coffee taste test

Coffee Taste Test Challenge


If you know my Mummy at all, you will know that she loves her coffee! So how excited was she to be asked to take a coffee taste test challenge by Greggs. This is the perfect dream job for Mummy. What did she find?…..

coffee taste test

Last weekend we visited some great coffee shops to put their coffee to the test. We visited Cafe Nero, Costa and Greggs.

Mummy ordered her favourite coffee – latte. Now Mummy has a latte every day, so knows a thing or two about coffee and how it should taste. She has scored them between 1 – 5, 1 being poor, 5 being superb!

In Cafe Nero it was £2.50 for a regular cup. It normally has two shots of coffee, but Mummy asked for one. She said it was delicious, but two shots would have been too strong. It smelt good and looked good. Mummy’s Score 5.

Coffee Taste Test Coffee Taste Test 5

In Costa, it was £2.15 for a small latte. It was a good size though, a tall glass cup with one shot. This latte was a little too milky for Mummy. It smelt good but looks quite pale. Mummy’s Score 3.

Coffee Taste Test

In Greggs it was £1.80 – there only seemed to be one size. Mummy doesn’t know how many shots of coffee there were in it. She said it had good taste and was great value for money. It smelt and looked good. Mummy’s Score 4

Coffee Taste Test Coffee Taste Test 4

The only place that states on the menu board that the coffee is Fair Trade is Greggs. Mummy looked for signs in the other coffee shops, but couldn’t see any. Greggs is a key partner of Fairtrade Fortnight which runs from Monday 27 February to Sunday 12 March. Over the last 10 years, Greggs have donated over £1 million through coffee sales alone. All Greggs hot drinks are Fairtrade certified. New for 2017 are Vanilla Syrup, Peppermint and Green Tea.

Greggs have only very recently introduced a seated cafe area into our local stores, and we sat in the one we visited. It was very popular and busy, but there were no rubbish bins for anyone to use, and the floor and tables were absolutely filthy which was a shame. To be completely honest the experience was a nicer one in the other two coffee shops.

Do you like coffee? Which is your favourite one?

Mummy was sent vouchers for coffee in exchange for this coffee taste test challenge.


  1. I went into Greggs for the frst time in ages a few weeks, ago and they have certainly jazzed up the place, did not try the coffee, but im a lattee girl too so may give it a try

  2. I don’t drink coffee often, I like an iced coffee

  3. Actually I stopped drinking coffee because of health reasons, but back when I used to drink it I preferred it black or iced.
    Sarah from Lavender Life recently posted…The problem with preaching positivity, self-love and happinessMy Profile

  4. I love coffee and I always have a latte and haven’t tried any others except just normal.

  5. I love Costa! Having tried coffee from all three places mentioned i have to say Costa is the best in my opinion. It tastes great and they do so much work protecting the rain forest and helping coffee growing communities in the developing world

  6. I do love my coffee, I’m missing Caffee Nero, never expected Greggs to do great coffee!

  7. Wow, Greggs are certainly making things look comfortable now. I’m not much of a coffee drinker but I did enjoy the comparisons between the stores xo

  8. Love coffee and love this post 🙂 x

  9. I have been to Greggs once and didn’t order coffee but some pie. I enjoyed reading about this coffee challenge!

  10. Coffee feels like a grown-up thing – you drive, have coffee and get married. I don’t even like coffee yet haha. It is funny how they vary from place to place. I do think it’s odd that Greggs is only fairtrade. Thought costa would be! Love to see a challenge of the festive drinks during christmas etc 🙂 x
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  11. This would be my father in law idea of heaven. I must tell him about this. xx

  12. Oh I like the idea for this post. I actually love milky latte so i would chose this one, and i fond most coffee’s way to strong for me, but bear in mind i drink milky drink rather coffee;)
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  13. Must say our local pound bakery makes a fab coffee they do it by hand and just the way I like it

  14. Not a coffee drinker myself, but my mummy is too! Surprised that Greggs is better than Costa considering the brand is highly valued :O

  15. This is really interesting! Never been to Greggs for coffee but now it’s on my list hahaha!!!

  16. We have been to Greggs a few times, my husband drinks the coffee and says that it is ok. But like you said, the seating area is aways dirty!

  17. I’m more of a tea person but I do enjoy the occasional cuppa joe about once a week
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  18. Ooh I love coffee! I haven’t thought of ranking my favourites, maybe you have inspired me to go caffeine crazy and try them all out!

  19. I haven’t been there and I would love to try their coffee sounds amazing, I will tell this to my hubby

  20. I’m not much of a coffee drinker and only ever drink it black so it’s pretty hard to get wrong for me! I like that Greggs are introducing the little eat-in areas 🙂
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