Alternative Sports for Teens


Big brother Luke has never really been into football or rugby, well he did play football when he was much younger, but as he has got older it isn’t something that he has carried on. A lot of his friends are the same, not everyone is keen on traditional team sports, so what are alternative sports for teens?

Alternative Sports for Teens

Luke has loved parkhour or free running for years now, and was lucky enough to have some tuition in an after school class a few years ago. There were only a couple of guys in all of South Wales teaching it, so he was super lucky that they came to his school. Parkhour is ‘the activity or sport of moving rapidly through an area, typically in an urban environment, negotiating obstacles by running, jumping, and climbing.’ (Oxford Dictionary) It was founded in France in the 1980’s by nine young men.

Parkhour teaches so much – balance, control, stamina, endurance, flexibility and much more. It is the perfect sport for those who aren’t keen on team sports with rules and restrictions.

A lot of Luke’s friends – and Luke himself, also love skate boarding – or, at the moment longboarding. A longboard is longer than a skateboard. and is another great sport for teaching balance and control. Longboarding which originated from surfing, also strengthens the heart and cardiovascular system.

Luke bought himself a longboard with his birthday money last year, we have since found a brilliant website, Skate Hut, that sells a huge range of boards as well as scooters, bikes, skates, clothing, accessories and much more. They offer free delivery over £30 or you can click and collect from over 2,500 stores. There are free returns, secure easy on line ordering and a next day delivery option too.

Other alternative sports for teens who aren’t keen on team sports include golf, tennis, running, swimming and gymnastics (which is a great base for Parkhour too).

Do you have teens who aren’t keen on traditional team sports?

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  1. Great way to encourage an active lifestyle my neices are gorlie girls and love ballet

  2. I’m sure I saw somewhere a few weeks ago that parkhour is going to be taught in schools for P.E lessons. I think it’s great to encourage children to try any sports even if they aren’t the ‘norm’ my 4 year old seems to like boxing (Dad watches Rocky a lot) so this is maybe something I will support him if he wants to do it although he does love playing rugby league also x

  3. I was brought up by the sea and loved anything connected with water (canoeing, sailing etc). It’s just getting out there and doing something that counts isn’t it!
    Fiona Maclean recently posted…Chinese New Year at the Chinese Cricket ClubMy Profile

  4. Ooh a longboard sounds like a cool pastime to enjoy! I used to love my rollerblades when I was a kid xxx
    Whatlauraloves recently posted…My Top 10 Dubai Pool Bag EssentialsMy Profile

  5. Getting my son to do any sports has always been hard work but he does enjoy swimming. Some cool ideas here love the sound of Parkhour and non-traditional sports
    Mellissa Williams recently posted…Effective Solutions For A Dark RoomMy Profile

  6. I didn’t know parkhour was an actual sport! These are great ideas though.
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  7. Free running scares me! It’s absolutely stunning visually, though; I admire anyone who does it. Longboarding sounds cool, I hadn’t heard of that.

  8. It is important to encourage a healthy and active lifestyle

  9. I’ve always loved the idea of parkour! It’s great when teens find sports they enjoy 🙂 That’s the key to keeping fit really, isn’t it!?
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  10. All our family and extended family, and ourselves when younger, always did traditional sports of football, cricket, hockey and tennis.
    Perhaps it’s something to do with the anti competitive nature of sports being taught in schools? Or are there no football pitches or tennis courts?

  11. My nephew loves ice-skating -suppise that would be classed as alternative

  12. I don’t have teens yet, but I do have 4 boys who are getting interested in sports. We aren’t sure if they will be interested in team sports or not, but if they aren’t the alternative sports you provided are great.

  13. My middle son is very much into football, the eldest was more like your son. He discovered skateboarding, and loved it. It’s a good way to get them out enjoying themselves, and meeting new friends x

  14. We have a skatepark in our local park and it’s really popular. None of mine are into it yet though.

  15. Parkhour sounds brilliant, my son would love something like this

  16. I would love to be able to do parkour, it takes so much agility and strength!

  17. Our daughter has a quite rare medical condition called EDS which really limits the type of sporting activity she can take part in, and for many years we had to battle to get schools to understand that she can’t take part in many sports, especially PE type sports, but when she started high school, her PE teacher recommended Yoga for her, and she absolutely loves it. So when her class is doing a typical PE lesson, she does Yoga!

  18. I could not agree more with this article. Skate Hut is a really fantastic website for purchasing longboards/skateboards. Not only do they sell quality boards, the pricing is also very reasonable. I bought a longboard for my son Tom as football was not quite his thing. He has never looked back since, and I fully recommend any parent introducing their child to skateboarding.
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  19. Wow I’m impressed. I would have loved to have been taught Parkhour/Parkour as a teenager. I think anything that breaks through our own limits and the limits of our perceived environment as a teenager is simply a big YES! to life 🙂 I really learnt a lot and liked this blog-post. Thank you.

  20. great post! I was always involved in figure skating which wasn’t a school sport for me. I think its important to just find something a child enjoys, and sometimes that takes some creativity. i don’t have teenagers yet, but i work with children and teens as a psychologist .

  21. I have two brothers and whats is interesting is the older of the two was into the more traditional team sports (basketball and football) the younger one is more of a free spirit and a huge surfer and long boarder. But the beautiful thing about todays world is the two have such support in the others interests. I truly feel like my younger brother has learned so much if not more about him self from participating in alternative sports. Has your son picked up any other alternative sports?

  22. It’s good that your brother is doing those balance and control type of sports at a young age. Parkour is really an awesome sport. I love watching videos on Youtube on this and I’m just so amazed how those guys can actually do it. By the way, during parkour training, will they give kids protective gears?

  23. Today’s teens are so lazy, my son spend all of his free time on his mobile phone or video game in his computer. I thought in this age they need a lot of exercise and sports to get fit.
    Thanks for sharing your post.

  24. Thanks. I played some Bizarre name games But can’t remember

  25. Parkhour is great for teaching balance and stamina. It works the core muscles well, so it gives a good base to work off of if the child decides to try different sports later.
    It is also very cheap compared to other sports, and can be done even in cities that are not so sports friendly, due to low number of clubs, associations.

  26. i would like to buy for my son and hope he love this.

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