Five Trees to Benefit Your Garden


We hope you are enjoying this gorgeous sunshine – we hope it lasts for the whole Easter Holidays! You may be spending time in your garden, or visiting garden centres to get some inspiration for the summer. Now is the perfect time to rethink your garden, and we have five trees to benefit your garden.

Five Trees to Benefit Your Garden

Trees are a wonderful addition to any garden, we have a twisted willow tree, a holly tree, and have had a palm tree,  a weeping willow, apple trees and many more. There are trees for attracting birds, for shelter, evergreens, trees to add colour – so many to choose from. We have a round up of five trees to benefit your garden:

  1. Hazel – growing nuts for you and for squirrels and birds.
  2. Silver Birch – quick growing with attractive silver bark.
  3. Spruce trees – lots of varieties make a great privacy shelter. Of course, they are famous for being used as Christmas Trees as well – and great to cover in outdoor fairy lights for summer evening get togethers.
  4. Cherry Trees – you must have noticed the beautiful blossoming trees at the moment – there are many varieties perfect for a garden – even a smaller one.
  5. Fruit trees – pear or apple to grow your own, right in your garden. Apple blossom is another lovely site in the spring.

You can buy very young trees, or pay a lot more for mature ones – perfect to make a new garden seem more interesting.

Here are a few tips when buying a tree:

  • Decide on what final size tree you looking for,
  • Evergreen or deciduous?
  • Fast or slow growing?
  • Is the soil in your garden dry or moist, rich or poor, in a sunny or shaded position?
  • If you are thinking of buying a larger mature specimen tree check the access to bring a large tree into your garden.
  • Never accept a tree if there are any signs of pests, diseases, or wounds to the bark.
  • If you are transporting your tree on a roof rack or in a trailer, wrap in a polythene sheet, as the fast moving air quickly harms them.
  • Plant your tree as soon as possible once you get it home.

We all know that trees attract more bugs and mosquitoes too, and to keep them out of our home we’re looking at a magnetic screen door for bugs.

Do you have any trees in your garden?



  1. We have the tiniest garden but love our miniature cherry trees – the blossom is beautiful.

  2. I do love having fruit trees in the garden although our garden isn’t really big enough for them which is a shame. I get apples from my brother in laws and make pies.
    MELANIE EDJOURIAN recently posted…Kimchee Restaurant Kings Cross (London)My Profile

  3. Enjoying the sunshine

  4. We had a fir tree in the garden of the house I grew up in I always loved the smell of it.
    Sarahjane Wood recently posted…Craft Gin Club #5 AprilMy Profile

  5. Would love A garden big ENOUGH to grow trees – love my friut bushes and flowers
    Great tips thanks

  6. We’re having our garden done next week so this was really handy to read x

  7. We don’t I would love a fruit tree though! I am not sure if the garden is big enough?? This year I would like to buy a Lavender plant x

  8. I would adore having fruit trees in my garden!
    Emma @ Adventures of a London Kiwi recently posted…10 of the best unique UK daytrips (when you’ve done all the usual ones)My Profile

  9. We have three apple trees in pots in our back yard at the moment that are doing surprisingly well seeing as though I never give them any attention. They’re flowering at the moment and look very beautiful 🙂 xx

  10. I wish I had more garden space for trees, I have two plum and an Apple tree. I would like a hazel tree but my neighbours are too quick complain about trees. Tree cutting happy x

  11. We have a pear tree in our garden, we love picking them and eating fresh fruit xo
    dena jayne recently posted…Review | Battle Of The Nudes & Swatches.My Profile

  12. Five on your list are great but the best for me is the fruit tree, there is a bonus of enjoying the fruits!!!

  13. This is a great post! Trees are the perfect addition to any garden! I’d love some sort of fruit tree x
    Sarah recently posted…5 Scrumptious Recipes Using Creme EggsMy Profile

  14. We do but we’re moving again, ugh. Just planted an apple tree which I’m hoping we can take with us.

  15. We have a tree that is covered in spikes that needs removing because it fascinates my little girl and it worries me to death when she’s out there. I may get a lovely magnolia to replace it x

  16. I have a cherry blossom tree which I love. It’s still only small at the minute but there’s plenty of blossom out at the moment 🙂
    Random Musings recently posted…Start Your Blog Like a Boss: 10 Steps to Set Yourself Up for SuccessMy Profile

  17. Thank u so much for this blog,has given me some good ideas

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