Sounds to help you Sleep

Sounds to help you Sleep


Mummy has trouble sleeping from time to time, and something that really helps her get to sleep when she is struggling is music or sounds of nature. We have some great ideas to share with you which may help you too.

Sounds to help you Sleep

There are different ways of finding and using sounds to help you sleep, as everyone is different you may love some and not like others! Take a little time to listen to different ones before you actually need it. You may find certain ones annoying and that will not aid restful sleep!

  1. Sounds that can be soothing are rainfall, the ocean, sounds of the forest, chimes/bells/gongs, and whale sounds. Some people love white noise too.
  2. Soothing music that can help include delta waves music and did you know that the most relaxing music has 90 beats per minute, a 4/4 beat, piano and strings, and narrow note sequences where the notes moved from low to high!
  3. Do you have a smart phone? There are lots of apps you can download which will play different sounds. You can search Google Play or the App Store.
  4. A sleep sound machine. There is a wide range available, with music, soothing sounds, white noise
  5. Make sure you have a good quality mattress too as an old worn out one can be uncomfortable and affect your sleep. have a great selection with free next day delivery.

How do you sleep? Do you struggle to drift off sometimes, if so, do you have any tips to share?


  1. Will look into this
    Thanks for the info
    Definately worth a try

  2. My daughter had an ocean sounds projector, very relaxing

  3. Erin had a white noise machine when she was younger and that really helped
    Lyndsey O’Halloran recently posted…Simply Swim ReviewMy Profile

  4. Some great ideas here, thank you! I find it helps to wash my bedding using a detergent that I genuinely like the smell of; it doesn’t seem like it should make that much difference, but it does.

  5. I always struggle to sleep, what helps me is the sond of my tv believe it or not
    Lindsey recently posted…Smoothie BowlMy Profile

  6. I love the sound of the ocean, also having a bath with lavender bath oil or salts helps before bed.

  7. I’m pretty good, so long as it isn’t heavy breathing or snoring I can fall asleep to anything. Though I must admit I did find our white noise toy very soothing indeed!
    Rachelanne_bee recently posted…My baby doesn’t sleep through… and why we co-sleepMy Profile

  8. Such a cute little thing, hopefully he sleeps better soon

  9. It’ll be interesting to give some of these a try… My daughter tends to fall asleep to My Little Pony songs, Metallica or Bring Me The Horizon… Silence or any other music tends to aggravate her..

  10. I usually sleep fine but sometimes I like to read a book which usually helps
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  11. These are great ideas. There always has to be some sort of noise when I fall asleep. I just cant sleep if its silent!
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  12. I also enjoy the sound of rain against the window.

  13. I suffer with insomnia and this stuff often helps me get into a tired state. Sometimes it’s so bad that it doesn’t work, but when it does work it’s so helpful!

  14. I find that aromatherapy gives me a very restful sleep. I use a Lampe Berger and my fave scents are eucalyptus and lavender.
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  15. I sometimes struggle to sleep – this is very helpful. I need to check out the apps as never know where to begin. Used to use white noise as dog snores very loud too but now used to it and can’t often get to sleep without her snoring haha x
    Jodie @ Planet Jodie recently posted…All about chocolateMy Profile

  16. I am ever so lucky to be able to fall asleep pretty much the moment my head hits the pillow. My little girl used to have a soothing seahorse thing for ages.
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  17. I’m quite lucky at the moment that I can fall asleep very easily, but I went through a period of terrible sleepless nights and this would have been a great help. My husband can’t fall asleep in silence and needs to watch tv to send him over, so I might urge him to try some of these.
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