Alternative Gifts For Little Boys

Alternative Gifts For Little Boys


Pickle says….’Mummy always finds it tricky to buy gifts for male relatives and friends. Every birthday and Christmas she frantically hunts for the perfect gift. And it’s not just grown up males that are hard to buy for but us little boys can be too – especially if you don’t want to buy yet more toys (I don’t mind though!). We have some fab ideas for great alternative gifts for little boys.

Alternative Gifts For Little Boys

If you looking for a couple of extra gifts to go along with a ‘main present’ on a birthday or Christmas, or maybe your child has been invited to a birthday party, and you need to bring a gift? Have a look at these:

Novelty Chocolate

Who doesn’t like chocolate?! Even parents that are usually quite strict with treats are happy to let it slide a little on special occasions, so this is a good option. Chocolate pizza, chocolate shaped as tools or even chocolate game controllers are all things you could consider. They’re not too expensive so ideal for a little gift for a school friend’s birthday, or as an added extra to a bundle of gifts for your child on special occasions.

Dress Up Clothes

Dressing up doesn’t just have to be for Halloween- fancy dress costumes provide hours of creative play for us chidren. If there’s a character or a theme you know that they like, dress up clothes are bound to go down well. Sites like eBay sell them really cheaply so you could find something for just a few pounds. Personally I LOVE Super Heroes, my favourites being Spider Man, Cat Boy from PJ Masks and Captain America.


A great alternative to a bedtime story, listening to an audiobook is a great way to drift off to sleep, and there are loads of great options for children. If a voucher feels a little impersonal, shops like The Works have boxed up versions, so you can still give a physical gift to unwrap. Getting children interested in stories is a fantastic gift and something that will set them up for success in reading later in life.

Art & Craft Supplies

There’s so much fun to be had with some simple art and craft supplies! Sequins, glitter, pipe cleaners and paints all provide hours of (albeit messy) enjoyment. You can buy these in packs from any hobby shop, again they don’t cost much but encourage creativity and are a fantastic alternative to toys. Mummy has bought different packs and put them together with paper and card in a gift box.

Of course little girls would love all these ideas too, but they are just perfect for us tricky little boys! Hopefully our alternative gifts for little boys they will help you out if you’re stuck for ideas. And count yourself lucky, it’s even harder to think of gift ideas when they reach the teenage years and beyond! (Mummy knows!).’

Can you think of any others?


  1. Novelty chocolate always goes down really well with my kids!

  2. I totally agree that little boys can be hard to buy for. There’s some great ideas here though, and I’ve bought my husband novelty chocolate a few times
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  3. I bought my nephews novelty chocolates as part of their birthday boxes -they loved them
    Great suggestions thanks

  4. Arts and crafts are always good! My nephew LOVES! fact books, little snipets of info he can read with photos and pictures, even from the charity shop x

  5. These are great ideas, dress up clothes and arts and crafts are fab for encouraging them to use their imaginationx

  6. I usually get my nanny kids craft supplies and things they need such as new pjs or clothing. But my nanny charge is turning 4 in September and I will probably have to buy him a Spiderman costume! He has recently discovered he likes to dress up, especially as Darth Vadar!

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