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We are changing how we record our days – we have kept a daily diary in the form of Project 365 and then Photo a Day for almost 3 years! It is lovely to look back on, but a lot of work to keep up with. We didn’t post our August diary until 6 November!

With many week days being very similar, we have decided to only note milestones, events and any thing really interesting! Our Instagram has become our daily diary, and we post daily there – mostly twice a day even.

Our November 2016

november 2016

So, Tuesday 1 – Sunday 6 November looked like this –

I hit a big milestone to me – with my winter coat on I can’t fit into my car seat straps anymore, so from Wednesday Mummy started using my seat with the big seat belt on me. This week has been so much colder. Grey with sunny afternoons, but really cold. On Thursday I fell in the playground at school and bumped my eye quite badly on a wall. You can see it swollen in the picture. I was very lucky that it didn’t split open, as it was right in my brow bone. Mummy thought I was going to have a black eye.

Friday was very cold and we went into Tenby for a walk I came home from school singing my first song from my nativity. A version of Heartbreak Hotel! On Friday night Mummy lit our first Christmas scent candle and I watched half of The Polar Express with Mummy – our first Christmas movie of the year!

On Saturday Mummy, Lea and I had a lovely day in Haverfordwest (Luke went to the trampoline park with his friends, then had a sleep over). We looked at the Christmas toys and gifts, had a nice coffee with Nan and Grandad who appeared – we didn’t know they were going too! We had tea in Wetherspoons, then went to Milford with my cousin M and his girlfriend to watch the fireworks. It was freezing and there were a couple of really heavy showers which we managed to (mostly) miss. I fell asleep in the car on the way home.

Last week Mummy tried me on full fat milk instead of Lactofree. It upset my tummy so Mummy put me back on it.

Sunday – freezing cold. A day at home watching more movies, except for picking Luke up and having a coffee before the rain set in.

november 2016

Monday 7 – Sunday 13 November – A cold week but mostly dry and sunny.  There was some wet windy weather mid week. On Tuesday I came home with a letter from school saying I was starting full time after Christmas. Mummy knew this was coming, but she is still a little sad. Mummy had a busy week of work, I have been practising my Nativity in school all week. I am a shepherd. I keep telling Mummy bits of what we are doing. We are singing a version of Heartbreak Hotel, and ‘500 miles’. On Tuesday Luke woke with a nasty lump on his eye and Mummy took him to the doctors. He has an abscess. He was off school for three days. He also damaged some soft tissue in his back following a football fall in school, and that was hurting him. On Friday we went to Manorbier Garden Centre for lunch after school. Our first Christmassy visit this year! as they have their Christmas displays up. On Saturday we went to Hwest and Scolton Manor – a beautiful day. Sunday we took Nan and Lea back to Scolton Manor. A grey day which brightened. I sang 500 miles and marched around!

The biggest news was that a Donald Trump was chosen to be the next President of America. Mummy and everyone she talked to seemed so upset and cross. Mr A (headmaster) talked about him in assembly, but I can’t remember what he said.

november 2016

Monday 14 nov – Sun 20 – School, work for Mummy, you can check Instagram for more updates.  On Tuesday evening Mummy went for dinner with Zena. On Thursday we went to Bluestone to see Zena. It was wetter this week and greyer. We picked up a hire car for the weekend. Friday was Children in Need and we set off for Bristol in the afternoon. It rained most of the way. We picked Mee Mee up and went to Cribbs Causeway. It was very Christmassy. On Saturday we headed into Bristol for breakfast, MeeMee took us to the Christmas Steps and then mainly to Primark and the Christmas Market. It turned really wet and windy. We had breakfast with MeeMee on Sunday morning before heading home. It was freezing.

Monday 21 – Sunday.  On Monday it was stormy, freezing cold and rained all day. There were some floods. A much colder week, Mummy had a crazy busy time. She drove to London via Bristol to pick MeeMee up on Thursday to the Hogwarts in the Snow tour, and stayed over with MeeMee in Bristol. She was home soon after I came out of school on Friday afternoon. My cousin came over Friday evening and took Luke and I to the Christmas Fayre at the Castle. Mummy had to take Lea to a gig at college. On Saturday, we all drove to LaplandUK – it was AWESOME! We stayed over in Newbury and made our way home on Sunday. Both days were beautiful and sunny but freezing cold.

Mummy and I are fighting colds and sore throats, I have a streaming cold.

november 2016 november 2016 5

28 November – 30 November – Monday – Freezing! Our Christmas Tree arrived today. Tuesday was the coldest day yet – the frost didn’t disappear in areas of shade.  It was minus 1 in the morning – during Tuesday night minus 5 was forecast. I was off on Tuesday – I had had two restless nights and didn’t feel well at all. Lea is not in college on Tuesdays, so we put the tree up – and then had to wait for it to settle. We went to South Beach, Tenby for lunch. I was off on the Wednesday too. We picked Lea up from college and went to our favourite shop in Haverfordwest, Vincent Davies-they had all their Christmas decorations up. It was so cold but so bright and sunny. A beautiful sunrise and sunset. We decorated the tree 🙂

So there is our November, a very festive one for us! How was yours?





  1. What a lovely thing to do to cherish memories. I’m terrible for forgetting to take pictures of people – food and landscape, yes no problem, but not people! Wishing you all the best for Christmas and the New Year!
    Elizabeth recently posted…Chewy Trail Mix Oatmeal CookiesMy Profile

  2. What a great update!! I think having things like this whether its a picture or post a day or even just once a month is a lovely way to record special moments to look back on! Your Christmas tree looks fab too! xx
    Jessica Howliston recently posted…Christmas Traditions, Keeping traditions alive!My Profile

  3. Oh no! Poor Pickles hope his eye/brow is better now, he was so brave! Loving the Christmas tree xx

  4. Amazing idea for a post! Love to collect memories like that so good to recap and come back next year and see what you were up to 🙂

  5. You took some great photos. I really like the ones you took on the Harry Potter tour x

  6. This is fab, this will always be nice for you all to look back on & remember all your fond memories, such a great idea & wonderful to keep.

  7. What an amazing way to record memories to look back on

  8. What a lovely record of your month. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  9. Great way to keep memories forever
    Its one of my goals for 2017

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