Rib Ticklers at Harvester Restaurants

Rib Ticklers at Harvester Restaurants


Harvester Restaurants, the UK’s favourite great value family food chain, have recruited up-and-coming comedian Rhys James from ‘Mock the Week’ to train its staff on comedy tactics and conversation starters to add some fun to their customers’ dining experiences.

Rib Ticklers at Harvester Restaurants

To celebrate, we were invited to sample the menu at The Snuff Mill Harvester in Bristol. We were very excited as we have never been to a Harvester. 

Rib Ticklers at Harvester Restaurants Harvester Restaurants Harvester Restaurants

The restaurant was gorgeous – lovely decor and a large pond right in the middle! We were seated in a round booth type seat. The tables have a turntable in the centre for easily sharing starters etc.

Harvester Restaurants

Our order was taken quickly and our server Junior was a tonic – full of laughter and mischief. We could hear him chatting to and laughing with customers all evening and the atmosphere was lots of fun!

We did share some starters and the turntable was a great touch.

Harvester Restaurants Harvester Restaurants Harvester Restaurants Harvester Restaurants Harvester Restaurants Harvester Restaurants

Mummy had a veggie burger, Lea a cheese burger, MeeMee had spicy salmon and Luke had a rack of ribs. I had the chicken breast from the children’s menu.

Harvester Restaurants Harvester Restaurants Harvester Restaurants Harvester Restaurants

For desert I had chocolate pizza, Lea and Luke shared a chocolate cake and MeeMee had . Mummy had a latte coffee.

Harvester Restaurants Harvester Restaurants Harvester Restaurants Harvester Restaurants Harvester Restaurants Harvester Restaurants

I had water to drink and the others had a soft drink each – refills were unlimited, which is great value.

The whole meal came to £86 for five of us which we thought was really good.

Harvester Restaurants Harvester Restaurants

The only criticism Mummy had was that our server would not serve MeeMee a glass of wine – and she is 20. She had her Uni ID but they would not accept it. Just to warn you that they have a policy where this ID is not enough. Mummy was a little disappointed as MeeMee was with us, but never mind, we still had a great evening.

Harvester Restaurants say:

“So many people are distracted over dinner by social media, texting or thinking about where we’re going to hurry off to next, Rhys has carried out a ‘Rib Tickler’ training session to help the restaurant chain bring people together over food and drink.

 You can see a session in action here:

The UK’s favourite feel good restaurant hopes to help bring people together over food and drink and add some fun back into to its customers’ dining experiences through the use of some ‘fish & quips’. (Groan!)

A poll of 845 people conducted by the restaurant chain on Twitter revealed that the top dining situations people felt could use some humour are:

• screaming children (34 per cent)

• fellow diners too distracted by phones to have a conversation (26 per cent)

• an awkward first date (21 per cent)

• boring dinner with the family (19 per cent)

Rhys James said: “I once worked in a restaurant and my banter never received the appreciation it deserved, so it was great to live vicariously through the Harvester team. It’s the ideal situation – if they get a laugh, I’m a genius. If they don’t, then it’s all down to their poor delivery! Some of them did really well with their own improvisation, but I’m secretly going to put this down to my excellent training too.”

 Hazel Laughey, who has worked at Harvester for 6 years, said: “I’ve been part of plenty of training sessions but never one quite like this. We’re trained to create ‘feel good moments’ for guests, but this taught us the value of using comedy to improve our guests’ dining experience, which was the extra cherry on top. Admittedly, I was nervous at first, but once the guests started to laugh, it certainly gave me a buzz!”

 Rob Pitcher, Divisional Director at Harvester, commented: “Our ethos is based on ‘feel good dining’ and we believe that training our staff in comedy will help bring family and friends closer together. Introducing more humour to the server and guest relationship is something we consider very important. We want guests to know that if they go into a Harvester, they will not only be served delicious food, but they’ll have a brilliant experience too!”

Have you dined at any Harvester Restaurants?

Thank you to Harvester Restaurants who provided our meal and drinks in exchange for our honest review.


  1. What a lovely looking restaurant I’ve not tried out our local harvester. The food looks delicious though.
    Joanna recently posted…What Daddy Wore: Jacamo ClothingMy Profile

  2. We’ve actually got a Harvester up the road from us, but we’ve never been – this would be the perfect spot for a treat night for the girls. x

  3. I don’t know if I have ever actually eaten in a Harvester but the menu sounds and looks lovely. I may have to give it a try. xo

  4. Oh my gosh!
    I went to this one years ago when I used to model, they have certainly upgraded.
    It looks fabulous.

    <3 Great post beaut <3
    Little B & Me recently posted…The Mommy Diary | 3 Days Into Potty TrainingMy Profile

  5. Shame that Mee Mee couldn’t have wine but at least the rest of the meal was good. The veggie burger sounds nice x
    Ana De- Jesus recently posted…10 Types Of Fuckboys You Will Find In The Dating WorldMy Profile

  6. I have never been to Harvester either, there is one at the Metrocentre near Newcastle I keep meaning to visit. Your meals look gorgeous and that is brilliant value for how much you ordered, I think we will have to visit soon as the new staff training sounds brilliant too x
    Newcastle Family Life recently posted…BBC Newcastle Children’s Tour ReviewMy Profile

  7. Has always been 1 of my faves,love the salad bar.i could eat the thousand island by the bucket lol

  8. I have not visited Harvester for quite a while and would love to see if the Rib tickler workshops have made the staff add to the experience – did you find the staff more friendly?
    Kara recently posted…Things to do in Las Vegas with the kidsMy Profile

  9. We went to Harvester in Bracknell on Monday, didn’t manage to get any photos of the food because it was gobbled too quickly!
    Musings of a tired mummy…zzz… recently posted…The unluckiest woman in the world wins TWO competitions!My Profile

  10. Oooh that all looks good! Love the salad bar 😉 x

  11. That food looks lovely and I love the way they have it all set up x x

  12. This sounds like a fab Harvester. We used to go to the one in Nottingham all the time, but they recently closed it. Gutted!

    Louise x
    Louise Smith recently posted…6 Quick & Easy Ways to Spruce Up Your Bedroom this SpringMy Profile

  13. Man, I haven’t been to a Harvester in years… I used to love the food there when I was younger… I’m going to have to get my wife to agree to a visit to the local one in Peterborough.

  14. We love our local Harvester, the meals are always huge!

  15. Wish we had a Harvester over here on our side of the pond. The food looks divine!
    Veronica Lee recently posted…Tail & TroubleMy Profile

  16. Aw this sounds fab, what a lovely way to add to the atmosphere! The food looks lovely, too 🙂 I think the alcohol policy is pretty standard though, legally student ID acceptable as proof of age.
    Jess recently posted…Sleek ‘All Day Soireé’ Eye & Cheek PaletteMy Profile

  17. Wow this looks so good. I haven’t been to a harvester in years. Definitely need to visit again. Everything looks delicious x

  18. Mmm I love Harvester, their burgers are the nicest!

  19. I have never dined in this chain before. Don’t think they exist in Ireland but oh my this looks delicious. Right up my street with the baby back ribs.
    Janine Dolan recently posted…Easter Break in the UK – Peppa Pig WorldMy Profile

  20. I like their breakfasts which are very tasty and there is loads to choose from.

  21. Deffo me fave place for food

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