Goals for 2017


Mummy says…. ‘I have decided to join most other bloggers and set down my goals for 2017. I love reading other peoples goals, I find them really inspiring and I hope you enjoy mine.

Goals for 2017

  1. Travel. We had an awesome year last year – going abroad twice, the first time I have done this in my life. I want to take the children and explore new places, as well as hopefully revisiting some favourite ones both here and in the UK. I am not setting any particular destinations, I want to see what the year brings to us.
  2. Blog Statistics. My blog is three years old on February 1st, and I have set myself some follower goals for the first time. I have grown my Instagram account from 5000 followers last October to currently 11.7k It is my favourite social media platform and I want to grow to 20,000 by the end of the year. I also want to grow my Twitter, Facebook and You Tube followers.
  3. Develop my other blogs – especially Pembrokeshire Mum. Being almost born and bred in Pembrokeshire I want to share the many amazing places here on a separate blog. Now Pickle is in school full time I am hoping I can give a little time to this.
  4. Be more present and mindful. This helps me so much with anxiety and stress. I forget to do it, and really need to remember as it so beneficial to me.
  5. Keep up my Bullet Journal. I started my first one at the beginning of the year and it is already helping me be more organised.
  6. To declutter. I am a terrible hoarder and very untidy. I had (with huge help from my teens) a big sort out over Christmas and I do feel better when there is less clutter around me.

I am going to stop there, as I don’t want to get too ambitious! I will revisit my goals at the beginning of June to see how I am doing.

So there are my goals for 2017. Have you set any similar ones? I would love to hear them. Kaz :)’


  1. Great goals to focus on
    One of my topgoals is to be more mindful and present too -lots more joy in everyday little things x

  2. Goal setting is really a very helpful tool to make sure you know your path…. Being a sucker for schedules, this is something I follow quite religiously too

  3. there are some great goals there. I need a big sort out as well and I really want to do some more travelling this year.
    Angela recently posted…Tips To Survive A Long Haul Flight With KidsMy Profile

  4. My wife reviews things almost more than monthly! She’s a great believer in list making also.
    I do find that when you see a list going down with things getting crossed off it, it does give you a sense of satisfaction!

  5. Travel is on my list of goals for 2017 too. The Hubs and I will be celebrating our 25th Wedding Anniversary and we plan to visit Europe.
    Veronica Lee recently posted…The Last Kite MakerMy Profile

  6. These are great goals. Incredible to see how significantly your blog audience has in less than a year! It will be very exciting to see if you can reach the new goal by 2018! Social media and various technology devices have really changed the way we all communicate, and it’s great your getting to fully take advantage of it.
    Jane recently posted…Need some Christmas present ideas?My Profile

  7. Always nice to read other people’s postive goal lists; but always puts me to shame. I read them, think “great idea”, have a think, in my head the list is there, but I really need to put some down on paper, or at least print.

  8. always great to have something to work towards, good luck with it all

  9. Some lovely goals. I hope you achieve them all! I hope to go abroad this year too. I think you learn so much going abroad so it’s lovely you’re taking your kids to experience more x
    Planet Jodie recently posted…2017 Reading Challenge & Goal ProgressMy Profile

  10. Showing my baby boy the world one Country at a time is my big goal. We’re off to Dubai and Cyprus this year so it’s a good start. Great goals for you, good luck. Jo x
    Miracle Max recently posted…Hire a professional with BidvineMy Profile

  11. some great goals. Travel is a great one and wow on your IG stats! Best of look with all your goals and if you master decluttering your welcome to come and sort my mess out. I’m a hoarder and get sentimental about clothes. I bought the Marie Kondo (sp) book but i’m too scared to read it in case it actually works and I manage to bin the xmas socks from 3 years ago that are from primark!! (I should read it)
    Stephanie Cummings recently posted…Things that have made me smile in January 2017My Profile

  12. You have some awesome goals, I always want to give bullet journalling a go but I feel like it’s something I won’t keep up!

  13. Got the bullet journal going
    Feeling a little subdued today probably because i keep seeing #bluemonday everywhere – positive thoughts needed

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