Entertaining Children at Family Reunions


Pickle says….’Family reunions can be a lot of fun for grown ups but us children usually have different ideas! Keeping us entertained while at a family reunion can be tough and an unhappy child is the last thing you want at such an event. Fortunately, there are a lot of ways you can keep us happy and busy while you enjoy spending time with your relatives.

Entertaining Children at Family Reunions

Here are a few of my tips to help us little ones get through the day:

Colouring books apps

I LOVE colouring books. The bright colours and trying to keep within the lines are a great and creative way of keeping me occupied for hours. But what if Mummy forgets my colouring stuff. No worries!

Mummy can download a mandala colouring app for Android smartphones that will allow me to colour away as much as I want! I love apps like this

Seasonal crafts tables

I love holidays and festive events, a great idea to take advantage of the season and keep me busy is to create a themed crafts table. If your family reunion is taking place during the autumn, for example, you can create a pumpkin decorating station for the children (and the adults!) to take part in. During the winter we could create Christmas tree ornaments, and in the spring we could paint Easter eggs.

Family story time

Family gatherings are all about sharing stories and those stories can be a great way for us children to learn about our own history. Telling family stories helps children feel as though they are an important part of the family reunion. You could, for example, ask them to tell their own stories or to help you tell your own. Mummy could ask the teens to tell family stories with us little ones.

Fun foods and snacks

Us children love having silly foods and snacks that we can enjoy. If we were hosting the reunion, Mummy would set up a snacks table for us little ones, making sure she checked with the other parents first about whether their children had any dietary restrictions or food allergies. As with the crafts table, she could make the snacks seasonally themed, such as gingerbread men during the winter or spooky ghost- shaped cookies around Halloween.

Scavenger Hunt

Finally, create a scavenger hunt either for us children alone or for both children and adults to join in. You can have prizes for whoever finds the most hidden items. This is a great way to help the children get to know each other.

Having me bored child at a large family reunion is definitely not fun. Having these activities would mean so much fun that everyone would enjoy it.

Have you any ideas for entertaining children at family reunions you can share with us?


  1. A seasonal crafts table would keep me entertained as well as the kids! Such a handy list – thanks for sharing!

  2. I didn’t even know there were colouring book apps! Clever! I always find bubbles are good for groups although sometimes the novelty doesn’t last long.
    Erin Ek Rush recently posted…The highs & lows of our first family camping holiday at Catgill CampsiteMy Profile

  3. sticker books work well here as do junk modelling crafts ☺
    Sarah – let them be small recently posted…4/12 – AprilMy Profile

  4. Some lovely ideas

  5. Some great suggestions
    Wouldn’t have thought of a lot of these

  6. Ahh it can be hard sometimes, especially if they are the only little one – a little treat bag to take is always nice, pens, colouring book, stickers, tablet, a treasure hunt for insects is a good idea x

  7. As an adult, even I like the colouring book apps and find them really relaxing x
    Rachel recently posted…Glossybox ‘Back To Basics’ May EditMy Profile

  8. This is such a great list. My kids get bored quite easily and I always have to take a huge bag of things to keep them occupied.

  9. Ideas like this are going to be a life saver when my daughter grows up and we fly over to Turkey to see the in laws, haha
    Gareth Torrance recently posted…Giveaway: Win A Free Family Ticket To Monski Mouse’s Baby Disco Dance HallMy Profile

  10. A seasonal craft table sounds AMAZING! I love that idea!
    Sarah recently posted…DIY Easy No Cook Play Dough {Free Printable}My Profile

  11. I think it helps if there are other kids to play with at family gatherings, but I think whatever project you get them to do it’s nice to also involve them in conversation – they won’t stick around long, but if relatives and friends engaged them in conversation it also helps with social skills. Other than that I think asking them to go off and find items (a treasure/scavenger hunt) would keep them entertained – I think you can download words and rhymes from the internet to keep it more interesting!
    Lauretta @ Home and Horizon recently posted…Productivity tips for crazy busy people that actually workMy Profile

  12. This is great. Kids are like rainbows. Colourful. Vibrant and sparkling fun. But always moving and zooming around on skateboards. That’s me as well. Big up. Big kid. Great list!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Some great ideas on this blog.
    Love the craft table idea.

  14. My husband and I both come from very small families, so the idea of a family reunion seems so exciting to me! These are some great suggestions. If we did have a reunion to attend, I know my toddler would be a wild man without the proper entertainment.

  15. They have colouring book apps? Fantastic! Thanks for sharing!
    Veronica Lee recently posted…Tail & TroubleMy Profile

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