Travelling with Young Children this Christmas


Christmas is an exciting time of year for everyone. Us children eagerly await Santa’s visit, happiness fills the air and families are reunited no matter how far away they usually live from each other.

Travelling with Young Children this Christmas

Travelling at Christmas with excitable young children can be a little tricky, so here’s some top tips for making the journey with your little ones easier this holiday season:

Preparing to fly

Whether you’re visiting family or jetting off on a Christmas holiday, flying with young children can be a particularly stressful part of your trip. One of the best ways to prepare is to pack some brand new toys for your children to play with in your hand luggage. That way, they’ll have something to keep them happy and distracted for the duration of your flight. Be sure to pack one or two of their favourite toys as well in case they’re feeling a little anxious and in need of some extra cuddles from their favourite stuffed toy.

Travelling with Young Children this Christmas

Gearing up for a long drive

Try and plan your drive so that it coincides with your little one’s usual nap time, especially if it’s likely to be a long drive or there are potential for delays. The trick to a stress-free journey is to keep your child entertained. Start playing a game or telling a story as soon as you leave, and your child will be happy to have some quiet time with their own toys or books for a little while before they need your full attention again.

Make a list of the rest stops that are on the way to your destination so you’re never caught unawares if your child needs to make a quick stop. Try and find stops with small play parks and plan to take a break there to let your child run off some energy before continuing with the rest of your journey.

Travelling by train

Unlike travelling by car, train journeys don’t give you the option of taking a pit stop for a run around and a breather, so they can be particularly difficult for you and your little one. Be sure to book train tickets in advance and, if possible, pick a seat with a table. This way you’ll have more leg room and the table can be used for playing simple games, colouring in and other fun activities to keep your child entertained.

You could pack a Christmas themed lunch to get your children in the mood for Christmas, trying your hand at a bento box and making some cute characters out of your food!

Are you travelling with young children this Christmas? Do you have any tips to add?


  1. Hello, Kaz. This is Tea from Bags of Love. Are you on travelling? I am trying to reach you through email. If you can get back to me, much appreciated!

  2. I have traveled many times at christmas and my biggest tip is to get to the train early to make sure your first on, I once had a train before mine canceled and so all those people got on my train and I didn’t get a seat.
    But if you have children or are pregnant, complain as they are meant to upgrade you to first class which is usually empty.
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  3. Travelling can be stressful as it is; I can’t imagine how much more stressful it can be to travel with kids. I’m sure your tips will be handy for lots of parents 🙂

  4. Great tips, especially about bringing a holiday tradition, or your stocking with you.

  5. Ive never had to travel with kids, but I know my mom and dad put a lot of effort into it when I was young. There is so much to think about when you have little ones with you.

  6. Travelling with young kids can be a major nightmare! These are great tips, BTW.
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