5 Natural Tips for Better Sleep

5 Natural Tips for Better Sleep


Pickle says…Mummy is very lucky, me and my brother and sisters have all been really good sleepers from being just weeks old. She does suffer getting to sleep sometimes herself though, she suffers with a bad back at times following a bad fall a few years ago. As a holistic therapist she has helped lots of people over the years with lots of problems and has some great natural tips for better sleep.’

5 Natural Tips for Better Sleep

So, what can you do to help yourself have a better nights sleep?

  1. If possible, open a window just a little. If this will let a lot of noise into the room (from a road for example), then open it until just before you go to bed.
  2. Keep a notepad and pen next to the bed. If you find your mind just full of stuff, then jot it all down. All of it – ideas, reminders, all of it. It really does help to clear your head.
  3. Lavender Oil is the gentlest of oils and truly aids restful sleep. Try a couple of drops on a cotton handkerchief tucked into your pillow case.
  4. Try mindfulness as you lie in bed. Focus only on the present moment. Tune into yourself and what you can feel – the mattress supporting you, the duvet over you, the gentle breeze from the window – notice everything. Breath in and really smell the lavender, and notice any other smells. Focusing on the present moment stops worrying about the past or future – it can take a little practice though.
  5. Limit drinks and snacks before you go to bed. As you get older it is harder to get through the night without waking for the loo, or the heartburn after that cheese on toast!

There are lots of other tips in this Adjustamatic video for a better nights sleep too – especially if you suffer with a bad back.


Do you have trouble sleeping? We hope these natural tips for better sleep help you. What else helps you when you are suffering, we would love to hear.



  1. These are great tips. I’m sure everyone can benefit from sleeping better. I love having my window open, I love breathing in cold air while being snug under the duvet!
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  2. Really agree with these and Sarahs comment above 🙂 Keeping tech away from the bedside also helps x

  3. Great tips. I love lavender but when I’m desperate I use a hypnosis app – works like a charm.

  4. These are some great tips. I struggle falling asleep some nights. The notepad next to the bed is a good tip

  5. I need to get my 2 year old sleeping in her own bed, other than that I bought a salt lamp for our bedside and we seem to sleep better

  6. I find it difficult to switch my mind off at night, I need to follow these tips!

  7. Mindfulness is so useful especially breathing techniques
    GREAT tips to help us all sleep more peacefully

  8. What wonderful tips. I find too that if I write down some thoughts before going to bed, my mind is wandering thing of all the things I need to do tomorrow. Also, a bath before bed helps me wind down too x

  9. I’ve been trying a dietary approach too
    Kiwis cottage cheese turkey a few hours before bed as they contain tryptophan which is meant to help induce sleep

  10. I always take a warm bath before I go to sleep.
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