Spoon Guru App for Allergies and £25 Tesco Voucher Giveaway


As both my brother and I suffered lactose and soya intolerance as babies and toddlers, and I had a super sensitive tummy, Mummy was always on  the look our for what ingredients were in food products, and the levels of sugar and salt etc.


Spoon Guru App for Allergies

Even though I can tolerate milk and soya now, I still have to watch that I don’t have to much, and as Mummy has started a new healthier eating plan to help her manage her weight, she still wants to know what is in what with regards to food.

She was very excited to be asked to try out a great new app – Spoon Guru.

spoon guru spoon guru 3

The app is perfect for anyone with food allergies, intolerances, dietary requirements or anyone who just wants to monitor their food. It is a brilliant tool for my Mummy and any Mum with children who may have food intolerances, as when using the app she can scan the barcode on food to tell her if they are a good choice for your needs, which makes shopping much simpler.

The app also offers choice of ingredients, products and recipes for those living with multiple allergies, food intolerances or unique dietary preferences. If, like me, you or your little one can’t eat dairy or if you are following a specific diet e.g. vegan, paleo, nut-free, shellfish-free, low sugar, or organic diet you just create a personal food profile in the app by setting preferences against a list of more than 20 food intolerances and lifestyle diets.

The app is easy to download, set up and use- it is available in the Apple Store and Google Play. Mummy loves that she can scan the barcode of products – and if it is not suitable, Spoon Guru suggests an alternative.

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After Mummy set up her preferences the app gives Mummy suggestions based on her choices which is great when Mummy just can’t think of what to buy, or is in a rush.

This fab video shows exactly what Spoon Guru does:

To celebrate this new app, I have a £25 Tesco Shopping Voucher to give away to one lucky reader. Just answer the question, ‘What food is your guilty pleasure?”

Good Luck! The competition ends at midnight on 11 November 2016.
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  1. I actually love Rice Crispie’s With Rice Milk 🙂

  2. Chocolate biscuits

  3. Red wine is my biggest vice also love baby spinach leaves & celery with sweet chilli sauce

  4. Rose wine – I have a glass 7 evenings a week! Oh but if you mean food – mmmmm Galaxy chocolate!

  5. It has to be chocolate, in any form.

  6. got to be chocolate over everything else!

  7. Pastry!!! Love pies and sausage rolls but they play havoc with my digestion

  8. m&ms peanuts ones

  9. Cheese cake

  10. Chocolate praline

  11. My biggest vice has to be crisps with garlic dip!

  12. I love kids snacks like mini cheddars, babybels and lunchables!

  13. My guilty pleasure is definetely cheese cake with passion fruit 🙂 This app sounds great!

  14. What a fantastic app! My guilty pleasure is Maryland Cookies. I’m actually currently scoffing them now haha!
    Shannon Bryson recently posted…Review: A Psychic Email Reading From LyndsayMy Profile

  15. What an absolutely brilliant app. I know so many people who will find this handy. My guilty pleasure is creme eggs! x
    Chloe Ciliberto recently posted…A CITY BREAK, OR A COUNTRY RETREAT IN TUSCANY?My Profile

  16. Spoon Guru – it sounds great. I think it is a fantastic app. Spoon Guru suggests an alternative this is the best feature which makes it different from other app which I have in my phone. It is essential for everyone. Thanks for sharing such a good app.

  17. Oh I love the sound of this app. I’m dodgy with lactose so will check it out!

  18. I love that there is an app for this, so much easier!

  19. What a brilliant app, ive just sent it to my sister as my twin nephews are gluten, wheat, diary and soya intolerant x
    Rachel recently posted…Samaya Ayurvedic skincareMy Profile

  20. chocolate, bars, biscuits and cakes, I love them all!

  21. what a brilliant app, for allergies and for people on specific diets! Sounds brill!
    Amy Hunt recently posted…No laces shoe laces – hickiesMy Profile

  22. crisps and popcorn

  23. popcorn covered in chocolate.

  24. I never feel guilty about chocolate, but cream cakes are a different story…

  25. Crisps and chocolate x

  26. for me it’s anything salty, like pickles, very naughty though, when you have too much! So much salt, but it’s tasty 🙂

  27. I love pasta with a creamy sauce

  28. It’s a draw between ice cream and hot chocolate with whipped cream.I could add pancakes too.I could go on there are so many.

