How to spruce up your garden for Spring


Dare we say Spring is just about here and we can look forward to warmer days, longer nights and the flowers starting to bloom again. So, if you’re a keen gardener now is the time to start thinking about your garden for this year.

How to spruce up your garden for Spring

Commence operation clean-up

When the sunshine does appear, the last thing you want to do is spend those valuable BBQ hours cleaning up your garden! Instead, use this time to do all the weeding, sweep up the debris and repaint or treat any weather-beaten furniture to have your garden looking good as new.

Add a water feature

Not only do water features make a great focal point, they’re a great way to make your garden wildlife-friendly. However, if you’re put off by the ideas of having to maintain one, simply invest in a submersible dirty water pump which reduces the need for constant cleaning.

Jazz up your furnishings

Not every bit of colour has to be added to your garden by the plants, and adding some furniture and decorations can really help give your garden a lift. Just remember to store your cushions indoors during those unavoidable April showers!

Sort your veg

There’s nothing better than home-grown vegetables, and early Spring is the best time of year to get these planted ready for your very own Summer salads.

Mix and match your greenery

Adding a variety of different plants and shrubbery can really help your garden spring to life, and make it a colourful place to be.


Tend to your lawn

As well as regular once-overs with your lawnmower you can heal your lawn from any damage from the harsh Winter weather by re-seeding your grass to get your lawn back to its former glory.

Mulch, mulch, baby

We can’t stress enough just how great mulch is for your garden, even if you already do this you will still need to top it up. After you have removed all the unsightly weeds from your flowerbeds, spread your mulch around the soil to keep those pesky weeds away for good.

Don’t ignore your older plants

Finally, whilst it might be tempting to focus on the new additions to your garden, you shouldn’t forget the plants and shrubbery you already have. A good pruning can prepare a plant for its spring growth and make it look as good as new again!

Are you a keen gardener? We hope our tips on how to spruce up your garden will help you!


  1. My foster mum does the same with her garden. She re-seeds it in time for spring to make it look nice and tidy x
    Ana De- Jesus recently posted…Five Reasons Why I Love SpringMy Profile

  2. Great tips! I need to apply some to my balcony as my garden is shared by the community flats and someone else takes care of it haha 🙂 x
    Natalia recently posted…International DOUBLE Giveaway April 2017!My Profile

  3. I really wish that I had a garden so I could buy cute garden furniture x
    Rhian Westbury recently posted…The Alternative Side Of London – Shoreditch Street Art TourMy Profile

  4. I love the idea of adding a water feature, there are so many types to choose from these days! xx
    Stephanie Usher recently posted…An Introduction to Mary KayMy Profile

  5. We have the smallest garden so it never needs much work except re-seeding.

  6. Really great
    Need to set too with these jobs -just seem to be getting way layed

  7. I’ve always wanted a garden with a water feature, I find the sound so relaxing and enjoy sitting out in the sun just watching them. That and garden furniture are definitely on my wishlist! x

  8. This is a great post! We are planting lots of veggies at the weekend, and finally mowed the lawn this afternoon!
    Sarah recently posted…March In Review 2017My Profile

  9. A lot of good tips here, thank you, love gardening

  10. This is a very busy time of the year for regular garden maintenance

  11. My favourite place to sit in ghe summer so it has to be just so

  12. Great Tips, I am not an experienced gardener, so helpful tips like this are a real inspiration.

  13. Nice post & good info…We would like to try the same…Thank You… 🙂

  14. UK weather isn’t always the best, but it’s not the worst for a gorgeous garden! I’ve taken to planting a few flowers lately, and I’m absolutely chuffed to state that the seeds planted a couple of weeks ago are raring their bright colours amidst the sunshine. Thanks for the tips!

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