Chicken Pox

The truth about Chicken Pox


Well, I am just about over my Chicken Pox, Mummy had thought I was going to catch it a couple of times before, but I managed to miss it. Not this time. I have been quite poorly, and we thought we would share with you the truth about Chicken Pox.

Chicken Pox

The most contagious time to catch Chicken Pox is the day or two before any spots appear. This is why you have no idea who has it, and why it spreads so quickly. The spots have a little blister head which is different to any other usual spot.

Chicken Pox is contagious up until the last blistered spot scabs over, but not all spots will turn into full blister spots. Usually all the spots will have come out within 5 days of the first one appearing. I had several very itchy, nasty spots which bothered me, but overall I didn’t have an awful lot of spots.

It is recommended that children are kept off school and away from other children when they have Chicken Pox, but as it is most likely passed on before any spots even appear, this makes little difference to the spread of it.

Chicken Pox chicken pox 2

The main areas where I had spots were my upper and lower back, my upper chest, in my armpits and behind my ear. I also had a very nasty one on my lower eyelid which made my eye bloodshot and very weepy, and one in my mouth and one in my ear.

Some people only get a handful of spots, some get hundreds. Most people only catch it once as their immunity has then built to protect them, but some people can catch it more than once.

The spots are super itchy and it is really important not to scratch them as they can leave a scar. Mine itched mostly at night and if I was warm. Towards the end of my Chicken Pox I had a nasty cough and terrible cold along with a temperature. I was also very grumpy, clingy and generally just felt poopy.

What helped me were:

Calamine lotion – Mummy dabbed it on with cotton wool. (You can also get Calamine cream).

Piriton medicine – it is an antihistamine liquid medicine which is safe for children and it calmed me and helped the itching too. (As with all medicines, check with your pharmacist or Doctor if you are unsure of anything). You can buy Piriton without prescription in chemists.

Wearing soft jogger bottoms and soft cotton tops and pyjamas.

Keeping my finger nails super short.

Warm but not very warm baths.

Other things you can try, which we didn’t need to are cotton mitts on very little ones to stop scratching the spots with their nails.

Oats in the bath – in a sock or a cut off leg from a pair of tights.

More info is over on the NHS website.

Everyone else in my family has had Chicken Pox, and no-one caught it again off me so hopefully we are done with it now!

Have you or your little one had Chicken Pox? Have you any tips to add?



  1. Very useful article, thank you. Hopefully this will be it over for you now!

  2. A few years ago my daughter had chicken pox from her classmate who went to school in the height of her symptoms. We managed it well and made her comfortable to lessen the itchiness.

  3. All my 3 children had them yes. My eldest had them quite “late” really – he was 9 when he got them and he got them really bad. His back is still full of scars. 🙁
    My daughter didn’t get them too bad and was quite well in herself, but my youngest also had them bad and was quite poorly. He had them at 28 months and it was the reason why he weaned off the breast. :'( He got them lots down his throat and such so he wasn’t able to swallow very good for 2 weeks. 🙁
    ERFmama recently posted…Are we there yet? Fun Travel activities for kidsMy Profile

  4. Aww no! So glad he’s feeling better. I remember having chicken pox at school, it’s horrible! xx
    Ashleigh recently posted…RUDIE’S JAMAICAN RESTAURANT, DALSTONMy Profile

  5. I’ve had chicken pox before, and there’s been a few “oh no!” moments when I think my little ones have got it, but not yet. Honestly I’m dreading it so much!

    Glad he’s feeling better xx
    Sarah recently posted…February In Review 2017My Profile

  6. i feel chickenpox is a mandatory childhood phenomena as everyone i know got it!!!! the healing is better with precautions!

  7. Ah….yes. I have fond memories of dousing my youngest sister in heaps of calamine lotion when she caught chicken pox.

  8. Good article – so glad i had it when i was younger and not now. I know i am so glad that i managed to avoid itching and getting horrible scars x
    Planet Jodie recently posted…The Power of NailsMy Profile

  9. We’ve had chicken pox. It’s rotten but it’s a relief to have it out of the way too! Really helpful post, I think you’ve really covered the facts!
    Erin Ek Rush recently posted…London Duck Tour reviewMy Profile

  10. I had it as a child. My younger brother was 9 or 10, so he had a terrible case. We ended up vaccinating our daughter to reduce the risk. I would probably do the same if we have any more children.

  11. Aww glad he’s feeling better. Will remember these tips for if my daughter gets them in the future.

  12. Something interesting to share – My hubby had chicken pox when he was little but contracted shingles from me when I had chicken pox at the age of 30+. Even if you had chicken pox in the past, you can still contract shingles which is caused by the same virus responsible for chicken pox.
    Veronica Lee recently posted…The Last Kite MakerMy Profile

  13. My little girl had chickenpox at 7 month old. Caught it at baby massage class. It was horrible at the time but tbh it was probably for the best cos she didn’t have the coordination to scratch at the spots and she has no memories of how poorly she was.

  14. I have never had chicken pox before but it does look very uncomfortable you poor thing. Thankfully your mummy was there to help you feel better again xx
    Ana De- Jesus recently posted…Why Personalized Gifts From Mr Nutcase Are The BestMy Profile

  15. Eugh pox is horrible, glad the little one is starting to feel better now, it can really wipe them out!
    Charlotte recently posted…Lack of Pregnancy Sleeping Rant (+ Infographic)My Profile

  16. I was 11 when I had chicken pox & I remember it been the worse pain I have ever been in! Xo

  17. Thank you for the info. I do dread my daughter getting it, she’s 2 now and I know it’s better for her to get it sooner rather than as an adult. My son got away with it quite mildly so I am hoping she will be the same as him

  18. oh bless Ickle pickle. It is hard to have it, but does wonders for their immunity. My two got it really close together and I think the cabin fever was the worst part!

  19. Oh poor thing! Having them in the armpits must have been so irritating and on the eye must have been so sore.
    My nephews have just got over chicken pox it must be doing the rounds.
    It’s a long time since Ellie had it but someone told me to put bicarbonate of soda in her bath to help the itching.

  20. Very useful article both my husband and i had chicken pox as children,. I do worry about the time Blake gets it. It’s good to know more about it so u can help realeave little ones.

  21. My boys haven’t had the dreaded chicken pox yet. I’m really not looking forward to it.

  22. I’m waiting for my 5 year old to get them, it’s gone around the school recently but we seem to have missed out

  23. It’s definitely better to get it at his age than when he is old 🙂

  24. I don’t think I ever had chicken pox when I was a kid – I got the shots for it – but I have nobody to ask – both my parents are dead
    Andrea recently posted…Italian Dinner A La Healthy And It’s Gluten-Free Too!My Profile

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