Why I love my Instagram Account


Mummy says….’So, you have Instagram. You decide to concentrate on building your followers / likes / comments. You discover themes – posting only certain photos, using certain filters or colour filters, certain subjects.

You read that you should post at certain times of the day, how many times you should post and then you stumble across hashtags.

Why I love my Instagram Account

Whilst all these are great, do you know why I love my Instagram account?

Because it is a proper, unplanned snapshot of our lives. I may post one photo in 24 hours. I may post more photos – it depends what we are doing.

I post all manner of subjects – yes, mainly Pickle – but my other children, my pets (when we had some, sob), my house, garden, local area. And they are not carefully staged, set photos. They are point and shoot. Sometimes I snap a cracker. I catch the perfect expression, the most beautiful light, the most amazing shot. Many times I don’t.

Sometimes I may just add an emoji or two. Sometimes I add a few lines of text to explain or share something. Other times I may write a mini essay.  I usually use some hashtags, I may use more. I rarely add a life changing quote, although they are becoming more popular.

There are so many ways to promote your account, I am a great believer in doing what suits you, it is your personal choice how (or if) you promote. Here are a few ideas you could try if you do want to promote your account:

  1. Follow other accounts. The more you follow, the more exposure your account has. Some will follow you back, some won’t.
  2. Like other photos. Check your feed when you can and spread some love. It will be reciprocated at some level and again, gets exposure for your account.
  3. Comment on other photos – make sure your comments are relevant and ideally more than three words (you can count an emoji as a word).
  4. Clean out your unfollowers. Every so often, go through who you follow and unfollow those who don’t follow you – if you want to. There are many apps that can make this easy.
  5. Host a competition – this can help to boost your followers and gain exposure.
  6. If you need a boost of followers or interaction you could look at a reputable company to help you.
  7. Use hashtags, they do help to get your account seen. There are apps to give you a good start suggesting suitable ones.
  8. If your account is private your photos won’t show up in hashtag searches.
  9. You can get paid for posting a photo for a brand – some companies are very strict on their requirements, it may work for you.
  10. Start or join in a hashtag community. This can bring great exposure to your account.

You may just post your photos and be happy with that, and that is perfectly fine, and totally your choice.

I love my Instagram feed most of all because I love looking back over the weeks and seeing my little captures. Snaps of moments that otherwise would probably get forgotten amongst everything else.

Oh and I would love you to pop over to see us on Instagram – IcklePicklesLifeandTravels and say hi!

Do you use Instagram a lot? A little? Or not at all? Let me know what you think.

This is a collaborative post.


  1. I use Instagram a lot too and love it! Like you, I post a combination of things. T, our pets, food, plants anything and everything! 🙂
    Dean of Little Steps recently posted…Strange TimesMy Profile

  2. I love Instagram too – it’s such a great sharing platform. I’ve become quite fussy what I post these days though.
    Elizabeth recently posted…Macaroni & Cheese with Bacon, Leeks and PeasMy Profile

  3. I fell out of love with Instagram for a little while but when I realised all of the past photos I had posted, I found my renewed love for it again. My photos will never be staged either but they are a great memory of what we get up to.

  4. Fab tips! I really need to pay more attention to my Instagram, i’ve neglected it just lately x

  5. Some great tips – thanks for sharing. Instagram is certainly a fantastic social media platform for both personal and professional use. There’s a lot of inspiration that can be derived from following other users accounts and is a great way of also staying in touch with friends lives.

  6. Great tips as always! I use Instagram to share photos of my cookies.
    Veronica Lee recently posted…The Last Kite MakerMy Profile

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