Photo a Day Summer 2016 Part One


For July’s photo project, we have decided the post will be a Photo a Day Summer 2016 Part One. It is a great snapshot of the first part of our summer. It seems so long ago now!

photo a day july 2016

Friday July 1 – July? No way. MeeMee is 20 this month, Luke is 14 and Grandad’s birthday is in July too. Weather is so mixed. Warm then cold, raining then dry and sunny. We have had to pop the heating on now and then too! Wales played in the Quarter Finals of Euro 16 tonight and beat Belgium 3-1! WOW! I had my first school report, and we could wear red to school to support the football!

photo a day july 2016

Saturday 2 July  – Weather is mixed. Went to Carmarthen and cinema to see The Secret Life of Pets! Sooooo funny! I am loving drawing a lot at the moment – lots of funny people and Super Heroes!

photo a day july 2016

Sunday 3 July – A cloudy start then really hot and sunny. Went strawberry picking at Stackpole and had a great few hours.

July 4 – Monday – We had the day with Lea, went to Maccy D’s for breakfast then home. I had school and Mummy worked. No photo today.

photo a day july 2016

July 5 – Tuesday- A cold start and mixed day. We met Granny Jane, then went to James house. It warmed up a bit, then was sunny. School was ok. We went to Manorbier after school with Luke. I brushed my teeth all by myself for the first time today too!

photo a day july 2016

July 6 – A cooler, mixed day. We went to Tenby first thing, and had fun with Snap Chat with Lea. We then went home. I went to school, Mummy worked.

July 7 – A wet start and misely rain all day. Mcd’s first then home. School for me, and Mummy worked. Lea had her keyboard lesson. No photo today.

Photo a Day August 2016

July 8 – Friday. Grey start but it warmed up. Breakfast briefly with Lea before she went to work. It really turned hot and lovely so we went to the beach after school for ice cream.

July 9 – The Long Course Cycling race from Tenby. It was a terrible day. Grey, wet and windy. Mummy met Mellissa from Diary of a Jewellery Lover at Bluestone. We then met Daddy for a late lunch.

July 10 – Grey, damp day. Did brighten a tiny bit. Picked up MeeMee and L from her friends and went to Marstons for a meal to celebrate MeeMee’s birthday next Saturday – she will be 20!

July 11 – A grey start but warmer sunny breaks. Breakfast with Nana, Grandad, Lea, MeeMe, L, Matt and his girlfriend T. It has been nearly three weeks since we have seen Nana and Grandad! Home to play and for Mummy to work. School – I went in ok – MeeMee and L took me in too. We had emergency evacuation drill where a really loud alarm went off. Mummy had to pick me up from the village hall. No photo today.

July 12 – Lovely morning – still cloudy and cooler at times though. Our new tent for Camp Bestival arrived – exciting! Luke was of school due to an end of year trip that he didn’t want to go on. We went over to Nana’s mid morning and went for nice coffee! We have missed this! No photo today either!

July 13 – We went to Tenby first thing – Mummy recorded our first Facebook Live video. Lovely morning – cloudyish but sunny and warm too.

July 14 – A mixed morning but turned out really warm and sunny. Luke off because of sports day practice – we took Nana to Narberth. After school we met Daddy for ice cream, and sat looking over the beach. No photo today.

Photo a Day August 2016

15th – Luke off school, it was Sports Day and he doesn’t do sports due to an injury. Leah worked. A mixed day of weather.

Photo a Day August 2016

16th – Carmarthen camping shopping, we met Nana and Grandad. Poor weather, it was grey and cooler. Meemee’s birthday! She is in London with L.

Photo a Day August 2016

17th – We were going to try the tent but a very grey cloudy day with light spots of rain so left it. We did go to Stackpole for an hour at 4pm, and it brightened into hot sun!

Photo a Day August 2016

18th – A hot sunny day. Last day of school as Mummy off to London tomorrow. Met Nan and Grandad after school and had ice cream then chippies in Saundersfoot garden. It was boiling hot. Luke and I had a sleep over at Nans.

Photo a Day july 2016

19th July – Mummy and Lea went to London. It was over 32 degrees – the hottest day in about ten years! The train tracks were almost melting and the air con broke on their train home. People were fainting at Paddington Station but Mummy and Lea were ok – just had a journey that was hours longer than it should have been.

20th July. First proper day of our summer holidays. We realised that we had been sent the tent canopy, not the tent! Mummy contacted the company who arranged to send it for us to receive on Friday. So Mummy decided to delay our holiday until Saturday. A cloudy and grey day. Bright late afternoon and we went for walk in Saundersfoot. I had a copy of the new Bing magazine.

21 July – A mixed day, but warm. Really warm at night. Luke and I were at home getting packed and ready for our camping holiday and Mummy worked. Lea and Mum popped out for last min airbeds etc.

22 July – Mummy and Lea went with Nana and Grandad to pick up our hire car. Last minute packing. We had a quick walk and ice cream in Pembroke – it was cloudy but hot. Daddy popped downand we went to Maccy D’s for tea.

23 – 31 July – Our Camping holiday to Crealy Meadows for two nights, Salisbury Camping and Caravanning Club for three nights, and Camp Bestival for three nights.

We hope you have had a great summer!



  1. It looked like you had a good summer in july, your son is so cute! I loved the movie “Secret life of pets” one of my favourite movies 🙂
    Cecilia K recently posted…Makeup Products I Am Obsessed With At The MomentMy Profile

  2. A photo a day is such a lovely idea! Lovely roundup of what youve been up to 🙂

  3. It looks like you have had a great summer. Pickle looks so happy in all of the photos of him and has done some great exploring.

    Jenna Von x

  4. Looks like a great Summer. Love the ‘I can brush my teeth’ photo, I have those milestone cards x

  5. I keep planning to take part in these ‘photo a day’ challenges, but don’t really trust myself to follow it through – I’m too forgetful! x
    Jacqui Paterson (@Jax2000) recently posted…CREATING THE PERFECT CHILDREN’S BEDROOM // with duluxMy Profile

  6. Looks like you have had an amazing summer – love the wig shot
    Kara Guppy recently posted…Peppa’s Alphaphonics CampervanMy Profile

  7. love these type of posts; inspire to me get my camera out more! the only thing i still haven’t done is used a snapchat filter- guess i am denying the inevitable

  8. Some fantastic photos! Lovely to see such smiley photos!
    Kira recently posted…Tips for Renovating Your HomeMy Profile

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