Our Christmas 2016


We have had an awesome Christmas, and hope you have too. Miraculously we have written about it already! We would like to share our highlights of Christmas 2016 with you.

Our Christmas 2016

Christmas Eve

A soggy grey day. Mummy escaped in the morning to do some more ‘last minute stuff.’ We met Nana and Grandad in our favourite garden centre coffee shop for lunch, most other cafes closed at lunch time!  In the evening my Aunty, Uncle, cousin and girlfriend came around for a Chinese takeaway. It took two hours to be delivered but the meal was super tasty. I haven’t eaten much for days as I am so excited! Guess what? Santa video called me – then actually rang me on Mummy’s phone! And i watched him fly over Australia – someone videoed it from an aeroplane, and I watched him fly over Cardiff Castle on Facebook. I sprinkled the Reindeer food, put out the carrot, mince pie and orange juice and collapsed into bed at 12.Mummy showed me a beautiful letter from Santa to me, that had got caught up in the post. He wrote that he knew I had asked for The lion Guard Training Lair – and that he had seen the Elves wrapping a present for my best friend J?! I couldn’t believe it! I wanted to tell him. Mummy then read me ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas’ twice. I went to sleep with my hands over me ears because I didn’t want to hear Santa.

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Christmas Day

Mummy had to WAKE ME at 8.40am!! He had been! Oh goodness, I could see a very tall present straight away, and I just knew it was The Lion Guard Lair, but I was too excited to open it. I carefully opened every other present – Mummy said I was so good. I was shaking the whole time.

I finally reached the big one. It was the Lair! I couldn’t actually believe it. I also had a Playmobil Pirate ship, raft and carry case, Torch the Dragon, a Tool Kit with my name on it, a Scalextric race car set, and lots lots more.

Luke had an awesome drawing Graphics tablet. MeeMee had money – she is travelling to Thailand in two weeks, and Lea had already had her Macbook Air as a joint birthday / Christmas present.

Nana, Grandad and my cousin M came at 12. We were just preparing dinner and Daddy knocked at the door! I was very happy to see him. It was a shock for everyone else though. (Long story is what Mummy says).

Lovely dinner. I watched The Lion King – up until the stampede then I get scared. We had more presents from family.

MeeMee went to her dads and Mummy picked her up later.  Santa had dropped a present in the hall!  It was Catwoman for my Imaginext Gotham City. We had pizza for tea then I went to bed at 8pm. Mummy, MeeMee and Lea had a little drink and watched Eastenders.

Our Christmas 2016 christmas eve 2016 g

Boxing Day

A beautiful sunny day. Mummy and Lea went to Tenby to watch the Boxing Day swim, and Luke and I chilled at home. You will never believe that Santa had dropped some more presents in the garden! A Spidey Scooter, Marvel figures and Thomas and Friends Annie and Clarabelle carriages. Nana and Grandad came over late afternoon for tea, I was super tired and a bit grumpy to be honest.

They went at 8.30pm (after Eastenders – my family are big fans), and I went to bed.

Our Christmas 2016 christmas eve 2016 i

We are off shopping in the sales tomorrow, we have all been given a little money. So, that was our Christmas 2016. How was yours ?


  1. Lovely photos as always. Glad your Christmas was awesome.

  2. We always have a Chinese on Christmas Eve too. Glad you had a great Christmas. Jo x

  3. Glad you all had a fabulous time
    Great day for the swim –

  4. Wow it looks as though Santa definitely had you on the good boy list this year Pickle and it looks like you had a great day too x

  5. Awww what a lovely Christmas, hope you got some great sales stuff too. lovely photos! That Santa is super clever!

  6. My Christmas I spent it alone so I just slept because I have work on the 25th. You had an awesome Christmas 🙂

  7. Your xmas sounds awesome. I went to TGI Fridays on xmas eve x

  8. oh wow! That was a lovely Christmas, so many gifts! 😀 I also spent those days with family, it’s a great time to share with the loved ones and kids feel so excited after waiting all year! xx

  9. Looks like you had a great time. Ours was brill too!

  10. what a busy christmas, happy new year to you all

  11. So glad you had a fabulous Christmas, Pickle looks so happy 🙂
    Rebecca Smith recently posted…My Pregnancy Diaries | Weeks 34-36My Profile

  12. Christmas is such a special time for all the family

  13. It seems it’s not just grans who like Prosecco.When organising the recycling I found 2 empty magnums of the stuff,none of which I would pollute my body with.

  14. Our Christmas was AMAZING! Santa came down the chimney and my 4yo was just so blown away by it. Santa left him 2 small gifts which he loves (train and a book). The whole day was nice and easy going.
    Tamsin recently posted…Green New Years Resolutions For 2017My Profile

  15. Lovely insight to your Christmas, how were the sales? I can never seem to bring myself to join the mayhem on Boxing day 🙂

  16. Great pics, what a lovely day

  17. That looks like a great Christmas! Lovely man , Santa!

  18. Wow! That all sounds brilliant! Ours was no where near as good, but it was still OK!

  19. Thank you for sharing your Christmas with us, it sounds really lovely! Glad you all had a great time!

  20. Awww you all look so happy! What a perfect Christmas xx
    Gemma recently posted…New Year’s Eve hair / how I curl my hair with ghdsMy Profile

  21. Sounds like a fun, busy Christmas! Looks like little man was spoilt xo
    Dena Jayne recently posted…Favourites | December Favourites.My Profile

  22. glad you had a fab christmas! hope new year was just a lovely!

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