Milestone Moments with Graco

Milestone Moments with Graco


Mummy says….’With four children, I have a lot of driving Milestone Moments to remember, spanning over 21 years! 

Milestone Moments with Graco

All of their first car journeys were when they newborn from hospital to home. From my eldest, MeeMee being five days old because I had a caesarean, to Pickle, who was less than a day old. These were the most exciting and nerve wracking journeys ever!

As parenting expert Suzie Hayman explains:

‘At a few days old, babies eyes won’t be coordinated and they may keep their fists clenched. In fact, they’re not even sure at this stage where they end and you begin which is why they investigate their own hands, fingers and toes with as much curiosity as the bits of you they can reach. But they recognise your voice and show a preference for it, and want to be held and rocked and to hear you. Safety comes first in a car however so they need to be strapped into that seat, but keep a hands-on close connection and sing and talk to them on the trip home and go back to cuddling and holding as soon as you can.’

Living in the country, we use the car every single day, for every journey. Other milestone moments I remember are:

A big one last year, when Pickle was three and I drove to France from our home in West Wales – what an epic journey, I drove over 1000 miles. We also make our annual journey ‘up north’ of over 200 miles each way to see my nan – who is now 96. These are great tips from Suzie for long journeys:

‘Small children may sleep through long journeys but older ones can make the experience absolute hell. So prepare in advance. Start a countdown days ahead and get them to help plan packing, travel and what you’ll do when you get there. Ask them to think about ways of passing the trip happily – their favourite toys, games, videos, music. Use a mix of digital media and traditional games such as I- Spy and 20 Questions. The best way of avoiding ‘are we nearly there yet’ is to keep up a running commentary and once they’re old enough, have them look at the scenery and maps and work it out themselves. And allow plenty of time on your trip for stops so every two hours – 60 to 90 minutes for younger children – you can all stretch your legs.’

Driving around a Safari Park when Lea was very small, (she is 17 now!) and she needed a wee! The keepers closed the tiger and lion enclosures so we could get out of the car in a small enclosure in between! I will never forget this. And another at a Safari Park hand feeding the giraffes through the sunroof of the car.

milestone moments with graco

I don’t just have Milestone moments from when they were very young – MeeMee’s school prom when she was almost 11 is also a fantastic memory – I drove her to have her hair and make up done properly, and picked her up from the prom. She had a corsage made by her first boyfriends mother. It was so sweet!

Lea, my youngest daughter was so excited for her first trip away from home with the Brownies. I drove her to the outdoor centre, feeling so happy for her but full of worry too! She had an absolute blast!

As Pickle has just started full time school, I still have many more years of school runs and first trips to make more Milestone Moments.

It is so important to have the correct car seat for your children – one that is perfectly suited to their size and age. The Graco Milestone All in One Carseat does just that, growing with your child from birth to 12 years (0 to 36kg), keeping them safe and secure for all their Milestone Moments.

What Milestone Moments do you have? I would love to hear them.’

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  1. Id say everyday i see my neice
    She comes once a week to stay and is three months old -its surprising how quickily time flies
    I keep the memories and when they reach 21 i make a collage to celebrate
    Done 3 so far and my neices and nephew were so surprised and loved them
    I also keep pictures and cards too
    Ive 15 in totally -so worthwhile and worth the effort- priceless

  2. Is that a groovy chick bag. I remember that cause i used to have groovy chick everything. I completely forgot all about it until i saw that photo. Takes me right back

  3. My niece was born just 24 hours ago and so that was a huge milestone for me! My first ever niece from birth (my other nieces and nephew were 2+ when I met them).
    My wife only has to sing to her and she doesn’t cry anymore, it’s like magic!
    Leah Lander-Shafik recently posted…Review | My favourite luxury lipsticks YSL Rouge Volupte ShineMy Profile

  4. Being present when my god daughter was born, she came 3 weeks early was both a shock and milestone, she is now 18 x

  5. I bet you have to put a lot of thought into choosing the right car seat. It’s not as straight forward as it sounds!
    Kacie recently posted…4 things to do and see in Agra – Utter Pradesh, IndiaMy Profile

  6. As a newly qualified driver I am dreading the day I will have to make a long motorway journey. I can only imagine driving a new born home, how scary but with safety tips like these can make it less daunting
    Anosa recently posted…Five Things Week 11 ~ New YearMy Profile

  7. My oldest starts high school in September, that is one milestone i am dreading

  8. Aww lovely moments! Love your little girl’s Groovy Chick bag! Very 90’s. I mainly have milestones of my little ones first words, first steps, first time they met each other. But very lovely moments <3 xxx
    Sarah recently posted…Make It Monthly Linky!!My Profile

  9. Milestone moments help you to remember the good things that happened as you get older

  10. I remember when my eldest went to Paris with the school for a week, thats definitely a milestone moment for me as I was excited for him yet really worried about him being away without a parent for such a long time. My youngest is 2 so all the big milestones are happening one after the other at this age arent they? They grow so fast!
    Lianne | TheBrunetteSays… recently posted…Blogging in 2017 – Do I Suck At Blogging?My Profile

  11. What a lovely post, I don’t have many memories of being in a car seat but I’ll never forget the first car journey home from the hospital with my two little ones.

  12. So much fun to look back over all these moments with your kiddos – and it will be amazing for them to be able to look back at your blog when they’ve grown up and read about themselves as babies!

  13. I don’t drive and know next to nothing about car seats but I have friends who feel really strongly about car seat safety x

  14. Aww what a fabulous post and she looks so grown up in her prom picture!

  15. Aw what a lovely post and what great memories to share and to cherish.

  16. I have quite a few that stand out – Abbey getting her Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award from the man himself, Kian as a player Escort on the pitch at Wembley and of course all the little miletones too
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  17. Aww so many wonderful memories and milestones and Graco is such a great brand and you know when using the car they are safe! Here is to more milestones and memories

    Laura x

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