Easy Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Tots


I used to eat everything when I was a baby, and Mummy tried everything with me. As I got a bit older, I got a little more fussy, and changed what I like to eat and what I will not touch. Breakfast is the most important meal as I have been sleeping for (hopefully hours) and will be hungry!

Easy Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Tots

Mummy and I have put together a list of easy healthy breakfast ideas for tots, ones which are very quick to put together, healthy for me and most importantly that I think are super yummy! Lots of you Mummies just don’t have time to prepare Pinterest ready blueberry puree with organic soaked oats (hats off to you if you do, but my Mumma don’t), so here are our simple ideas:

  1. Fresh fruit. A banana is filling and full of so much good stuff such as potassium. Add a yoghurt for calcium and extra vitamins.
  2. Healthy cereal as a snack – most boxed cereals have added sugar and/or salt even though there may be added Vitamins too. Bear Nibbles Alpha Bites are multigrains such as wholegrain ground wheat and ground oats, with coconut blossom nectar which has twice the calcium of milk and is naturally high in potassium. I love them dry in a bowl with fruit such as grapes, raisins or blueberries added, together with a glass of milk.
  3. Tropicana range Juice – no not all juices are the same, Tropicana Orange Juice has Vitamin B9 (Folic Acid) which is essential for a healthy immune system and cell growth as well as Vitamin C  which helps iron absorption. We have not found another Orange Juice that states it has B9 too – if you have, please let us know.
  4. Hot Oat Cereal. I am currently having Harvest Morn Instant Hot Oat Cereal from Lidl which is purely rolled oats, oat flour and added Vitamins and minerals including calcium, iron, Vitamin B6, Thiamin, Vitamin D, Vitamin B12 and more. Mummy warms some milk in the microwave and adds to the oats, mixing well.
  5. Toast – some bread has calcium added such as Hovis Best of Both. Kingsmill also have one which is a white loaf but made with wholemeal flour for super fussy tots – although I do eat wholemeal bread. I have a glass of Orange Juice or milk too.

Do you have any other suggestions to add?


  1. Toast is always a winner in our house. We love peanut butter x

  2. What a great list, my guys love pancakes or Brioche as they are pretty fussy, but I can manage to get one to eat Porridge, which i can sneak some fruit into. I ate everything as a child, funny how my kiddies are ultra fussy with foods. x

  3. Love hot oats too
    Trying to steer clear of the sugar laden breakfasts

  4. Some nice ideas here, thank you! I’ll have to check out those Lidl oats, they sound great :).

  5. One can never go wrong with fruit 🙂
    Andrea recently posted…Joy Of The Lord Is Our Strength – Believe It In All!My Profile

  6. Great suggestions. I have all but the Tropicana already in my house. I would add in Oatibix and Weetabix for suggestions too.
    Renna recently posted…M Hotel by Montcalm in Shoreditch – London Tech CityMy Profile

  7. My son LOVES oats with honey or jar. Fruit is another hit especially oranges. In summer he loves me making a breakfast fruit smoothie with almond milk, oats, agave nectar or honey, banana and handful of straws or blueberries.

  8. My daughter loves a yoghurt with a drink, then a little later has toast or a bagel.

  9. Toast and cereal are the winners in our house most mornings, and maybe a glass of milk. We try to do the same as you and get the healthiest options we can!

  10. We normally have cereal, toast or porridge in our house xx
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  11. I don’t have kids myself, but I know that my siblings love eating cereal for breakfast1 Such good tips and cute photo xx
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  12. Good tips there, especially as mine our fussy too!
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  13. my kids love the bear nibbles alpha bites – they quite like them dry as a snack too!
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  14. Sometimes instead of toast I give my nanny children bagels, fruit toast or hot cross buns 🙂

  15. We usually have cereal, eggs and fruit for breakfast.

  16. Some great ideas here – I really struggle to mix it up when it comes to jacks breakfasts

  17. We’re big fans of porridge in our household. Love how versatile oats are.
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  18. Great post! I tend to give my little ones, a small bowl of healthy-ish cereal, some chopped up fruit and a 1/2 a ricecake each.
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  19. Some fab ideas here, it can be hard to avoid all the really sugary breakfast cereals!
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  20. Porridge is always popular in our house. So many ways to mix it up and keep it interesting.

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