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You probably know that I am a HUGE Super Hero fan. I love them all, and you would be surprised at just how many I know, thanks to my big brother, who is also a Super Hero fan. I am a very lucky boy and have been sent some awesome Hasbro Civil War Toys to play with.

Perfect Super Hero Toys

The Civil War Toys are the Captain America Civil War Blaster Reveal Shield and the Iron Man Slide Blast Armour from Hasbro.

They are SO amazing, so much fun, and the perfect Super Hero Toys for any Super Hero fan. Both are ideal for children aged 6+ (I am 4, but they were perfect for me to play with when big bro Luke was with me). They are NOT suitable for children under the age of 3.

Both shoot soft Nerf foam darts – with quite a punch! I needed to make sure I didn’t fire at anyones face, or too close. Perfect Super Hero Toys Perfect Super Hero Toys 2

I can defend myself with the shield, just like Captain America, then, at the flick of a button, Surprise! I can reveal the Nerf blaster to fire the darts. It is so much fun. I played for ages imagining I WAS Captain America! Tracking down Luke, and hiding from him only to launch my attack when he wasn’t expecting it!

He loved the Iron Man arm, with one press of a button the armour folds back and another button press fires the darts.

These Hasbro Civil War toys are great for Super Hero Battles, they do not need any assembly or batteries, they are totally ready to play with.

Perfect Super Hero Toys

I even took them to bed with me, I think they are that great!

Take a look at our vlog review too:

There is only one problem I have with these. Deciding who I am going to be!

The Shield RRP is £26.99 and the Arm RRP is £22.49

Shop around though, you can find them on offer.


  1. that is the cutest picture of him asleep! So adorable. These games look fab – I’m a big marvel comics fan

  2. This looks like every little boys dream and it shoots Nerf darts. The shield is on my sons Xmas list after seeing this.
    Lisa Backsnbumps recently posted…Pregnancy after back surgeryMy Profile

  3. These look great, I bet my little man will love these when he is a touch older 😉
    MELANIE EDJOURIAN recently posted…One in Five Children DON’T KNOW That Milk Comes From CowsMy Profile

  4. OMG my eldest would love these! Perfect for any super hero fan thats for sure and would make a fantastic Christmas gift

    Laura x
    Laura recently posted…My pregnancy journeys and Natural CyclesMy Profile

  5. I want a nerf foam gun for myself- they look like such fun!
    The London Mum recently posted…5 Travel Blogger EssentialsMy Profile

  6. Awww look at that pic of you sleeping with it on! Soooo cute. The toys look great x
    Kerry Norris recently posted…What to Buy Dad for his 70th – The Book of Everyone ReviewMy Profile

  7. I have a marvel fan in my house as well he love captain America and watches the films over and over again ps your little boy is so cute

  8. How brilliant are these?! Perfect for little Marvel fans (…and not so little fans, I kinda want that nerf blaster myself to be perfectly honest!!)
    Zoe IKIWN recently posted…The Cold Shoulder Done Right feat. LovedrobeMy Profile

  9. These look brilliant! And substantial; so important for action-type toys.

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