5 Solutions To Replace A Missing Tooth

5 Solutions To Replace A Missing Tooth


Mummy says….Losing a tooth really isn’t anyone’s idea of fun, but fortunately there are a range of options for replacing a missing tooth. If you find yourself in this situation you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed with what to do. Fear not! There are several choices for you.

5 Solutions To Replace A Missing Tooth

Here are five common solutions to replace a missing tooth:

Partial Denture

Missing front teeth can be pretty embarrassing. With a removable partial denture, you don’t have to hide your smile. You can wear the denture during the day to replace one or more missing teeth. Sometimes, these types of dentures may require a metal clasp to keep them in place, and sometimes those clasps may be visible when you smile or speak. Another issue to be aware of with these dentures is that they can move a little when chewing or talking, which might be uncomfortable. It’s a good idea to take them out at night and leave them to soak in a denture solution. On the upside, you won’t need to file any of your teeth down, making this a cost-affordable and painless option.

A Temporary Denture

This is a great short-term solution if you are missing a tooth. Known as “flippers,” the denture flips in and out effortlessly and is normally used when you plan on restoring your tooth in the future with a more permanent implant or bridge, but you still need to give the site time to heal. These dentures are similar to the partial denture, but less sturdy, less expensive, and less bulky.

A Bridge

If you have lost a tooth, but still have teeth on either side of that spot, a bridge is a good option. It is a permanent solution that will remain cemented in your mouth. Having a bridge put in involves cutting down the teeth on each side of the missing tooth so that they can be connected together. On the downside, it means cutting down teeth that may be healthy, and there are times when bridges in your lower jaw won’t last as long as they should since that part of the jaw flexes more, causing the bridge to spring a leak and that leads to bacteria or decay. However, there are times when the teeth next to the gap may require a crown or filling, and a bridge will solve that problem.

Dental Implants

Getting dental implants on the Gold Coast are another option to replace missing teeth. Implants both act and feel like natural teeth when you smile, brush, and chew. The implant serves to replace the root of your missing tooth and will heal in the bone for a few months. One of the biggest advantages of implants is that you don’t need to have any other teeth altered when the implant is placed. It’s a really good choice for one missing tooth, but you can have more put in if you have several missing teeth.

Don’t Do Anything

You always have the option to do nothing when your tooth is missing. Once a tooth is removed, your bone in that spot melts away and your other teeth will shift to fill in the gap. But, be aware that this can make it hard to clean your teeth properly and can lead to problems like decay and bone loss around your remaining teeth.

We hope our solutions to replace a missing tooth are useful to you, don’t forget to talk to your dentist if you need any advice.


  1. Don’t think I’d do nothing! DENTAL implants sound ideal but are pricey

  2. Hmmm, all money 🙁 depends where the tooth was I have one missing in the back and I have just left it xxx

  3. I have always had a bad teeth situation lol! and finally after a good 5 years, I have the perfect teeth.. and if anything were to go wrong, Dental implants would be the way!

  4. Great post, I have lost a few teeth and have implants.

  5. You both have perfect teeth! I’m jealous! I feel like, if I could afford it I would get implants!
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  6. There’s plenty of options to choose from, isn’t there? Great post.

  7. Thank you for this article. Its very informative.

  8. Thanks for your time and effect. In my concern dental implant is a right solution for replacing missing tooth.

  9. I lost a front tooth and my dentist arranged for a false tooth plate. It looked good but unfortunately it made my gums very sore so I had to return it. I wasn’t offered a dental implant perhaps because it is too expensive.

  10. 5 options for Replace A Missing Tooth is nice informative. I like your post and I know which is the best choice!

  11. Wow,I like your post its contain a lot of information about dental implant. previously we used false tooth to replace our missed tooth most of the patients not feel comfortable with it. but dental implant change the whole aspect replace the missing tooth.

  12. Thanks for your useful solutions about missing tooth. I find various solutions from your post. Thanks and Keep sharing!

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