Planning a Big Family Celebration

Planning a Big Family Celebration


Pickle says…’We have a few big birthdays in our family this year. My Grandad is 70 in July, and my sisters are 21 and 18 this year too! My cousin was 21 in January. We have some great ideas and tips for planning a big family celebration.

Planning a Big Family Celebration

There are lots of different ways to celebrate a big birthday, and a lot depends on what the birthday girl or boy wants. My Grandad doesn’t want a party or a big fuss, he just wants a nice meal somewhere special with the family.

My sisters however LOVE to party! They would just love one great big party. I would too – I love dancing and being with lots of people.

So, when planning a big family celebration such as a big party, where do you start?

  1. Find a suitable venue. Think about how many people you want to invite, and the facilities you want. Do you want a bar or will you bring the drinks? Using a website such as Venue Finder is a great idea which could save you loads of time. You can search for free to find UK or international venues for all sorts of events. You can search for size, location, facilities and you can also search for event suppliers from audio services to virtual tour production.
  2. Are you offering food? If so, you may need to think about hiring caterers, or will family members pitch in to whip up a feast?
  3. The perfect cake. It is a big thing at the moment to celebrate important birthdays with an awesome birthday cake. Do you know an epic cake maker? You can find amazing inspiration on line.
  4. Music – maybe there is a great singer among your family and friends, or you could hire a band. try your local college for music students who might love the chance to perform for you. Lea is on a music technology course and there are at least two fantastic bands there.
  5. Think about if the party is to have a theme. I think MeeMee would love a Disney movie theme – even though she will be 21, she just adores Disney – especially Beauty and the Beast. She, of course, would have to be Belle! Lea would love an outer space theme.

Ooooh there’s a lot to think about when planning a big family celebration isn’t there? Have you had any big birthdays in your family recently? Have you any tips or ideas to share with us?




  1. What a nice article.I would be visiting your blog more often.I’ve just learnt how to plan a big family celebration and I’m so glad about that.Thanks!

  2. I am pretty rubbish at organising big events, I can just about manage the kids birthdays!

  3. Such useful info -we have a very large family and I always miss something out or SOMEONE

  4. I usually have a potluck or BBQ when I’m planning for a big family celebration. Can’t cope with the cooking!
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