17th Birthday Wishlist


My big sister turned 17 in December, she is almost a Christmas baby, born two weeks before Christmas Eve. Mummy asked her for her 17th Birthday Wishlist and her is what she chose.

17th Birthday Wishlist

Lea is not hugely bothered by many brands, but there are certain ones that she does love.

  1. Pandora. Lea has a bracelet already, she had it for her 16th birthday and she would love another charm to go on it.
  2. Apple. Specifically a Macbook Air. Lea is using Apple computers at college and a Macbook Air will help make creating her music so much easier.
  3. A new pair of Converse. Lea adores Converse and already has a couple of pairs. She would love a new pair for her birthday.
  4. A Lily Allen CD – Lea has so many music idols and one of her latest is Lily Allen.
  5. Some new perfume. Lea loves Rihanna’s, Katy Perry’s and Nikki Minaj’s in particular. She always loves trying new ones though.

Luckily by shopping around Mummy can find some real bargains and the best prices. Sites such as Love the Sales are great as they list the best prices from all over the internet, saving time and hassle in searching around. As well as Lea’s 17th Birthday Wishlist, Mummy would love to get something personalised for Lea to keep. A photo canvas with favourite pics, a silver engraved bracelet or necklace are some of her ideas.

Being slightly more practical, other gift ideas for a 17 year old are an iTunes voucher, pampering bath bombs from Lush, twinkly lights for her bedroom, cushions, new bedding, a gorgeous note book and special pen.

So, what did Lea get for her birthday? Everyone clubbed together and bought her a Macbook Air as a joint Birthday and Christmas present. Lucky Lea!

Do you have any ideas to add to a 17th Birthday Wishlist?

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  1. How times change, when I was 17 the Macbook had not been thought of

  2. I remember my 17th, can’t believe it was over 10 years ago

  3. Happy Birthday lovely and I think mum has a great choice there – my eldest daughter will be 18 at the end of the month and its driving lessons for her

  4. A great wishlist, my mummy has a Macbook Air and loves it 🙂

  5. I hope she had a lovely birthday and how lucky to get a mac book air! Its great that everyone could come together to get her something she really wanted! I always find lush gift sets go down well as gifts for teenagers and adults! xx
    Jessica Howliston recently posted…After school clubs – Pushy Parents or Gaining Experience’s?My Profile

  6. oh wow, what a fabulous gift for a birthday. It will las for years to come and is so practical. I recommend the Britney perfumes for teenagers, light and sweet but they are made by Estee Lauder so good quality
    gemma recently posted…Studio8 Abigail DressMy Profile

  7. I love Pandora. I have a gorgeous Pandora ring and charm bracelet, hope she gets what she wants in the sale.
    Ana De- Jesus recently posted…How A Staycation Boosted My ProductivityMy Profile

  8. I remember being 17… Ahh doesn’t seem that long ago!! Great wish list. I myself would love a MacBook!
    Sarah Bella recently posted…The weekly bits & bobs (week 1)My Profile

  9. I find my girls are harder to buy for the older they get

  10. A Macbook! Lucky girl! Our friend’s daughter has just turned 22 and had a similar wish list as I remember. We also buy her a pair of Solmate socks which she loves! They are a pair of odd socks and are worth looking up! PS Solmate is the correct spelling…

  11. What a lucky girl and how blessed to have a family who loves her dearly.

  12. Cannot go wrong with Pandora gifts, I have so many charms and bracelets xo
    Dena Jayne recently posted…Fitness Friday | My Progress In December.My Profile

  13. Happy birthday. What a fantastic gift list. I love my converse, havent worn them in ages

  14. They’re all lovely brands/artists, what a great list! I hope she has a wonderful year.

  15. I have the Macbook Air and it’s fab! Lots of students love it and I find it great for blogging and video editing. I hope she had a lovely birthday 🙂

  16. wow, times have changed. This is great post because when i was 17, my mothers easiest preesnt was money or a voucher. but actually buying something shows a lot of thought went into it!

  17. Happy 17th Birthday Lea and what a fab present!!! Plus love Love the Sales too, it’s so helpful for finding bargains.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Leigh at Fashion Du Jour LDN HQ c

  18. Awww how sweet that everyone pitched in and got her something she can use at work and home too. Lovely birthday wishlist
    Anosa recently posted…{Fashion Monday} Embrace the season My Profile

  19. Wonderful gift. Just like my 17 yr old x

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