Top Tips to Unwind


Mummy is a very busy lady, always on the go with something or other, whether it is looking after us or working, or doing the hundred and one other things that need doing every day. She loves to relax, and luckily she has some top tips to unwind too.

Top Tips to Unwind

Mummy used to teach relaxation and meditation, so has lots of tips to unwind, here are some of her favourites:

  1. Go for a walk. In the park, in the woods, or Mummy’s favourite, along the beach. Just focus on each step you take, and your surroundings. This helps clear your mind and unwind.
  2. A scented bubble bath. Light some candles, make sure the bathroom is nice and warm, and add some lavender or chamomile essential oils. Close your eyes and breath slowly and deeply.
  3. Turn off the TV, phone and devices. Just sit and be with the moment. Focus on your breathing and just accept whatever comes into your mind.
  4. Sit in your garden, close your eyes, and listen to everything around you. Really listen. Notice how the air feels on your skin – the suns warmth, or the breeze.
  5. Read. A magazine, a book – whatever you fancy. Really immerse yourself in whatever you are reading

There is a survey being held by Rattan Direct wanting to know what parents do to unwind, why not pop over and have a look? You can access the survey here. There are just 17 quick multiple choice questions, and you don’t have to give any personal information or details.

The survey breaks down into 3 key areas:-

1. What parents do to unwind around the home
2. How are you going to celebrate Christmas this year?
3. Has Brexit actually affected your spending habits around the home and garden?

Do you have any tips to unwind?


  1. Amazing advises! I really need this sometimes! I am soo stressful it’s unreal! I need to relax!

  2. Being a special needs mama & running my own business doesn’t leave me much time to unwind at all so always go for the little ways to chill out. I had a relaxing bath the other night & almost fell asleep, it clearly worked 🙂

  3. Great tips. We went for a walk with the pooch today which was lovely. I’m not great at relaxing but am trying!
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  4. I like to relax in a bubble bath. Works everytime.

  5. It’s so, so important to have some me time or wind down time as a parent. I love all of these ideas. Walks and my baths are my fave! I also love having takeaway nights with friends too 🙂 x

  6. All the things mentioned are my go to things to do to unwind! I also find a run helps me to unwind too! xo

  7. Great read! Think it translates to busy people as well as mothers
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