any time for exercising. In the first few months that might be true, when I hadn’t slept for more than a few hours in a week, I certainly wasn’t going to be going for a run. Once things have calmed down a bit and my routine was a bit more stable (was it?!), there was no reason why I couldn’t get back into exercising. After all, it’s so important to keep healthy and have more energy to tackle all of the stresses and strains of being a new parent. If you are a new mum you’re probably asking, where exactly are you going to fit this workout? Fear not! With a bit of clever planning and a lot of dedication, it is possible. Here’s how you can do it:

What Motivates You?

Having a clear reason for wanting to exercise is the key to sticking to your regime. Think about why you want to exercise and focus on that. For starters, it will fight disease, keep your heart healthy, and generally extend your life. If that doesn’t do it, then think about your children. The longer you live, the more time you get to spend with them. Being fit and healthy also means that you’ll be able to play with them a lot more. It can be difficult to keep up with them if you are unhealthy. Setting yourself goals is also a great way of charting progress and staying motivated. They don’t have to be massive, it might just be walking a certain amount of steps each day, or jogging a certain distance. Nobody is asking you to run a marathon. Choose a goal that seems reasonable for you and go for it. Exercise devices like the Fitbit are good for this as they show you exactly where you are at with your exercise programme.

Plan Ahead

Choosing a certain day every week will make you more likely to stick to your regime. If you know in advance then you can’t give yourself excuses about not going. Pack all of your stuff up the night before and put it in your bag, that way you won’t be able to talk yourself out of going.

Making commitments can also be a big help. Signing up to classes or arranging to exercise with a friend gives you that extra push because you know that you’ll be letting somebody else down if you back out at the last minute.

Get Equipped

Investing a bit of money in some good sports equipment will give you a reason to exercise. If you make that commitment to buying the stuff then you might as well use it. Budgets are going to be tight as a new parent but you can use underarmour.co.uk discount codes to get good quality fitness clothes at a reduced price. Wearing the professional gear will also make you feel better when you’re exercising. It might also be an idea to get a few small weights that you can have at home, so if your schedule is too jam packed, you can still squeeze in a little workout at home.

Pick A Time And Place

Time is of the essence, so pick somewhere that you can easily get to. If you want to get some home gym equipment and do your workouts at home, that’s great. You won’t have to travel anywhere and you can fit a workout in whenever you have a spare minute. You might not have the space in your house for a home gym with the new baby, so you may need to go elsewhere. When choosing a gym to go to, make sure that you don’t pick somewhere that’s miles away. If you have to drive half an hour each way it’ll be much harder to fit into your day.

Finding the right time is the key to sticking with your exercise regime. Pick a time that you know will be free every week. If you are working, lunchtimes are always a good option. Head to a gym that is close to work and get a quick half an hour workout in. Doing this a few times a week will be enough to keep you fit and healthy.

Incorporate It Into Your Day

Some people find that they simply don’t have the spare time to get a full workout in. The answer to this is to just incorporate it into your day so you aren’t using any extra time to do it. If you work fairly close to home, why not think about running or cycling to work instead of driving or getting the bus. You’ll be doing a good amount of exercise every single day without adding a huge amount of time to your schedule. There are also plenty of small things that you can do, like taking the stairs instead of the lift, or doing exercises at your desk while you work.

Pick Efficient Exercises

Doing a set of exercises that each work a single muscle group means having to do a longer workout. But there are plenty of exercises you can do that work your whole body at once, massively reducing the time you need to spend working out.

Exercise With The Kids

Once your kids are old enough to play outside, why not spend time exercising with them. Playing a game of football or something is great exercise for you both, and a good opportunity to bond with them. It’s much better than having them sitting inside watching TV or playing on the computer.

Have you any tips to add to juggling exercise and family? If you manage it – how do you do it?


  1. It is so hard to fit everything in
    The benefits are amazing and do worth it

  2. I find when I get into a routine that really helps. But I also need a goal to motivate myself. I normally work out in the evenings when my toddler is in bed and before I start work. I need a goal so I don’t call off the workout, head to the shop for chocolate and end up in my pjs having a netflix binge! x

  3. Great advice. I have this problem all the time now. Just started trying to use my Fitbit again in a bid to help. I miss my Zumba classes that I used to go to.

  4. I have just started walking every week with a friend. Just having that commitment (if I don’t go I’m not letting just myself down but her too) has helped immensely. Plus the great news is we get to catch up and chat as we walk too – a win-win!
    Lauretta @ Home and Horizon recently posted…Leicester Stay Play Explore Family BreakMy Profile

  5. I haven’t even thought about it to be honest. I do use an activity tracker to make sure I do my 10000 steps a day but that’s all!

  6. Incorporating it in my day and playing with the children are definitely the ones for me. Some great ideas here to help people out.

  7. I definitely find it hard to fit it all in! I’m thinking of getting a running buggy actually which means I can take my little ones with me!
    Sarah recently posted…More Than Just A Freebies SiteMy Profile

  8. It can be hard to have a good exercise routine but I agree that finding something to motivate you i.e. health is a great idea!
    Ana De- Jesus recently posted…Why Pearls Are A Girl’s Best FriendMy Profile

  9. My tip was just do exercise when they’re in bed but I know not al kids are good sleepers. In fact, my son is a horror at night now.

  10. You know what now I too work out with my little one, I get her on her scooter or bike and jog alongside her, perfect way for us both to get fit.

  11. Great post! I struggle finding the time to balance exercise and I don’t even have kids. I love the idea of exercising with the kids too!
    Leigh Travers recently posted…A Garden Fakeover for SummerMy Profile

  12. Props to you for being able to find time and motivation to exercise in between all the family chores and looking after everything

    Amanda | https://ldnrose.com

  13. These are great tips! I might add having a partner in exercise helps. If you’ve made plans to run with someone it’s harder to back out than if you’ve just planned to go alone!
    Erin Ek Rush recently posted…5 reasons your family will love camping at Masons Campsite near AppletreewickMy Profile

  14. I don’t manage it very well! I started couch to 5k a few months ago and went running with the pram while my eldest was at nursery but I didn’t keep it up. But I do try to do lots of walking at the weekends, so I’m hoping that’s enough for now. It certainly feels like good exercise when I have to carry both babies!!
    Rebecca recently posted…Lumity Life Anti-Ageing Beauty RoutineMy Profile

  15. I cant do intense exercise due to illness but i do a lot of walking with my little one and swimming, luckily my boy is a water baby so its fun for us both as well x

  16. Although I’m not well enough to exercise at the minute.. I agree that exercising with the kids is a great idea to keep healthy. I’d love to go walking and bike riding with my daughter.

  17. I’m finding it hard to juggle exercise with three children especially as my four month old is teething at the moment she’s already cut one tooth bless her xxx

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