  29. Crisps! or peanut M&Ms 😉

  30. Wierd but frazzles! Once i open them i cant stop eating them! X

  31. Chocolate – especially any fruit and nut one.

  32. My guilty pleasure is definitely sticky toffee pudding! Oh I love it and eat a little more than one portion per serving oops!

  33. biscuits

  34. Those Cadbury Chocolate Dessert pots.

  35. Chip shop chips!

  36. Aero Milk Chocolate

  37. I try not to feel guilty about any food I eat, I just make sure it fits my daily/weekly allowances.

    PS. I don’t think the link to SpoonGuru’s Twitter page is correct in the Rafflecopter app. It takes you to @SpoonGuru (an American fisherman). I followed @SpoonGuruUK which looks like the correct one. Thanks!

  38. That would be chocolate! Any flavour!

  39. Biscuits

  40. Food guilty pleasure? Hehe. Haribos.

    Sorry, what can I say? I’ve got a sweet tooth!

  41. Peanut butter all the way!

  42. This has to be Pop Tarts!

  43. Dark chocolate hobnobs dipped in my coffee are my guilty pleasure

  44. This app sounds so useful. I know my friends kids both have quite a lot of allergies etc so I’ll have to make sure she knows about this x
    Rhian Westbury recently posted…How To Stay Healthy When You Have A Desk JobMy Profile

  45. 85% dark chocolate is my guilty pleasure – but not that guilty because it is actually good for us.

  46. bacon sarnies with brown sauce, I haven’t had one for yonks as i’m trying to shift the post preg weight but I could kill for one

  47. Definitely strawberry cheesecake lol
    I love apps like these that can read barcodes and helps us identify quickly whats in our foods
    Anosa recently posted…What Happens To Your Appearance When You Quit SmokingMy Profile

  48. White chocolate is my weakness!

  49. Walkers Cheese & Onion Crisps

  50. Dairy Milk chocolate and biscuits are my weaknesses

  51. Gummy worms or chocolate 🙂
    Nadine Swan recently posted…How to Make Baby Shower CupcakesMy Profile

  52. cheese cake for me

  53. i love pizza

  54. i love nuts like chilli nuts curry nuts etc xx fab giveaway thankyou

  55. i love cheese

  56. Ice cream.

  57. I would say cheese, but I eat so much of the stuff it probably doesn’t count as a guilty pleasure – more an everyday necessity! So, I’ll go with fudge.

  58. I adore cheese

  59. Curry. I love it. I can’t stop eating it, I don’t care if its meat, vegetables, I just love it.

  60. Cheese on toast x

  61. It would be crisps!

  62. chocolate reeces bars x

  63. Bread and cheese!

  64. Fresh bread – just can’t resist it especially with butter.

  65. a curry – i love making my own so i can achieve healthy results but its sometimes good to be naughty!

  66. Number one is cheesecake and number two is chocolate (put them together and I’m over the moon 🙂 ).

  67. Melting cadburys chocolate yummmmy

  68. Chocolate is my guilty pleasure but I redeem myself by having chocolate with high cocoa solids content which is supposed to be good for you!

  69. Ice Cream is mine! Yum
    Cassandra Mayers recently posted…Wilf Books Review and GiveawayMy Profile

  70. Cream cakes are my gulity pleasure

  71. It has to be biscuits. My downfall in an otherwise fairly healthy diet 🙂

  72. Cheese, I could eat it until it came out of my ears x

  73. White chocolate – especially the raspberry encrusted variety. It’s simply divine!

  74. mashed potato

  75. Cheese

  76. Peanuts

  77. Chocolate eclairs

  78. My guilty pleasure is chocolate and ice cream 🙂

  79. I love coconut biscuits x

  80. Cheese, it doesnt agree with me but i love it x

  81. Doritos

  82. Chocolate

  83. Today it is chocolate coated rice cakes but my tastes regularly change.

  84. Has to be crisps

  85. Lindt Milk chocolate

  86. I love cheese, not a day goes by without me having some, one way or another.

  87. at the moment its pickled onion crisps .. possibly due to my own pickle in my belly !

  88. My guilty pleasure is wine

  89. My guilty pleasure is chips from the chip shop! Very naughty but incredibly nice!

  90. Danish pastries, especially almond and apricot ones x

  91. Peanut butter – I eat far too much

  92. Ice cream

  93. smoked salmon

  94. Bacon is my guilty pleasure!

  95. Christmas pudding and mince pies.

  96. Cake, in any form possible. I don’t bake very often as no one else in the house really eats it.

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