8 Fundraising Ideas for Creative Teenagers


Luke’s school art club needs some extra funds this year to buy a few new art supplies, and the music department at Lea’s college is looking for a bit of cash to put on a concert. Fundraising is a great idea, and it’s especially fun if the students can use their artistic talent to start making money for the extra things. Here are 8 great fundraising ideas for creative teenagers:

8 Fundraising Ideas for Creative Teenagers

Trash Art

Trash art is the art of taking recyclable materials, or materials that would otherwise be thrown away, and making them into sculptures, or even photographing them in interesting ways. You and other creative students could have a trash art gallery at your school and charge a small fee to attend!

Battle of the Bands

If your group has lots of musical talent, get your most rock n’ roll outfits on and put on a battle of the bands; charge a fee for people to enter and vote for their winner! This is a great way to showcase your love of music while also raising money for a local music school, or your school’s band class.

Craft Sales

Are you an expert friendship bracelet maker, or perhaps a great photographer or painter! Use those skills and apply them to crafts like jewellery making, photo prints, or these cute sharpie mugs to sell at a mini craft fair!

Make Cards

If you’re fundraising for Christmas, making holiday card designs is a great idea! You can create artwork with cute winter animals, Christmas trees, or snowy landscape scenes and sell them to people so that they can send their families a card that’s more unique this Christmas!

Hold a Cooking Competition

Cooking is a great skill to have, and one that so many people around you can enjoy as well! Take your cooking talents and turn them into a way to make money! If you’re a baker you could go the route of a traditional bake sale, but if you’re more of a cook how about holding a bake-off or cook-off instead?

You and your fellow cooks can come up with one food or ingredient that has to be used (chillies or soups are great for the autumn and winter!) and the guests pay to taste and vote!

Make a Quilt

If you’re the sewing type, get together with schoolmates and work on a quilt together that can be hung in the hallways of your school for years to come! People or businesses can pay to have their messages or image sewn onto the quilt.

Tie Dye Clothes

Buy plain t shirts in bulk (or even better, get some made with your school or program name on them) and get tie dyeing or fabric painting! This is something easy that the entire class can be a part of, and you can sell the t-shirts to fellow classmates, teachers, and parents.

Film Festival

Hold a 3-minute film festival, where students are inspired to create short films with a specific theme. This is another great one for the adults or fellow students to vote on for money, add extra incentive by letting them out of class for a period to watch the films, and make sure to provide free popcorn!

We hope some of these creative ideas have inspired you to get out there and start fundraising, have you any other ideas?


  1. Ah I love this! The children i work with are looking to fundraise for our local children’s ward and they really are creative so i’ll set this page up on one of our computers for them to have a look at!
    Cristina Leigh recently posted…Ben Nevis – We came, Saw & ConqueredMy Profile

  2. There are some fantastic tips here! It is always good to encourage teenagers to be charitable too!

  3. These are fantastic ideas! I always wanted to fund raise when I was younger!
    Sarah recently posted…DIY Autumn CushionsMy Profile

  4. I love the tie dye idea, brings back memories of school and we were just talking about this the other day:-)
    Camilla recently posted…Easy Cheesy Jalapeno Soda Bread – so incredibly tasty!My Profile

  5. these are some great ideas! the quilt idea is something i would never have thought about

  6. These are some great ideas! Back in my day all we ever had was bake sales, but there are so many different, fun, things that can be done to raise funds.
    Elizabeth recently posted…Our Weekly Top 5 Picks #5My Profile

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