Creating the Ultimate Teen Bedroom


From chilling out to studying, teenagers spend a lot of time in their bedrooms, which is why it’s so important for a teens bedroom to be a space they love. We have both a teen girl and boy in our family right now and have some inspiration and tips to share to create the perfect bedroom for any teen!

Creating the Ultimate Teen Bedroom

Keep it cosy

The bedroom is ultimately the place we all go to relax and get some much-needed down- time, therefore your teen’s bedroom should be as welcoming and comfortable as possible. Try adding fleecy throws and cushions onto the bed, and think about creating a cosy corner with a soft beanbag chair somewhere in the room – the perfect way for them to unwind with a good book or a film!

Consider simplicity

Teenagers are always growing and changing their personal style and interests. While a teen may be obsessed with certain themes, characters or celebrities at 13, they will completely change their tastes in the next few years. Consider more neutral colours for the majority of the bedroom, allowing their style to shine through with smaller details such as patterned or glitter wallpaper or some lights draped across their bed frame.

Encourage creativity

In order for a teen to truly love their bedroom, it’s important that they have some control over how it looks. One easy way to do this is by hanging a cork board or cork tiles on one of the walls where they can create collages with images they like, and pin up things that are inspiring to them.

This is a cheap and easy option if you’re looking to introduce some DIY magic into the room, and bring out your teen’s artistic side while you’re at it.

teen bedroom

Minimise mess

As we know all too well, teenagers have a tendency to empty the entire contents of their wardrobe onto their bedroom floor. And leave it there. We absolutely advise you to invest in some good storage options for their bedroom to try to keep everything tidy and (hopefully) add some organisation.

Add some shelves

Shelves are a simple and stylish way to spruce up any bedroom, and having a few shelves up in your teen’s room provides the perfect spot for them to show off any keepsakes they collect along the years or display framed photos of important memories. T

Top tip: build the shelves in a fairly unreachable area of the wall to avoid them ending up a home for random clutter!

Make a study space

As the years go by, your teen will be studying more and more often and will need a dedicated space to get all their essays written and revision done. Find an area of the room away from distractions and create a mini study-space complete with a desk, chair and maybe a whiteboard for them to jot down any notes or to-do lists.

Do you have any teens in your family?

How would you creating the ultimate teen bedroom?


  1. Great ideas comfortable and practical for study and relaxation

  2. I’ve got a nearly teen and storage is a big thing! Also a desk space, staying organised and a quiet space for them to study.
    Stephanie recently posted…Books We Love This Month – Plus Competition To Win 2 Personalised Kids BooksMy Profile

  3. The glitter wallpaper sounds great. We are moving house soon and will be doing up a bedroom for our 10 year old. It’s the first time she’s had a room to herself.

  4. You are absolutely right in saying keep the walls etc plain but accessorize to add colour as they are easily changeable with taste unlike wall colours or paper.

  5. I’m far from needing such a room yet, but I agree that there are some great tips here.

  6. Wow! My daughter would love this! I think lots of storage is key x

  7. I have 2 teen boys and yes, storage is a big thing! I swear by Ikea’s Billy Series. It has everything covered.
    Veronica Lee recently posted…Tail & TroubleMy Profile

  8. My children are a long way off this age but still need loads of storage!

  9. I havent got a teen, but I remember from when I was one, storage is SO important. And having a neutral sort of colour room is a great idea.
    Sarah recently posted…Capturing Moments #25My Profile

  10. I like the idea of putting up shelves and adding a study space. That would be perfect for teen bedrooms x
    Ana De- Jesus recently posted…How The 1960’s Fashion Revolution Inspired Modern FashionMy Profile

  11. These tips are definitely helpful in any bedroom! I love your advice on encouraging creativity. It certainly allowed me to enjoy my room and express myself when I was a teen. Great tips! I’m sure your kids are so happy 🙂

  12. I’m dreading little man becoming a teenager and requiring a bedroom make over because his room is so small!!!

  13. We did quite similar for our teen, kept the walls neutral, which are now covered in band posters, and tried to create as much storage as possible with shelves for all of her CDs and DVDs (and soft toys, not that she wants to admit that!).

  14. My 13 year olds bedroom is in need a of a bit of a shake up, thanks for the ideas. Mich x
    Michelle Twin Mum recently posted…Taking care of my feet with Hotter ShoesMy Profile

  15. Great ideas. A study place and a way to minimise the mess is so important indeed!
    Sarah from Lavender Life recently posted…“But you’re an expat, not an immigrant”My Profile

  16. If you do not have the separate rooms for rest and study than you have to combine them in one place – the teen’s room. I think you should show some designs of the room to your child and he or she will choose one of them. It is necessary to consider interests and a hobby of your children! It is very important!

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