Top 5 Most Expensive Toys


My letter to Santa was posted a while ago, and I have some pretty awesome toys on my list. Nothing, however like any of these top 5 most expensive toys! 

Top 5 Most Expensive Toys

1. Teddy Bear

A teddy bear that looks kind of normal at first sight, but when you take a closer look you see sapphire eyes and a golden mouth. This teddy bear was designed by German stuffed-animal specialist Steiff. They created 41 limited edition toys. This teddy bear was sold for $195,000 during an auction.

2. Monopoly Game

The most expensive Monopoly game ever is an 1933 edition handmade by Charles Darrow. The oldest version of the game that’s still intact features a round board drawn in pen. It also has 200 individual pieces. It’s yours for only $146,500 – that´s 733 times passing go and collecting $200 from the bank each time!

3. Gameboy

This is a cheap toy comparing to the first two. You need only $30,000 for this one. It is an 18-carat gold Nintendo Gameboy that’s currently for sale on eBay. The golden Gameboy was designed and created by British jewellers Asprey of London in 2006. With diamonds lined around the screen and a jewelled power button, you won’t want to stop playing Mario Kart.

4. Dummy / Pacifier

How cute is this 14-carat white gold dummy studded with 278 pave diamonds? You can order it at Personalized Pacifiers for $17,000. And if you can’t decide whether to buy this beauty, I can tell you they have free delivery. That makes the difference, doesn’t it!?

Well, let me tell you they have free shipping. That makes the difference, doesn’t it.

5. Model Car

I saved the best for last. A real Lamborghini Aventador costs $380,000, but why would you buy that if you can have a scale model that’s 1/8 the size for £4.8 million? This “toy” has sporting gold and platinum rims and diamonds in the seats, steering wheel and headlights. Yes please Mummy!

So, now you know what to save towards for next Christmas!  And if you don’t have enough in your bank account to buy these crazy gifts you can always try and play the lottery with Multilotto. You can join lotteries all over the world like Powerball in the US, Eurojackpot in Europe or Megamillions also in the US. Who knows? Maybe you can buy the model car for your child and the real one for yourself!

What do you think of  the Top 5 Most Expensive Toys?



  1. I used to love gameboys as a kid it was such a classic game device. I miss those days but I would not pay £30 K for it lol!

  2. Woa thats some expensive stuff
    Love Steiff bears but a gold dummy!!!!!
    Best get saving xx

  3. Jeez that’s some rich boy’s toys. I don’tt hink I could do it even if I had the money…. although the hubby would love the car! x

  4. OMG – would people really spend that sort of money……how the other half live
    Kara Guppy recently posted…#SailwithSanta with City Cruises PooleMy Profile

  5. I cannot believe these toys exist!

  6. I am sure I could find better use for the money than spending it on these

  7. How can people be expected to engage in playing games at these silly prices?

  8. I can’t believe toys or items of this price even exist! x
    Rhian Westbury recently posted…Christmas Gift Guide For Music LoversMy Profile

  9. I do like Steiff bears, but how much??? As far as the other items, really????

  10. Wow, these are pretty prices! I don’t know about me spending that amount but I’m sure there are enough people who do that’s why they are available xx

  11. whatttttt a gold diamond dummy

  12. Oh wow, I was reeling at the thought of a teddy bear costing nearly $200,000 but that model car at a cool £4.8 million! I’m (almost) speechless! How the other half live, eh?! x
    Zoe IKIWN recently posted…Colourpop Eyeshadow Quads & Lippie Stix HaulMy Profile

  13. These are such classic and simple toys – but wow! 185k for a teddy bear is a bit too much haha

  14. I’ve seen Steiff bears in a few places and often thought they were quite expensive x

  15. Wow! Best start saving for next Christmas

  16. Wow I guess these gifts are only for the rich and famous, lol. So pricey.

  17. Wow, very surprising! I wish I had kept my gameboy, I loved it x

  18. There’s a programme on this week looking at the most expensive Christmas toys – kind of intrigued to see it!

  19. OMG I can’t believe anyone would buy these! Way too expensive for me. My kids actually prefer the cheap presents like felt tips and a colouring book.
    Natasha Mairs recently posted…Forever Living Aloe Vera Products ReviewMy Profile

  20. Oh dear me – the phrase “More money than sense” immediately popped into my head…

  21. They all sound amazing! At least as works of art. Fascinating article, thank you!

  22. Too pricey! My kids would probably been more interested in the box than the fancy toy inside!
    Veronica Lee recently posted…The Last Kite MakerMy Profile

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