KidzInMind App for Children


I must admit I do love the internet. I love going on Mummy’s iPad and phone and playing games, watching children’s videos and drawing. Mummy closely monitors her settings and is always looking for ways to keep me safe on line, and we are very excited to be testing the fab KidzInMind App for Children.

KidzInMind App for Children

Available on iOS and  Android, KidzInMind App for Children is for children aged 1 – 6 years old – perfect for me as I am now 4!

The app has lots of apps, games and music within it that are completely safe for me to look at, and there are strict parental controls where Mummy has to answer a simple maths question to get to the settings. She can also set how long I am on the app for. There are no annoying adverts and no purchases within the app. Every app and video has been checked and checked again to make sure there are no bad words, adult content or external links.

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You probably won’t know, but in a recent GPEN report on children’s privacy online, the results showed that nearly 60% of websites and apps redirect children away from the site or app, meaning there is a greater chance of discovering inappropriate content. It also found that only 22% tailored content specifically for children. A bit shocking isn’t it?

The KidzInMind App for children is like having a whole new playground world on a tablet or phone. All the content is educational, making learning fun and is chosen for my age. There are over £50 of apps built in with over 40 apps already and more are added all the time.

As i said before, the app is packed with lots of fun games, puzzles, music as well as little videos Mummy can download for me watch – and I can then watch them even if there is no Internet connection.

Everything in the app is tested to be age appropriate.

It is perfect for keeping me amused when we are out and about, in the car, and when we are travelling on the train or in an aeroplane.

It is really bright and colourful and I love it!

KidzInMind App for Children costs from 79p PER MONTH – isn’t that an absolute bargain?

You can read all about the app and the team behind it over on the website, and get the latest news on Twitter and Facebook where there is a heap of information for you too.

What do think about the KidzInMind App for Children?



  1. I don’t really like my children using laptops, tablets and phones to be honest. But I’m growing increasingly aware of how integrated technology is with life now, so I should really start letting them use them from time to time. This sounds like a great app to start with.

  2. I think this is a fab idea for children. There are so many inappropriate websites out there it’s ridiculous. My eldest who is 6, knows just to get off of the page quickly, so I don’t really have to monitor him using my phone.

    Laura x x x

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