Gardening Tips to Make Your Neighbours Green with Envy


Maintaining your garden to a high standard to make your neighbours green with envy is high on the list of serious gardeners. We have gathered some gardening hacks from Rattan Direct to help you get one step ahead.

Make Your Neighbours Green with Envy

#1 Know your garden, the soil and the climate.

Cacti survive in arid desserts for a reason, which is why having them in a garden in a wet and windy corner of the UK will not see them thrive.

Knowing your patch of soil, whether it is acidic or alkaline and how you can change this, as well as making the most of the climate will help in deciding the best plants to buy and plant, as well as the best spaces in your garden for these plants to flourish.

Camellias, for example, prefer a north-facing wall in a court yard and an acid soil, so there is no point planting them in water-logged, alkaline soil with continuous cold draughts irritating their tender stems.

#2 Water.

One of the key elements that turns drooping pansies into a flowery mass of colour is water. Whilst you watch your neighbour’s lawn and borders become ever more parched during a drought, you can carry on watering your luscious blooms because you have water butts catching rain from all your down pipes.

#3 Remove pesky weeds as soon as they dare pop their heads above the soil.

They are a nuisance. They are everywhere. One minute, they are a tiny head, just popping above the soil surface and the next, they are running rampant across flower beds and anywhere where they can get enough of a foothold with their shallow roots. Weeds are not a gardener’s friend.

But the good news is it takes only a few minutes to whip these pesky weeds out of your soil before they get chance to not only become established, but to turn to seed and spread them across your entire garden.

#4 Complimentary accessories

We may be used to thinking of our gardens as place to be admired – from the house. We look out, admire the flowers in the summer breeze and yet we spend little time actually enjoying the fruits of our gardening labours.

This is because we don’t make it as comfortable as we could for us to enjoy. And when we do, we move back into the house as soon as daylight fades and the temperature drops.

Make your neighbours green with envy with not only beautiful plants, but fantastic accessories:

*Garden seating – from a practical garden bench to functional outside sofas, there are all kinds of options when it comes to garden furniture that suit all tastes and budgets.

*Rugs, throws and cushions – ramp up the style and add splashes of fantastic colour with rugs, throws and cushions made from special material for the outdoors that don’t fade, shrink or spoil in the occasional rain shower or bright, bleaching sunshine.

*Lighting – solar lighting has come on leaps and bounds since the first dim, last-no- more- than-30- minutes solar powered fairy lights from decades ago. There are all kinds of solar lights that can make a bright, romantic garden when the sun drops.

*Fire pit – want to enjoy the night time garden with its scents and calm but don’t like the cold? The fire pit is the perfect addition. Watch the flames dance and keep warm too.

*Water – gentle running water is so relaxing. After a busy day at the office, talk a walk in the garden and sit by your water feature enjoying its soothing tones. Build a full-scale pond and welcome a whole new raft of wildlife in your garden or have a water feature, with water gently trickling down.

#Plants in pots – Planting in pots is the perfect way to add colour, form and texture to a garden, softening corners and adding interest. Keep garden pots of similar colours and shades to get a coherent colour palette running through the garden. Take time to consider the plants you will use in these pots too. Potted plants will need a little more attention, including a daily water – twice daily if the summer is hot – and bedding plants should be regularly dead headed to keep them putting their energy into flowering and not making seeds.

Rattan Direct have a range of garden accessories and furniture, perfect for dressing your garden and accentuating its glorious plants and design.

Do you like gardening?

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  1. These tips ought to make my neighbours green with envy! Thanks!

  2. I am the world’s worst gardener. Mine is a disaster

  3. These are some really awesome tips, I am not good with gardening but my mum loves it so sending her the link.
    Anosa recently posted…Christmas presents for the family My Profile

  4. I really love to see a nice tidy garden but mine is in a terrible state

  5. These are some really great tips 🙂 Will keep them in mind in case I ever have a garden
    Sarah from Lavender Life recently posted…How anxiety influences my work life (and how I deal with that)My Profile

  6. Theres nothing like having a well looked after garden. Those pesky weeds are always plucked out as soon as I spot them!

  7. I love gardening, but I don’t think I am a great gardener. These tips will come handy!

  8. We love gardening and grow a lot of fruit on small trees and bushes. We also have a lot of bee friendly plants, but a lot of our neighbours have theirs stoned or tarmacked… 🙁

  9. Oooh great tips. We’re having our garden done in the next couple of months so I’ll remember these
    Kerry Norris recently posted…The Christmas Blogger Interview – TwinderelmoMy Profile

  10. Great tips, i think our neighbours are jealous anyway, our garden is bigger lol

  11. We do love gardening – the only problem I have found with water butts is that they are always full when you don’t need the water, and always empty when you do need the water!

  12. Great tips! I love gardens. I think knowing the “limitations” – whether or not you prefer to think of them that way – of your space and working with them, rather than trying to fight them, is so important..

  13. Love all your ideas
    Plant pots are a great way to spruce up the garden area -would love a fire pit

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