Christmas Gift Ideas with a Twist


It comes around every year, quicker and quicker it seems, and every year it gets harder to think of exciting ideas for Christmas presents. It is easier to play it safe of course, but there is always the danger of coming up with something a bit boring and maybe even disappointing.

Christmas Gift Ideas with a Twist

You don’t want to see that fixed smile on your loved ones face as you hear the overly bright and slightly forced ‘Oh…what a great present!’  So here are some Christmas gift ideas with a twist:

Flying Lessons – Brothers or Daddy

Why not surprise someone with a flying lesson gift? This could be the ultimate present for someone who has a sense of adventure. Introductory and extended lessons are available for flying light aircraft, gliders, helicopters, microlights and hot-air balloons and there are lots out there for less than £100. Most have a minimum age requirement of 13 or 14, but some have none; so check this out if you are thinking of giving this gift to a young person.

Interior Design – Mummy or Aunty

If you know someone who loves quirky design, they will be sure to love something funky and fun to decorate his or her living space. An LED balloon lamp for instance, can give a warm glow to an interior with a whole  range of colours to fit any mood. Or how about a Death Star, TARDIS or dinosaur lamp for a child’s bedroom?

Beauty Products – Big sisters

Any friend, girlfriend, wife, mother or sister who paints her nails will certainly need a nail dryer to speed up the process. This is where the Blow Monkey Nail Dryer comes in, a cheeky little monkey who blows nails dry. What’s not to love? But if by any chance she doesn’t love monkeys there’s always Doug thePug, who is so cute!

Sporty Stuff – Big cousin

Any car fanatic would love to experience the speedy thrills of a driving experience day. For example a Four Supercar Blast offers a fleet of top-of- the range cars to choose from, road or track racing, a passenger experience with an instructor (who knows, it might be The Stig!) and a photograph of your loved one bombing around the track at white-knuckle velocity. There are a number of venues around the UK to choose from, just type in experience days uk online to find the one near you. (Top Tip: make sure you include a collision damage waiver in your gift in case they damage the vehicle as Supercars are not cheap!)

Physical Activities – anyone!

A more physical workout can be provided by an adventure day. Try a Segway rally for two, a paintball day for two or four, a Zorbing day for two (Hydro Zorb or Harness Zorb) or for real thrills and spills a bungee jump.

The Moon – Mummy

For a really special gift how about an acre of land on the Moon (yes, really!) For only £25 this fantastic, unique gift comes with deeds, a lunar map and Lunar Constitution. All she will need is a rocket to visit!

What do you think of our Christmas Gift Ideas with a Twist? Would you like any of them?


  1. These gifts are so different but so great! I didn’t realise you could buy land on the moon! I knew you could name a star but didn’t know about the moon haha. Experiences/activities are always awesome.
    izzy Wong recently posted…Autumn Vibes #32 (Smart Casual)My Profile

  2. There’s some great ideas here, especially the moon one! I might look into that a bit more!

  3. Loving the ideas here!! Think I’ll be getting the the Blow Monkey Nail Dryer for the oldest niece!

  4. Wowzers! Love a new and different gift idea and always think experience gifts are unique and provide memories that last! Who wouldn’t want to give those?

    Thanks for sharing,

    Leigh at Fashion Du Jour LDN x

  5. Fab items. The Blow Monkey Nail Dryer sounds very handy.

  6. Fab ideas

  7. Flying lessons would surely be the ultimate gift for my boys!
    Veronica Lee recently posted…The Last Kite MakerMy Profile

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