Homework at Four Years Old

Homework at Four Years Old


I came home last week with my first homework! I was very excited to show Mummy, and she was happy that I was happy.

Homework at Four Years Old

I have just started full time school in January, I was four in October. I would rather stay home with Mummy, but I do quite like school. I am in the Butterflies class and my teacher is Miss P. She is really lovely.

I am a very clever little boy, I can write my name and the numbers 1 – 20. I copied my friends names on their birthday cards last month, and I wrote Mummy all by myself last Saturday. Mummy says I am like a little sponge, soaking up everything around me, thirsty to learn more and more. The only sponge I know is Spongebob and I don’t think I look like him……… πŸ˜‰

I came home last Tuesday with my very own school diary planner and my first homework. A sheet of four words for me to sound out. I know Mummy was a bit surprised that I was having homework at four years old, she was trying to remember how old my brother and sisters were when they had their first lot of homework, it must have been at a similar age but it was still a shock! On Friday I came home with my first reading book!

I feel a really big boy, I love it when Miss P is pleased with me, Mummy too, and I am just so eager to learn my letters, I am writing all the time and pointing out letters everywhere we go.

Mummy says…..

‘I was shocked when Pickle came out of school with his diary planner and homework. Although only a sheet of four simple words, I had such mixed feelings. He is so very young and already the time at school has changed from learning through play every day to more structured learning. He is exhausted after a full day in school and just asks to go home and then plays with his favourite toys and watches some TV. He still asks some days if he can have a little sleep on the way home.

I am also aware that Pickle bringing homework home is another sign that he is getting older, another milestone met, another first. I am aware that every milestone and first is bittersweet for me, he is most definitely my last baby, but at 45 I thank my lucky stars every day that I have this chance to be a Mummy all over again. (There is a ten year gap between my other son and Pickle). Of course I am thrilled that he is clearly thriving and he really is a clever little lad who needs challenges and stimulation but is homework at four years old too much?

Just when I got over this, he came home with his first reading book! I was so proud of him, and again had so many other mixed feelings too.

Pickle is happy – and that is ultimately all that matters. He is very proud of his homework and his reading and loves to show me and his teachers what he has learned.’

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  1. They are definitely introducing homework at a younger age now! My siblings never had it, atleast not until their later years at primary school!

    But it doesn’t matter, if your little one is happy, and the homework isnt too time consuming or stressful then its ok I think πŸ™‚ x
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  2. I hate my girls having homework to do….
    They have been doing homework since they started the school nursery. 6 days after my youngest girls 3rd birthday! I thought she was far too young for it and told them so. We did what we could but I wouldn’t force her….Now I have to that she is 9 and it is always such a battle.
    The good thing is since my teen started secondary school she has had hardly any. She’s in year 9 and gets homework about once a month. lol
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  3. That seems so young for homework especially after a full day of school but I am glad he was excited for it. It really is scary how fast they grow up x
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  4. I think Ellie had homework about that age too (although that was a good 10 years ago now) As one as they are happy and it’s not too much for them I think it’s a good thing.

  5. Wow times have changed. I don’t remember getting homework until I was about 6 or 7 in primary school, I can see the mixed feelings as they’re just getting use to a new routine x
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  6. That’s awesome! I’m not surprised that you have mixed feelings about it. It really is a major new stage.

  7. Mixed feelings
    Formal homework is a lot at that age
    What happened to learning through play

  8. It’s too much! Kids needs to enjoy learning a part of how kids will grow up happy.

  9. You don’t look like Spongebob, you are just very clever! πŸ™‚ I think there is a time and a place for homework. A little bit which is fun to do and a reading book is plenty in Reception. x

  10. Much daughter brought home several pieces of homework for half term. She wasn’t that happy about it

  11. Oooo! I’m sure I’ll start being homework back very soon too…start school in September! Eeeeek!

  12. I didn’t realise children as young as 4 now had home work to do! If I’m being honest, I feel that its a little too early.. I think they should enjoy the normal school hours for a lot longer before bringing it back home with them.
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  13. I find homework a lot when children are little but I always tried to make it as fun as possible with them x x

  14. I dont have kids so an speaking as an outsider but… my nephew is the same age as Pickle and has homework, usually spelling and writing and a few maths sums to do. He loves to read and learning for him is fun and I think if it is enjoyable then great x
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  15. I guess it’s good for kids to learn about responsibilities like this from a young age πŸ™‚
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  16. A little homework won’t hurt I suppose. As long as it’s fun and not stressful.
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  17. N didn’t have homework as such in reception. When they started phonics after October half term, they had a phonics worksheet to practice writing the sounds, then a reading book from just before Christmas, twice a week. They also had an envelope of 50 words to learn by the end of the year. But tbh, it was all very relaxed and no-one checked up on it.

    This year, he’s had a lot more, but even that isn’t too bad. Any more than we get now and we’d struggle to get it done.

  18. We get a lot of work sent home, and I think it’s down to the class size more than anything. They don’t have time to do all the learning they need to at school. we don’t worry about the homework too much, and try and have fun with words and reading instead. As soon as theey start to not enjoy it, I don’t think it achieves much at the end of the day
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  19. Although I don’t have children I can say I would also have mixed feelings but maybe the schools feel they have to give homework to ensure parents spend time teaching their children too. Growing up my mum was always giving us stuff to read, spell, do, learn. Not every parent sits and read with their child or takes time to learn with them maybe it really is to promote that at home.

  20. As long as he’s enjoying the learning it’s all good imo! I definitely remember having reading books in Reception (going back 20 years there, eek! haha!) but I’m not sure about actual homework… I wouldn’t have minded though, I loved school haha πŸ™‚
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  21. We home school our daughter so we do tailor how much learning is done to her needs each day. So if she is tired we do less and other days more. We try to make as much as we can learning through play so its fun.

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